The camera opens to a blacked-out room, a gravelly voiced narrator can be heard…

Narrator: “Tonight, two men go to war.”

Judas - Fozzy

A slow light creeps across the screen as we see Dillan Singh and sitting, leaned against a wall his hands clutching at his head.

Narrator: “One to prove it is his time.”

Cut to Osh Vaughn holding onto a wall for support. The sole color in the shot is Osh’s bloody handprint on the wall…

Narrator: “One to prove he can still go... How far will each man take themselves? Will one give into his demons? Will the other break out his old magic?”

-Footage of the Singh/Vaughn contract signing in black and white. Singh lays out Osh and lights the contract table on fire. He motions for it…-


-Camera cuts again as we see Osh, bloody and beaten, and Dillan with a sick smile on his face. Both men are staring holes through each other. -


A high-pitched noise breaks the focus on Osh/Dillan. We see three men with their hands raised. Adam Bradley, Shawn Taylor, Chase Durden.

Square Hammer - Ghost

Mike Fisher: “At Red Alert it will be Shawn Taylor, Adam Bradley, and Chase Durden… Who will be crowned the 1st World Champion of the New Era?”

Adam Bradley: “This is destiny, this is where I stand a top and lead IIW.”

Shawn Taylor: “Finally Shawn Taylor is getting what he deserves! Finally, Shawn Taylor, the Icon of IIW…is getting the opportunity to get gold befitting of his status”

Chase Durden: “Mark my words. Chase Durden is your next IIW Champion. Calidus is taking over and there is not a damn thing anyone can do about it.”

Narrator: “It is the dawn of a new beginning… let those who oppose the change stand ready… and let those who move for change remain strong… This is I..I..W…”

Square Hammer’s last lyric of “RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW” fades out as we see the logo for Red Alert.

We hear Square Hammer blaring over the sound system. The camera pans around to see the erratic fans chanting "I-I-W!" We see many signs,
"When it Raines, I snore." "Calidus wins it all!" "Let's go Taylor!" "I'm higher than DiStoner."

Mike Fisher: “Welcome one and all to the first IIW pay per view of the new era! This is Red Alert! I am Mike Fisher and alongside me is my broadcast partner, Mr. Scott James.”

Scott James: “Welcome everyone, it is so great to be broadcasting to your homes live from IIW Red Alert! We have a stacked card tonight including our main event, my close friend and the man I’m rooting for, Osh Vaughn against Dillan Singh.

Fisher: Not only that we crown a new World Champion tonight as well, it will be Adam Bradley against Chase Durden against Shawn Taylor. All three of these men are evenly matched, the deciding factor is who will tough it out the longest and raise the gold high.

James: “You can’t forget Durden has Calidus in the wings waiting to strike if he needs them. I’ll be shocked if they don’t show up.”

Fisher: “Indeed. Also, tonight, we have a IIW Television Championship match between Sean Raines and Starr-

James: “-A legends match between Kade Ortega and Mike Hunter- “

Fisher:” The debut of Justice Reigns as he takes on The Commander- “

James: “And so much more! But right now, we’re gonna send it to Ms. Melanie Jackson for our opening contest.”


Jackson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

-The crowd chant back at her with anticipation of the first match. -

Crowd: “ONE FALL!!”

TV Title No.1 Contenders Battle Royal

Drayden Fields vs Lance Lewis vs Ryan McCann vs Christian Ryder

Melanie - unfortunately Ryan McCann and Christian Ryder couldn't make this match, so this will now be a 1on1 but it will be a NODQ match for the TV Title!

walks out in a boxing style coat down to the ring, jumps upon the apron ledge and flings himself into the ring with a front flip followed up with multiple front headstand handsprings, a corner backflip( Daniel Bryan/ Tiger Mask style) sticking the landing in the center of the ring.

The house lights start flashing as Drayden makes his way onto the stage. He stops on the stage and raises one arm before moving down the ramp. Ignoring everyone on the way, he rolls into the ring and sits in the corner, emotionless waiting for the bell to ring.

Fields throws Lance into the ring, Lance gets up quickly as Fields slides into the ring. Lance hits the ropes and knocks down Drayden with his own clothesline. Lance drops down with an elbow drop onto Drayden and rolls back onto his feet. Lewis picks up Drayden as Drayden pushes him back into the ropes. Lewis comes back at Fields but Fields hits him with a drop kick. Lewis falls back into the ropes as Fields rolls onto his feet.

Lewis walks into a boot to the mid-section and Drayden connects with a quick snap suplex!

Drayden stands up and sits Lewis up. Drayden runs at the ropes and comes flying back with a Shining Wizard!

