Instantly Starr rushes in, high knee lift takes Ryan down off his feet, the crowd all in sync
'ooh' at this as Starr now mounts the fallen student and begins to hammer away with lefts and rights.

Mike Fisher: Straight away a hard-line offence from Starr here Sam, do you think he's using Ryan as a means to vent frustration or to send a message?

The referee pulls Starr from Ryan within a few punches and Ryan slowly rolls to his feet. Starr
immediately goes back on the offence, dashing in again, this time with a clothesline. Ryan however manages to duck the shot and stands, looking surprised at himself as Starr turns. Ryan quickly sprints in, leaps up in mid sprint and hits a slightly sloppy dropkick, sending Starr over the top rope with
immediate effect!

Scott James: And there ya go& exactly what I meant earlier on from Ryan there&

Mike Fisher: You're right, he's not bad at all Scott!

Starr looks frustrated and annoyed that Ryan even managed to get a move in on him and
quickly climbs up onto the ring apron. He tries to climb back into the ring but is cut short by the young upstart who throws all of his weight into a shoulder block which sends the Evolution champion from the apron once again!

Mike Fisher: Brief moments of offence here for the man who really should NOT stand a chance in this one

Starr AGAIN gets to his feet, frustrated, and AGAIN is caught short. Referee's count is now up
to three as Ryan throws himself from the ring with another sloppy but effective Top Suicida!

Mike Fisher: No way Ryan going high risk, is this what we can expect from him?

Scott James: Definitely. Ryan is built to take the high risk, high reward moves he's been in training on and off now for two years, while he may not be the most experienced in actual wrestling matches, his style is already catered for and right now he is definitely putting on one hell of a show to start off this Monday Night Mayhem!

Mike Fisher: Heh, I'll give him that, it was a nice move but he only has so many 'nice moves' left before Starr begins to see red

Mike Fisher: That may well be Starr's problem though. The more frustrated he gets, the less he's able to hit moves on Ryan it would seem.

Ryan slowly begins to get to his feet on the outside, as does Starr. Ryan attempts to send a
quick kick off to the gut of Starr, Starr however catches the boot, spins Ryan around and catches Ryan with a brutal clothesline that drops him down on the arena side-floor. Starr doesn't stop there though, the Evolution Champion picks Ryan up by his hair and RAMS him face first into the ring steps! The crowd "oohs" again as Starr proceeds to then turn Ryan around and THROW him into said steps. The steps split apart and the referee continues his count, working his way up to 7.

Starr slides into the ring, then back out again, resetting the count as Starr picks Ryan up again by
the hair and rolls the apprentice under the bottom rope and back into the ring. Quickly Starr slides back into the ring and makes the cover.

Ryan manages to get his shoulder up, causing Starr to stare in disbelief. Starr stands now, quickly, dragging Ryan again afterwards by his hair. He forces Ryan onto his feet and grips him around the waist before lifting Ryan overhead and flipping him over onto his back. The Belly to Belly suplex connects and Starr AGAIN goes for a cover.

1…2.. AGAIN Ryan gets the shoulder up.

Scott James – Ryan sure is resilient!

Mike Fisher: Resiliency doesn't win you a match though, does it?

Scott James: No, but it DOES help.

Starr again picks up Ryan, who is almost like deadweight as Starr proceeds to lift Starr up onto his shoulders.

Mike Fisher: Reverse Atomic Drop coming here…….

Starr lands it hard and follows it up with an Enziguri for good measure

Scott James – Wow what a move!!!!

Ryan McCann is out as Star picks him up he grabs him and LUCKY STAR connects…. Ryan McCann is stunned here on the mat

Mike Fisher – this is the set up I believe to Starrs finishing move!

Ryan McCann slowly sits up which is a big mistake as he’s greeted with a SUPERKICK and STARRSTRUCK!

Mike Fisher – This one is over!!!!

Starr covers Ryan in the ring



The house lights start flashing as Drayden makes his way onto the stage. He stops on the stage and raises one arm before moving down the ramp. Ignoring everyone on the way, he rolls into the ring and sits in the corner, emotionless waiting for the bell to ring.

We Will Rock you by Queen blasts out as Sebastian Redditch makes his way to the ring.

The two lock up as the bell rings with Sebastian quickly showing his veteran like skills taking the advantage and hitting some heavy rights on Drayden, he quickly hits a jawbreaker followed by several hard kicks forcing Drayden into the corner

Mike Fisher – Fired up start here from Sebastian!

Drayden though hits a poke to the eye to get momentum hitting a swinging neckbreaker followed by an elbow drop as he begins to get pumped up, he bounces off the ropes hitting Sebastian with a hard splash followed by a very quick 1 count before Sebastian kicks out

Scott James – too early for that Drayden!

Mike Fisher – Little bit of inexperience there.

Sebastian is pulled up by Drayden who pings him back to the floor with a Snapbare followed by a hard kick to the back of the head, he goes straight on the attack hitting a rolling vertical suplex as the crowd chant a long




Drayden looks to be blowing hard as he goes for a 4th one but Sebastian hits a desperation lowblow as they both fall to the floor

Scott James – Surely that’s a DQ!

Mike Fisher – Don’t think the ref saw it

Scott James – Is Osh just hiring blind referee’s these days?

Sebastian first to his feet picks up Drayden and hits a few hard punches again forcing him into the ropes he greets him with a hard shoulder and grabs him by the head… he takes a run bounces off the ropes and delivers a vicious looking DDT. He goes straight for the pin 1…2… KICK OUT!

Sebastian sensing the momentum picks up Drayden

Drayden ducks under, spins over Sebastian to hit a tornado bulldog. The crowd erupts as the second generation superstar climbs to his feet then signals for his stunning finisher. Drayden lands a boot to Sebastian's gut, yet as he turns for the fight riff Sebastian pushes him off onto the ropes. Drayden rebounds sliding under The Gymniacs's legs. He pulls Sebastian's feet faceplanting him to the mat, with the Gymniac dazed Drayden pulls on his legs to lock in a Cloverleaf submission. No emotion is shown on Sebastian's face. After a full minute of Drayden leaning back with all he has Sebastian starts to crawl towards the ropes. He gets there forcing the referee to break the hold.

Sebastian is clearly hurt from this as Drayden anticipates him getting back to his feet, slowly as Sebastian stumbles obviously still in pain, Drayden tired of waiting gets and scoops up Sebastian, he poses to the crowd then…DAYDREAMER!!!!

Mike Fisher – What a move!

Pin 1…2….3

Melanie : your winner….. DRAYDEN FIELDS

Scott James – What a debut for this young wrestler!!!


The scene fades in from black to Dillan Singh sitting in a locker room stall with his hands buried in his face. He is muttering something under his breath and rocking back and forth. He slowly reaches across the stall and pulls a black duffle bag closer to him, his hands still buried in his face.

He exhales loudly as he pulls out his typical Dillan Singh wrestling trunks and boots. He holds the white and red trimmed trunks in his hand, staring at the words “SINGH” embroidered on the backside.

DS (mutters): Singh…Dillan…I am Dillan Singh…

He calmly puts his trunks beside him and glares over at the bag again and takes a deep breath in.

He reaches back into the bag and rummages around briefly and stops. He exhales again and pauses. He pulls out a black and white Aladdin style pant and boots reminiscent of what Dillan’s alter ego Sahib used to wear many years ago. He stares blankly into the distance as his breathing begins to get louder and faster.

He begins to mutter something under his breath, chanting faster and faster. He crumbles the black trunks and throws them to the ground before letting out a blood curdling scream.

He viciously smashes his head against the stall severing his head open in the process. As the blood flows down his face creating a familiar crimson mask, Dillan falls to the ground defeated.

DS: Who am I…who am I…

Freak by Silverchair hits as Sean Raines makes his way out to the ring

Melanie Jackson – This match is for the IIW Television Championship… Making his way to the rings… TV Champion… Sean Raines!

Lance Lewis walks out in a boxing style coat down to the ring, jumps upon the apron ledge and flings himself into the ring with a front flip followed up with multiple front headstand handsprings, a corner backflip( Daniel Bryan/ Tiger Mask style) sticking the landing in the center of the ring.

Mike Fisher – I’m expecting a very tough match here for Sean Raines, based on Lance’s first match he really seems like he could be the next big breakout superstar!

The bell rings as Lance Lewis walks in for a handshake with Sean Raines, Sean laughs at spits in Lance’s face and goes straight on the attack he kicks him square in the gut…. DEATH SOUL

Mike Fisher – Wow this could be over right now!

Sean Raines laughs as he looks at Lewis on the ground, he quickly grabs Lance by the head and smashes him into the Turnbuckle repeatedly…before dropping him with a flatliner as Lance is cut open

Mike Fisher – Charlie Schmidt isn’t going to be happy, there’s gonna be a big clean up job here after this match!

Scott James – Can hear him muttering to himself already

Sean continues his assult on Lance Lewis as he lifts him up and deliers another DEATH SOUL powerbomb….


Sean breaks the hold as he rags Lance’s lifeless body about he signals for the end and locks in the LAST LIGHT…..

The referee is very quick to check Lance Lewis who is out cold and signals for the bell….

Sean not done though takes Lance to the outside and begins to clea the announce table


He lifts Lance up and plants him straight through the announce table.