Drayden Fields goes for the pin.


Scott James- What a kick to the head, but it’s going to take way more than that to keep Lewis down!

Drayden picks up Lewis and connects with a Spinning Back Fist!

Knocking Lewis back into the ropes. Fields bends down to flip Lewis has he returns but instead finds a foot in his face. Lewis connects with a Belly to Belly suplex! Lewis picks up Drayden and places him in a arm drag. Lewis wrenches it down just once before going behind him and throwing a elbow to the lower back of Fields.

Lewis grabs the waist of Drayden and pulls back for a German Suplex, but Fields grabs the nearest ropes and holds on for his life. Lewis throws another elbow to the back of Fields and tries for a German Suplex once again.

Again he is denied.

Fields still holding onto the ropes as he leans into the ropes and with force, pushes backwards as Lance hits the ground, but quickly rolls back onto his feet. Drayden begins to walk towards Lance but Lance runs at Drayden and hits a Running DDT! Lewis gets to his feet and begins to climb the turnbuckle.

Mike Fisher- This could be dangerous!

Lewis sets himself up, and goes air-bourne with a High Moonsault!

He hooks the leg of Drayden and the referee counts


Lance now frustrated, slides out of the ring. Lance walks around the ring, throwing the ring curtains up on each side, looking for a weapon.

Mike Fisher- So many toys and remember, No DQ in this match!

Lewis suddenly finds a weapon and pulls out a kendo stick. While inside the ring, Drayden is fighting to get to his knees. Lance raises the kendo stick into the air and the crowd begins to give mix reactions. Lewis throws a chair inside of the ring as well, as he enters the ring with the kendo stick.

Drayden Fields is on his feet, using the ropes to keep himself up right. Suddenly Lewis swings the stick at Fields, Fields just gets out of the way and falls onto the ground.

Drayden begins to crawl away from Lance as Lance is now just messing with Drayden. Lewis with a smirk on his face, pretends to swing the stick as Drayden flinches.

Scott James- This is mean Don!

Mike Fisher- This is comedy Phil!

Drayden quickly reaches for the chair that is on the ground, but Lance places his foot on it. Lance then brings the kendo stick down onto Fields’s left arm.


As Drayden rolls over and grabs his arm, Lance brings the stick down once again onto Fields’s back!


Lance comes down with a 3rd blow to the back of Drayden as he throws the kendo stick outside of the ring.

Lance picks up Fields and hits a German Suplex! Holding onto Drayden, they roll back up together and Lewis connects with a second German Suplex! They roll back up once again and Lance connects with a third German Suplex! Drayden lays there motionless as Lance taunts the crowd.

Scott James- Just finish him already, the man main events WrestleMania in two weeks!

Suddenly Lewis notices the steel chair. He walks over to it and picks it up. Drayden Fields begins to get up, on his knees and hands. Lewis laughs as he lifts the chair over his head and crashes it down onto Drayden’s back! Fields falls back down onto his stomach.

Lewis brings the chair over his head a second time and SMACK!

Hits Drayden in the back again.

Scott James- There is a line damnit and this is crossing it.

Lance goes for another swing but Drayden spins out of the way, he hits a lowblow to Lance who winces in pain, Drayden grabs him and DAYDREAMER


Melanie - Winner and no.1 contender to the TV title Drayden Fields

TV Title Match
Sean Raines vs Starr


”Saturnz Barz" blasts through the arena as the lights go down in the crowd and strobing on the smoke rising from the stage. Starr comes out of the curtain arms spread out and back first through the smoke. He turns to face the the audience and smirks.The strobing spotlight follows Starr down the ramp. He makes his way to ringside and jumps up to the apron hard cam side and holds arms out. He hops over the top rope and jumps up onto the middle rope far camera side.

Freak by Silverchair plays as the IIW TV Champion Sean Raines makes his way out holding his TV championship high above his head, he slides in the ring facing Starr and mouths off about how he's gonna beat him down.

The bell rings and quickly Reigns goes to work, sprinting across the ring and landing a hard thigh into the midsection of Starr, backing him all the way into the corner. Once their Sean sends a barrage of several more thighs again to the midsection of Starr, causing him to slide down to him rear as he leans against the bottom turnbuckle. Sean wastes no time and places a foot on the neck of Starr, using the top ropes as leverage he begins to choke him with his foot and lets the ref get to a three count before he turns around to celebrate with his fans as Starr holds him neck. As soon as Sean turns Starr pulls himself up by the top ropers and as Sean turns back towards him…WHAM! he receives a swift European uppercut to the chin, knocking him off of his feet. Starr begins to press the action even more as he comes right back and applies a side headlock on Sean who has made to to both knees, wrenching on the hold, only for Sean to then shove him off into the ropes and then catch him on the return with a back elbow, leaving Starr wobbly in the middle of the ring, but he isn't down! Sean then hits the ropes and charges back, only for Starr to drop down thanks to the splits, going completely flat! Sean keeps running as Starr pops back up and leapfrogs him opponent. On the return, waiting for Sean to run back in him direction… CRACK!! he NAILS him with a picture perfect dropkick, quickly going for the cover.

One... Two ...KICK OUT!!

However, Starr is keen to press the advantage, dragging Sean up and over to the corner, punishing him with open hand slaps to the side of the head! She then whips him off into the opposite corner and signals to the fans, now charging across the ring and leaping in search of a big flying side leg drop… Only for Sean to power out of the corner, catching Starr in mid-air and then dropping backwards to deliver Starr face-first into the top turnbuckle!! Starr is staggered as he turns around with him back in the corner and Sean is now onto the second rope, pummelling Starr with right after right as he straddles him, pausing only to once again celebrate…

Scott JAmes- Oh boy, Sean is taunting again, this is going to end up bad for him for a second time!

Mike Fisher- I seriously doubt it Scott James. It doesn't always work that way.

Then just as quick as Scott James said that Starr takes him opportunity to slip out between Sean's legs, and he immediately clubs him in the back several times before climbing up after him, hooking him up and Starr uses all of him might to try and send both participants crashing down with a back superplex, but it epically fails and Starr's legs collapse causing Sean to fall violently on top of him, what a risky move!! They lay thime in pain and both seem to be hurting bad after that awkward landing. Sean gets up to his feet first as expected. Breathing hard and looking to be tired. Starr struggles, but gets to him feet also as Sean begins to measure him. Sean decides to try his luck and he spins around to try and land a stiff forearm smash to Starr's head. BUT Starr SAW IT COMING! Starr ducks and Sean connects with the only othim person in the ring…the referee!

Scott James- REF DOWN, REF DOWN! Ouch and I feel bad for him because that was a vicious kick right to the temple, he is out cold!

Mike Fisher- I bet I could take that shot no problem, what a pansy!

Sean doesn't even blink and turns to catch Starr who is trying to strike, and hits Starr with a quick belly to back suplex nearly sending him flying from the ring, but he stays in barely, directly under the bottom rope. Sean goes straight to shaking the ref violently back and forth trying to wake him up, he can nearly taste victory as he gets ready to put Starr away! The ref slowly starts to come to but can't seem to move very well, Sean seems satisfied and gets up turning to go for Starr…..WHAM!!! Starr smashes the Television Title straight across the the forehead of Sean Reigns, sending him flat and lifeless onto the mat.

Scott James- Oh wow that came out of nowhere I had taken my eyes off of Starr to try and see what Sean was doing with the ref. he is super sneaky.

Starr jumps on the attack but Sean Raines manages a vicious low blow to take back advantage and picks up the TV Title he smashes it over the head of Starr he goes to set Starr up for his finishing move but then there is a ring


The referee has seen Sean Raines use the TV Title and has disqualified him!

Melanie Jackson - Your winner Starr! But stilll IIW TV Champion...SEAN RAINES!

Justice Reigns vs The Commander

The Commander and Justice Reigns head towards the center of the ring and circle around each other. The Commander and Justice Reigns go into a elbow and neck tie up and The Commander tries to out power Justice Reigns but Justice Reigns pushes him into the nearest turnbuckle. The Commander gets back to his feet and as he does, Justice Reigns charges towards him and hits him with a spear into the turnbuckle.

Justice Reigns then continues to deliver the punishment as he starts to unload on The Commander with a backhand chop to the chest of The Commander that echoes across the arena. The crowd lets out a big Woo in response to the backhand chop.

Mike Fisher- That's gotta hurt Scott!

Justice Reigns continues the punishment as he connects a second backhand chop, which the crowd follows up with another Woo. Justice Reigns raises his hand a third time and brings it down for another backhand chop in which the crow responds with a Woo again.

Scott James- Just watching those chops is making my chest hurt!

The Commander tries to regain his composure as Justice Reigns gets out of the turnbuckle and tells The Commander to bring it. The Commander stumbles forward and Justice Reigns connects The Commander with a cactus clothesline that takes him off his feet and crashing down onto the mat.

Justice Reigns tells The Commander to get back up to his feet as The Commander begins to come to. Commander slowly rises to his feet. Justice Reigns charges towards The Commander and spears him into the turnbuckle again. The Commander collapses into the turnbuckle with a thud. Justice Reigns places his first foot on the bottom rung and his second foot on the middle rung. He ascends up the turnbuckle and gets to the second rope and gets The Commander into position.