Sean begins to make his way to the back as medical staff come to check on Lance and Charlie Schmidt makes his way out to clean up the mat.

vs vs

Red and Green smoke rises up therough the stage and Bodies by Drowning Pool begins to play the the booing crowd. Out walks Dan DiStoner dressed in Black Jeans and a leather jacket. Wearing stone washed jeans. An ever present snear on his face. DiStoner yells insults back to the crowd as he makes his way to the ring. He wipes his feet on the apron and steps into the ring, Pulls a pack out of his pocket and fires up a joint and begins to smoke it in the ring.

Melanie- The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is part of the IIW Heavyweight Championship tournament. First, making his way to the ring, from Columbus Ohio, weighing in at 17.5 stones, DAN DISTONER!

Mike Fisher- With everything going on it will be interesting to see if Dan Distoner can focus on the task at hand.

Scott James – I agree Mike, this is a huge opportunity for him, let’s hope he doesn’t get distracted.

"Nothing's Funny" by The Dillinger Escape Plan blares of the P.A system as Derek Spencer emerges from the curtains to a mixed reaction.

Melanie – Making his way to the ring, weighing in at 16.4 stones, DEREK SPENCER

Derek enters the ring focussing intensely on Dan Distoner as the crowd gives him a mixed response.

Push Em by Yelawolf & Travis Barker hits and the crowd explodes. Adam Bradley marches toward the ring with a smirk on his face as the crowd is showing who their favourite is.

Melanie – Making his way to the ring, from Manchester England, ADAM BRADLEY

As Adam enters the ring he rushes straight for the nearest combatant and starts hammering Derek Spencer with right hands.

Mike Fisher – Oh boy, it looks like Bradley came to fight tonight!

Overcoming the initial shock, Spencer responds with a few quick jabs of his own before Bradley whips him hard into the turnbuckle sternum first.

As Spencer crumbles to the ground, Bradley focuses his attention on Distoner who has been watching the action unfold. Bradley springs towards Distoner, and Distoner quickly rolls out of the ring.

Scott James – Smart move by the veteran there.

Out of nowhere, Spencer hits the distracted Bradley with a drop kick to the back of the head sending him reeling into the corner. Spencer lifts the dazed Bradley onto the top turnbuckle and hits a devastating top rope hurricanrana.

Mike Fisher – What a maneuver!

Capitalizing quickly Spencer hops up on the top rope again and goes for a swanton bomb, but the intelligent Bradley gets his knees up in time as both combatants writher in pain on the canvas.

Meanwhile Distoner has found himself a chair on the outside of the ring and is taking a quick breather.

Bradley lifts himself to his feet with the support of the ropes and starts to stomp on the downed Spencer. He pulls him up and sets him up for a german suplex.

As Bradley hits the first german suplex, he keeps his hands locked tightly around the waist of Spencer and hits a second german. Groggily he lifts him to his feet for the third german, but suddenly Distoner bolts into the ring and wraps his arms around Bradley’s waist.

Scott James – What’s Distoner doing?!

Bradley lifts Spencer, Distoner lifts Bradley as the combatants execute a beautiful three-man german suplex. The crowd explodes.


Mike Fisher – They’re leaving it all on the line tonight for a shot at the IIW Heavyweight title

As we return to the carnage in the ring, we see Distoner slowly roll his arm over Bradley..



Distoner slams his hand on the mat and exhaustedly rolls his arm over top of Spencer for the pin.


Suddenly, Chino emerges from underneath the ring and pulls Distoner out of the ring.

Mike Fisher – What the hell! What the hell is Chino doing here now.
Chino grabs the disheveled Distoner by his tights and throws him into the steel steps. He quickly pounces on top of Distoner and unleashes a barrage of fists as security rushes down the rampway to break up the fight.

Security pulls Chino off of Distoner as he staggers to his feet. Chino breaks free from the security and launches himself back at Distoner and is sent through the barricade.

Scott James – Dear lord! He’s going to kill him Mike!

Chino looks down at the lifeless body of Distoner and smirks as security escorts him backstage.

Meanwhile in the ring Spencer and Bradley have both gotten back to their feet oblivious to the carnage that has just unfolded outside the ring. Bradley kicks Spencer in the gut, and plants him to the canvas with a strong DDT. He grabs Spencer’s right leg and locks in a figure four leg lock. Spencer flails in pain trying to get out of the hold, as Bradley locks in the submission tighter. Spencer reaches over and desperately swings at Bradley connecting on a few punches. He starts launching headbutts towards Bradley’s sternum and he finally lets go of the hold.

Mike Fisher – What an unorthodox style shown by Spencer there.

As the two wrestlers get back to their feet Spencer hits the CHAOS THEORY out of nowhere, and quickly goes for the pin.




Spencer stares into the distance in disbelief, frustrated. He angry grabs Bradley’s head and smashes it repeatedly on the mat. The ref pulls him off of Bradley, and warns him to keep his cool.