Scott James- This could be dangerous!

Justice Reigns then connects with a Face Crusher as he delivers a Second Rope DDT to The Commander for his signature move. The Commander comes crashing down to the canvas with a huge Thud.

Justice Reigns is back on his feet and he drags The Commander to the center of the ring and flips the unconscious The Commander onto his stomach. Justice Reigns goes towards the turnbuckle again and begins to climbs it.

Justice Reigns swirls around and looks at Commander, who still lies motionless, Justice Reigns stands on the turnbuckle and the crowd responds with cheers as he launches himself off the turnbuckle and soars threw the air as he connects Commander with a Frog Splash. The Commander reels back from the pain as Justice Reigns covers The Commander for the count.

Scott James- That could be it Mike! Justice Reigns might have the victory!

The referee slides down to count.


Scott James- A close call for The Commander.

Mike Fisher- Yes sir, but The Commander still remains in this match up as he shows his determination by pulling threw.

Justice Reigns looks down at The Commander who has just kicked out of the manoeuvre.

Justice Reigns gets back to his feet and gives a stern look to the referee and then focuses his attention back on The Commander who is slowly rising to his feet.

Justice Reigns looks on as he tells The Commander to bring it. The Commander gets back to his feet and swirls around and Justice Reigns charges towards him looking for a clothesline but The Commander ducks the clothesline and Justice Reigns hits the ropes and rebounds. Justice Reigns comes rebounding off the ropes as The Commander grapples him and connects Justice Reigns with a Power-slam that takes him off his feet and crashing down to the canvas.

Mike Fisher- Look at The Commander now!

Justice Reigns attempts to get back to his feet but The Commander grapples him again and connects him with a Belly to Belly Suplex that takes him off his feet again. Justice Reigns attempts to get to his feet a third time and The Commander connects Justice Reigns with a second Belly to Belly Suplex that brings him back down again.

Scott James- Where did this spark come from!?

The Commander then doesn’t waste any time as he swirls around Justice Reigns and gets him into a Boston Crab

Justice Reigns starts to cringe in pain as Commander locks in the submission manoeuvre.
Justice Reigns starts to power crawl towards the ropes as Commander continues to lean backwards.

Justice Reigns's hand hovers over the canvas but he balls up a fist and he continues the power crawl towards the ropes.

Scott James- Justice Reigns isn't going to give up Mike! He's a true fighter!

Justice Reigns reaches out and grasps the ropes with his hands feeling the salvation of the velvet ropes in his palm. The referee demands for Shield to release the manoeuvre but Commander refuses to release the hold.

The referee then starts the five count. 1..…2..…3…..4…
The Commander releases the Sharpshooter.

Justice Reigns uses the ropes to get to his feet but he does so limping.
The Commander waits for Justice Reigns to get back to his feet.

Justice Reigns gets back to his feet and he swirls around.
Commander kicks him in the stomach and picks Justice Reigns up over his head and connects with his finisher, THE FINAL COMMANDMENT!

He follows the move up with a cover!

The referee begins to count!


Justice Reigns kicked out!

Scott James- Justice Reigns hasn’t giving up yet.

Mike Fisher- But neither has The Commander, as both men have put on a hell of a match as of thus far.

The Commander looks down at Justice Reigns in disbelief.

The Commander then gets back to his feet and he tries to argue to the referee that it was supposed to be a three count but the referee remains firm in his decision that it was a two count. Meanwhile Justice Reigns starts to come back to life and he gets back to his feet.

The Commander continues to argue with the referee as Justice Reigns comes up from behind him and grapples The Commander. He then connects The Commander with a Inverted Full Nelson Slam that takes him off his feet and crashing down into the canvas.

Mike Fisher- Commander should know better not to keep his back turned with any opponent!

The Commander gets back to his feet and Justice Reigns connects with a Fireman’s Carry Slam that brings The Commander back off his feet and crashing down into the canvas. The Commander attempts to get back to his feet again but as he does Justice Reigns remains on the offensive as he connects with a Fisherman Driver that takes Commander down once again.

The crowd is on their feet as Justice Reigns signals for the end.

Scott James- Commander is in trouble Mike!

Justice Reigns picks up Commander. Justice Reigns kicks The Commander in the stomach and he follows it up with the Medication! - a double knee gut buster!
The Commander comes crashing down as Justice Reigns makes the cover.

The referee then slides in for the count.