Spencer runs off the ropes and hits a rolling leg drop on the fallen Bradley. He pulls Bradley up to his feet slowly, smirking at the crowd.

He sets him up for a second Chaos Theory… but Bradley reverses! PRIDE BEFORE THE FALL!!!!!

Bradley covers Derek Spencer…


Mike Fisher – OH MY God…what a story!! ADAM BRADLEY HAS DONE IT… he’s into the world title match at the PPV… no one saw this coming!!!!

vs vs

The ref has a hard time controlling the three gigantic egos surrounding him as they jostle for position. As always Shawn Taylor is being a smug bastard trash-talking both of his opponents; while Geeno stretches out; not taking his eyes off Shawn Taylor or Rixton Ruin.

Both Rixton and Geeno turns to face Shawn Taylor. Rixton Ruin cracks his neck then beckons them to bring it. Shawn leads with a lightning fast high kick. Rixton’s capeornia skills save his head from flying into the third row. He rolls under then springs up to catch a charging Rixton with a lariat. Shawn Taylor crashes down hard yet still has the presence of mind to avoid a spinning leg drop. As Geeno’s ass hits the recently vacated mat Geeno hits a running knee strike snapping his head. Shawn smiles at the crowds oooowwww. He knows how bad ass that knee looked.

Geeno rolls to his feet, hits the ropes comes back. Rixton Ruin and Shawn Taylor link up looking for a double clothesline. Geeno ducks under, rebounds crossbody!

Rixton and Shawn stand tall catching the rapper, they look at each other knowingly.

SOS! Fall away slam on Geeno. He bounces across the mat like a stone across a lake crashing out to ringside.

Boo’s rocket around the arena as the crowd favourite has gone leaving to men the crowd love to hate.

Shawn Taylor looks at Rixton Ruin standing, cracks his neck as the crowds mood rises in anticipation. With his usual cockiness oozing out of his every pose Shawn Taylor lifts his hands to his waist to make the ‘belt’ motion.

Rixton rushes Shawn Taylor putting him down on his backside. Faux shocked Shawn Taylor sits in the middle of the ring smirking. He pops up and shove the ex prison inmate down. The pair lock up rolling along the ropes; neither man can gain any advantage. The ref starts to count them; calling for a break as the jockey for position. They break a fraction before 5, in unison they turn to towards the screaming freight train charging towards them

Geeno clothesline both men over the top rope to the floor. Both Shawn Taylor and Rixton Ruin crash down slamming their heads into the apron them crumple to the floor. Buoyed by the crowds cheers the Don runs the ring turning himself into a human trident missile hitting a tope timely perfectly as both men struggle unsteadily to their feet.

Scott James - Damn he’s good. A few seconds ago he was out of it and now he’s taken out both men with an awesome move, and he landed on his feet.

Mike Fisher- I’ve never seen you become a fan of somebody; other than Rixton Ruin so quickly.

Scott James - Hey, I’m true to my brother. I just think that if I was to wrestle I would pull moves like the Don

Knowing his luck will eventually run out Geeno rolls Rixton Ruin back in to the ring. Shawn Taylor on the other hand crawls over the ringside barrier into the crowd.

Mike Fisher- Look at that jackass, he’s sitting in the crowd, get in the ring and back up yer mouth

Scott James -Ha ha he’s just shoved that fan on his ass and stole his seat. Shawn Taylor is a funny dude.
Mike Fisher: Funny? Look at him, resting his feet on the barrier and taking a drink. Why isn’t the ref counting him out.

Scott James: He’s a little busy in the ring Pops keep up.

From the corner of his eye the ref had spotted Geeno making a potential match winning cover on Rixton. He slides under the bottom rope, checks the shoulders then counts.

1-2- No... the crowd groan a collective groan. Starting to lose his cool Geeno leaves Rixton Ruin prone in the centre of the ring to admonish the official. The ref looks conflicted not knowing whether to go after Shawn Taylor chillin’ like a villain outside, argue with the Ref or tend to Rixton Ruin as he drags himself up in the corner.

Spotting the ref’s wandering gaze the Don springs into action. He dives half way across the ring to hit a ‘Stinger’ splash crushing Rixton into the corner, what little air he has managed to draw into his burning lungs is forcibly expelled. Geeno bounces back, pie-faces Rixton Ruin upright then proceeds to kick the crap out of him, topping his assault off with a low kick to the calf, a push kick to the chest then and almighty spin kick to the face.

Rixton Ruin staggers out of the corner under Geeno’s watchful eye. He walks unsteadily out a few steps then face plants to the canvas.

Mike Fisher - He’s up top again!

Scott James - Frog splash!! 1-2-huh where’s the ref gone?

Mike Fisher - He’s at ringside courtesy of a Rixton leg pull.

Scott James - Geeno has just figured out what’s happened and he’s not happy.

The angry Don dives through the ropes to hit a dropkick. Shawn Taylor staggers backwards hit arm wiping out the ref. Geeno holds onto the top rope to pull himself back in, then waits for Shawn Taylor to get back up so he can continue his high flying assault. Through the ropes.

The chant for Geeno as Shawn Taylor gets up, facing away from the ring, a whooooo chant starts as he turns around; As the chant peaks Rixton slingshots himself over the top strand onto Shawn Taylor, or rather the chair he swings up into Rixton’s face.

Crowd – DUN 4 – Dun 4 – Dun 4!!!!

Scot James- Ha, ha, damn he’s great, I would even go as far as to say Awesome

Shawn Taylor rolls Geeno in and immediately goes for the pin. A simple stomp from the rapidly recovering Rixton Ruin keeps the belt around his waits for now. Geeno uses basic brawling to keep his challengers down. Geeno rolls into a corner to gather his scrambled brains.

With the ref still out Rixton can get away with his blatant low blow. Geeno falls to the mat clutching his family jewels. Rixton chuckles as he mocks the champs predicament; he drops a pair of elbows; after the second he drives his forearm into Rixton Ruin’ throat then grabs a low chinlock that is really a choke.

Clutching the back of his head Rixton Ruin gets to his feet, Shawn Taylor attacks from behind. Instinctively Geeno grabs his arm tosses him to the mat with a shoulder throw switching into a cross arm breaker. There is no escape for IIWs resident loudmouth as he flops like a fish out of water trying to escape.

Seconds turn into minutes as Rixton Ruin cranks back forcing Taylor to writhe in pain. His hand hovers over the mat.

Scott James - Tap bitch! The champ has you there is no way out!

Mike Fisher - Double kneedrop!!! Geeno got some serious air there.

Soct James - Damn! Shawn Taylor may have a broken arm from that!

Rolling to his feet Rixton Ruin hits a bicycle kick to Geeno’s chest. Shawn Taylor looks to get involved and takes an elbow to the face shattering his nose. Geeno speed helps him avoids a similar fate; he grabs a double leg forcing the reigning world champ back into the corner. A trio of shoulders just the champ from fighting out as he struggles to keep his breath. Shawn Taylor joins in the fun using his left hand to slam Geeno in the head., he tries to use his right but is unable to lift it.

This gives Rixton Ruin the opening he needs to drive an elbow into The Dons spin, the first stops him the second drops him to the mat. Geeno slips free, stepping off to the right.

Mike Fisher - Now that’s a kick!

Scott James - Oh my god he lost some teeth! The front three rows just got showered with a whole bunch or canines and incisors.

From nowhere Geeno appears to slam an uppercut rocking Rixton Ruin; he grabs a wrist to whip Geeno across the ring. Geeno stops dead before he hits the turnbuckle, a back elbow stops Geeno from continuing his assault. Rixton Ruin slams his head into the top pad, then struts away leaving him hanging.

After making sure Shawn is still nursing his sore nose and shoulder he turns back to Geeno, but gets a boot to the gut in return, doubling over. Geeno springs back onto the middle rope, the look on his face says its for something big.

Geeno sets Rixton up for the HIT COLLECTOR… NAILS IT!!!!

Mike Fisher – This ones over!

A split second before the ref counts 3 Shawn Taylor makes the save. He snatches up Geeno and tosses him into the corner; Rixton leaps onto the middle turnbuckle once again, this time with his back to the ring. He springs back with his forearm cocked. Rixton ducks leaving Rixton Ruin Geeno to take the hit. He falls back to the mat with Don hooking the leg.

The referee slides back in, refreshed from his ringside nap.

Geeno kicks out with authority. Drawing on his amazing speed Geeno rolls to his feet but Rixton Ruin is quicker cutting the showman down with a calf kick; knocking him down to ringside.

Moving as one all three men struggle to their feet, neither Geeno or Rixon ease up with their agression. In the worst position of the three its Shawn Taylor’s who thinks first. He drops to his ass causing a Stunner chain reaction, splitting the trio up. Shawn Taylor bleary eyed puts all he has behind a EXCLAMATION POINT knocking Rixton Ruin out of the ring.

As Rixton crashes out of shot Shawn Taylor looks to finish Geeno, seeing the writing on the wall Geeno swings, Shawn ducks it and EXCLAMATION POINT TO GEENO!

It looks like Shawn has this won… But out of nowhere comes Michael Hunter!!!!

Mike Fisher – what is he doing here?

Scott James – since his return he’s done nothing but cause mischief and DESTROY stuff!

The crowd Chant DES-TROY as Hunter carrying Cheryl in hand slides into the ring and hits Shawn Taylor square in the head with it dropping him to the floor, he picks up Geeno Da Don…. HUNTERS MARK!

Mike Fisher – Michael is cleaning up here!

Michael looks at Rixton on the outside… he orders him to take a seat, Rixton sits ringside watching on as Hunter picks up Shawn Taylor HELLS TICKET!

Michael poses in the ring with Cheryl before nodding to Rixton and sliding out to watch at ringside… Rixton looks at the mess before him with a small smile sliding across his face, he grabs Geeno….he hits THE END!!!

Mike Fisher – Just like the move it looks like this is the END!

Rixton pins Geeno 1….2….NO

Shawn Taylor last gasp has broken the pin, he smiles on the ground knowing hes saved the match with blood running down his face from the Sledgehammer shot he received from Micheal… Michael ringside visibly shows his anger

Rixton slowly makes his way to his feet, he picks up the struggling Shawn Taylor as Michael Hunter jumps up on to the apron calling the shots

Hunter – FINISH IT!!!

Rixton takes his eyes off Shawn very quickly but that’s all it takes… EXCLAMATION POINT!!!!!

Shawn kicks Rixton Ruin right into Micheal hunter sending Hunter off the ringside and Rixton into the ropes as Shawn collapses ontop of Geeno Steels…

The ref counts it


Mike Fisher – WE HAVE A WINNNNER!!!!

Melanie Jackson – THE WINNER….. SHAWN TAYLOR!!!!

Michael Hunter recovering ringside does not look happy at all, he slides back into the ring and delivers the HELLS TICKET to Shawn Taylor once more leaving him helpless in the ring as he storms to the back.

vs vs

Chase comes through the curtain slowly as the screaming starts in his entrance music. He is wearing a hooded zipup and MMA shorts. He walks slowly to the ring without revealing his face, because the fans don't deserve to see it until he wants to show it. He jumps on the ring apron, climbs the turnbuckle and slowly removes his hood. He closes his eyes and soaks in the deafening boos. He jumps into the ring and immediately sits in his corner waiting for his opponent or waiting for the match to begin.

Cigarettes and Alcohol begins playing as Corey Steele walks out from behind the curtain wearing a blue Fila jacket over his ring gear, he’s nodding his head to the music as Mark Steele follows him, they walk down the ramp with Corey getting in fans faces, whilst Mark shakes his head and attempts to get Corey to behave. Corey just laughs at Mark and climbs up the ring steps, he points at a woman on the front row and begins to grind the ring post whilst looking at her, all this gets him is a slap around the head from Mark who tells him to get in the ring.

Corey jumps over the top rope before taking off his jacket, throwing it in Mark’s face and then climbing onto the second turnbuckle and grabs his crotch whilst looking at the female fan again, this causes the crowd to erupt in another wave of boos and insults. Corey motions them to quiet down whilst laughing to himself. He jumps down and is backed into a corner by Mark who is berating him but Corey isn’t paying attention as the music dies down.

The lights in the arena dim then flash blue and green. HERE'S JONNY blares over the pa system. Pretty Fly for a white guy starts as Jonny C bursts through the curtin onto the ramp. He holds his arms out and yells I'M BETTER THEN YOU. He laughs and walks to the ramp jaw jacking with the fans. He slides under the bottom rope and runs and climbs the ropes yelling I know I'm your hero. He jumps down and bounces on the ropes a few times.

The 3 of them are in the ring as the bell rings and Chase Durden quickly slides out

Mike Fisher – Smart tactics from Chase here

Scott James – Cowardly tactics!

Jonny and The International Champion square up talking smack to one another as Chase looks on.

Jonny quickly takes the upper hand rolling round the back of Corey and locking his arm as he slaps him across the back of the head. Pushing him into the ropes he meets Corey with a picture perfect dropkick sending him flying to the mat.

As Corey starts to get to his feet Jonny grabs a front facelock looking for an exploder
DDT. Jonny C powers him back to the apron and locks in a chokelock on Corey's throat as he climbs to his feet; Jonny maintains his lock, now

with both of his feet firmly planted Corey lifts his arm up above his head Jonny still
clings on.. until Corey drops back. Sending Jonny to the outside where Chase is waiting. Chase picks up Jonny and rams him a few times into the ring post

Mike Fisher – Triple Threat Rules, there is no disqualification!

Chase picks up Jonny and delivers a cradle DDT on the outside breaking the hold quickly

Scott James – Can’t pin him out there Chase! Not even in a Triple Threat!

Chase slides Jonny into the ring where Corey is waiting. Corey goes to pick up Jonny but a rake to the eyes catches Corey off Guard, Jonny quickly follows it up with a codebreaker, spinning round to make sure he’s ready for the ambushing Chase Durden, who he meets with a jawbreaker.

Corey on his feet pounces to the turnbuckle and is setting himself up to splash onto the standing Jonny but Jonny is too quick for him and stops him on the turnbuckle…. They two exchange punches as Jonny tries to hook Corey’s arm…he manages it….He tries to lift Corey who resists…. Jonny delivers a headbut stunning Corey….He hooks the arm and… SUPERPLEX!!!

The crowd chant HOLY SHIT as all 3 men are on the mat.

Corey shows surprising speed and is first to his feet. A rising Jonny is greeted
with an open handed chop, coming down from above Corey's head. A second puts Jonny
back on his back,Corey grabs Jonny's legs and spins his around in a swing. After what must seem like an eternity for Jonny the spinning is stopped but a sudden and abrupt meeting with the bottom turnbuckle

Pin attempted from Corey only gets a 2…..He drops an elbow pushing the air out of Jonny. Another two follow, confident he has Jonny where he wants him Corey steps back for a run up, hits a front kick then spins into a back kick to the gut

Corey gets Jonny up and walks around to show everyone his power, a few die-hard Jonny fans boo, then cheer as Jonny smacks a knee into Corey's face, then another. He slips free gripping his
wrist dropping down to the arena floor, snapping the Corey’s arms across the steel cored
top rope. Still Jonny maintains his grip and climbs back up the apron. He leaps for a
huracanrana... Corey blocks it... powerbomb.... Jonny fires punches to stop it... he slips out F’N POINT!!!!!!

Mike Fisher – MY GOD… Where did that come from?


Scott James – Chase has kept his chance of advancing in this tournament alive now!

Chase picks up Jonny and DAY OF DURDEN!


But wait no….

The referee is waving his arms… Jonny C’s leg was on the rope!...there is no victory here! Chase is going mental at the referee now screaming how he should be the winner!

While he’s screaming at the ref Jonny has slowly recovered holding his head he spins Durden around and F’N POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Faith" by Limp Bizkit begins to play as Curtis Vaughan makes his way down to the ring, hitting an impact Spear on Jonny C straight away, sending him flying back as the ring fills up. Curtis goes to work on Jonny pounding away at him

Just then Corey Steele slides back in the room and watches Curtis, Corey helps Chase up to his feet, they walk over towards Curtis and fist bump....

Mike Fisher - WHAT IS THIS?

Curtis grabs Jonny and sits him up with the other two helping and C-BOMB!!!! Curtis plants Jonny in the middle of the ring, Corey gives Chase the nod as he pins Jonny C



Curtis asks for a microphone and is quickly passed one by Melanie.

Curtis - WELCOME TO Calidus!

The new stable determined to show the IIW that the 2nd generation of the IIW Superstars are greater than the first generation! Following in the footsteps of Mark Steele.... Jason Durden and Osh Vaughan.... we will take this federation to the new levels... We started here with Mr Jonny C... you couldn't beat me in the LCW so you fled back to the IIW where you had an easier ride, well that stops here!

I issue a challenge to you at Red Alert Jonny... COME OUT AND PLAY!

"Bring the Rain" hits and Heavy rifts fill the PA System as the arena momentarily goes black. Then strobes fill the arena (much like Finn Balor's current entrance...only while the rifts get heavier)

"We are setting the fires
that light the way
and as the flames burn
they blind us from the pain
but this path leads only
to our darkest days
so give me something to believe in
and I’ll bring the rain!"

Pyros explode from the stage as Hunter makes his entrance. He stands at the ramp as his music plays just staring at the ring.

"I don’t need to escape from this maze
cause I’m about to set it all a blaze
it’s time to face my fears
the past is gone I’m still standing here!
I’m still standing here!"

He scans the crowd then proceeds a slow, but steady walk down the ramp to the ring. He uses the steps to enter through the ropes into the ring.

"I’m looking for a match if you couldn’t tell
I won’t shy away from RAISING HELL!"

The heavy rifts filled with lyrics keep playing as Hunter seems completely focused and ready to inflict any necessary damage needed upon the weakness the IIW calls his opponent(s).

I Predict A Riot begins to blast out in the arena as Jimmy Ryan, Scott Ryan and Sean Ryan make their way out to an almost cricket like reception



Mike Fisher – The Crowd really know what’s about to happen, can you blame them, when the IIW Returned without Micheal Hunter the Fans were noticeably pissed off

The 3 of them get to the ring and begin to discuss who will be facing Michael first, eventually Scott jumps in the ring and the bell rings

Scott charges straight at Michael who delivers a fierce clothesline and begins stomping away


Scott manages to roll away and gets a tag in to Jimmy, Jimmy pounces off the ropes leaping to take out Michael but Michael sees it coming and catches him, he spins him around and SIDEWALK SLAM! Michael laughs as he motions to the last standing man Sean to come at him. He charges again but is met by a gorilla press slam as he rolls into the corner. The 3 men begin to regroup as they talk tactics as two of them charge Michael from the front while the other goes at him at the back, they club away at Michael beginning to wear him down, Michael eventually catches the guy behind with a vicious Elbow sending him to the mat, grabbing the other two he lifts them up delivering a dual-vertical suplex.

Scott James – This has been a master class so far from Michael Hunter, he really is living up to his motto of destroy everything!

Michael grabs Sean, HUNTERS MARK!

Mike Fisher – MY GOD! The height he got on Sean’s body before smashing his face into the ground,. I’ve never seen anything like that

Jimmy seeing his fallen brother charges at Michael and is met with the same fate right ontop of Sean

Scott James – He just delivered The Hunters Mark onto another man!!!!!!

Scott the last standing member hits a clothesline on Michael Hunter from behind, but it’s a big mistake as Michael completely no sells it before turning round and staring intensely at Scott…he ducks low and scoops Scott onto his shoulders….he powers him off his shoulders spinning him around and….. THE HELL TICKET

Mike Fisher – That is the new move he’s been going on about!!! It looks awesome!

Scott James – Devastating!

Mike Fisher – Destructive!

Michael Hunter grins as he puts a foot across Scott’s laid out body and the referee makes the count


Melanie Jackson – Your winner… MICHAEL HUNTER!

Bad Boy For Life begins to blast out around the arena as Osh Vaughan makes his way out to the ring followed by Sergio. He motions to the crowd who half boo him half chant thankyou for bringing IIW back… It’s a weird crowd these days!

In the Ring Osh produces an IIW binded folder

Osh Vaughan – In here I have the IIW Contract for the Red Alert PPV…. Myself and Dillan Singh… or should I say Sahib??... That crazy bastard seems to be finally getting the better of him, that internal struggle is real, it’s coming Dillan…. This match at the PPV is going to show you your true colours

A deafening boo fills the arena as “Oh Canada” by the Classifieds blares of the P.A system. Dillan emerges from the pulsating red and white lights dressed in well-tailored three piece suit that his nearly ripping at the seams extenuating his god-like physique. He stands a top the ramp and waves his Canada flag proudly with a brash, and confident smirk on his face. He brushes off his suit, and struts down the ramp with the flag proudly resting over his shoulder as he makes fun of the audience members on the way down. Walking up the stairs, he climbs on the top rope and waves his flag with great confidence, as he continues to run his mouth at the audience.

Dillan Singh is clearly bandaged up after his accident earlier… but he looks ready for Osh

Dillan Singh – WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME OSH?.... I was everything I wanted to be, I was a professional businessman! I had companies, I had cars I had it all… What you’ve done to me these last 8 weeks has been hell, but I’m better than that.. I will fight the good fight and give you what you deserve, a good old fashioned beating!... You want to take it into your playground and play by your rules, well bring it on Osh Vaughan

Osh – Dillan… calm down if you would like to sign this agreement we can make this official…. Red Alert.. .Blood Inferno Tables…. You win by putting your bloodified opponent through a table

Osh puts the contract on the table awaiting Dillan Singh’s signature…

Dilaln calmly walks over there and signs the contract

Dillan – You can’t get in my head Osh!

Osh – Really… well one last surprise for you………. LET ME INTRODUCE YOU TO THE LATEST IIW HALL OF FAMER…. MISTER…. DONNY ALLEN!

Donny’s music hits and those sounds… the WELCOME TO NEW JERSEY…. It brings the flashbacks for Dillan Singh… his great feud with Donny Allen… the mess… the blood.. the violence… it all comes flooding back… Dillan grabs his head and starts shaking

Dillan – WHY…. WHY…. NO… NOT THIS WAY…..

Osh and Sergio stand there laughing… then suddenly something switches…. Dillan stares maniacally at Osh.. he charges at him but Dillan picks him up and quickly delivers the CANADIAN CHAOS! As Osh gets up to challenge Dillan, Dillan stops and drops Osh with a right hook, straight to the floor the owner drops…as he falls a lighter falls out of his top pocket which Dillan sees…. His eyes glean….. he has an idea….

He picks up the lighter and lights the table they’ve just signed the contract on…. The crowd buzz as the light and heat of the fire is visible now….

The blaze intensifies as Dillan looks at the table then looks at Osh, then back to the table

Mike Fisher – No WAY….

Dillan picks up Osh…… CANADIAN DESTROYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THROUGH THE BURNING TABLE….


The two of them lay there as EMTs once again rush out to the ring to dose the blaze which has slightly engulfed Osh and Dillan…… Will they make it to the PPV?