Melanie Jackson - Your winner Justice Reigns!
Geeno Steels vs Andre Clayton

Lights go out the stobe lights all around until the chorus drops when he appears. He walks down the ring to extend a hand to a kid then sikes him out and puts his hand in his pocket then pulls out 10k and starts to count it on the way to the ring. He rolls under the rope into the ring then gets on the middle rope fakes like hes going to throw the money into the crowd and says, yeah right then puts the cash back in his pocket and jumps off the second rope.

The light go dark except for a white spot light on the stage
and as the opening riffs to Drowning pools "Step up" begin and we hear-
1, 2, 3 - Go!
a explosion of fireworks erupts from the stage and we see Andre Clayton standing in the spot light wearing a long leather trench coat his head tilted back and arms spread out wide basking in the spotlight for a few seconds as the crowd boos loudly before he makes his way down the ramp as the song continues

Yeah, you've been living on the edge of a broken dream.
Yeah, that's the only thing you'll ever take away from me.

I'm never gonna stop,
I'm never gonna drop,
Ain't no different than it was before.

So take some good advice,
You better stop and think twice,
Before you take your first step,
Out that door.

If you wanna step up (step up),
You're gonna get knocked down (knocked down).
If you wanna step up (step up),
You're gonna get knocked down.

You had your chance to walk away.
Live to see another day.

If you wanna step up (step up),
You're gonna get knocked down (knocked down).
You're gonna get knocked down...

Andre then makes his way down the ramp always followed by the spotlight and comes to the ring slides under the bottom rope quickly rebounds to his feet and then makes his way to the bottom left turn buckle and climbs up and once again throws his arms out wide and tilts his head back and stands there for a few seconds and then leaps down, takes off his trench coat hands it off to a stage hands and moves to the middle of the ring.
Geeno attempts to recover in the corner but Clayton stays on the offensive. He boots Geeno in the gut in the corner then socks him in the head. Then Clayton hits Geeno with a European uppercut then winds up and drops Geeno with a huge haymaker. Geeno back up and Clayton whips him hard into the opposite corner. Geeno hits hard and stumbles out. Clayton meets him and propels him high in to the air, connecting to the jaw of a falling Geeno with another European uppercut out of mid-air. The crowd OOOHHHHs at that then Clayton grabs Geeno's head and applies a wristlock while kneeing on Geeno's head.

Mike Fisher- A rest hold? Really, Clayton? These people Mike't want to see Geeno trapped in holds. They want to see him do what he does best, and that's kick ass and take names. And do you know how he does that, James?

Scott James- Enlighten me, Mike.

Mike Fisher- He does it... naturally.

Scott James- You want any corn in your chili, Mike?

Clayton twists on the wrist of Geeno and wrenches on the shoulder. Geeno reaches for the ropes but can't reach them. But he stretches his leg out and drapes his foot across the bottom rope. The ref demands that Clayton break the hold. Clayton does so, but immediately stomps Geeno in the back of the head. Clayton shoves Geeno out of the ring with his boot, and proceeds to taunt the crowd who respond with mixed but mostly negative reaction. Geeno tries to recover on the outside, and Clayton bounces off the ropes and connects with a baseball slide that sends Geeno back first in to the outside barricade. Then Clayton bounces off the ropes again and Geeno is stumbling on the outside. Clayton dives through the ropes, grabbing Geeno's head and spinning him in to a tornado DDTto the delight of the crowd.

Scott James- A huge Knock Out blow from Clayton has Geeno laid out at ringside!

Mike Fisher- Yeah, that was pretty awesome.

Clayton pops up and is pumped after connecting with the high risk move. He asks the crowd how they like him now and they respond with cheers.
Clayton blows them off and rolls Geeno back in to the ring. Clayton follows and goes for a cover...


Clayton pulls Geeno up and kicks him in the leg. This causes Geeno to stumble and Clayton hits a drop kick to the face. Geeno crawls to the corner and Clayton runs and jumps up to knee Geeno in the face, but Geeno some how manages to block the attack and wraps his arms around the legs of Clayton, walks out from the corner and falls back, send Clayton's face right in to the top turnbuckle to a pop from the crowd. Geeno shakes the cob webs loose, and looks at Clayton. Geeno is pissed off as he starts to choke Clayton with his boot down in the corner. The ref warns Geeno and starts the five-count. Geeno breaks at four and drags Clayton in the middle of the ring. Geeno drops an elbow across Clayton's chest then hops back up and leaps in to the air, flipping and landing on Clayton with a standing moonsault.

Geeno covers...


Geeno back up and pulls Clayton up by what little hair Clayton has. The ref warns Geeno again, and Geeno pulls Clayton backward in to a backbreaker across Geeno's knee. The crowd boos a little bit at the use of the hair and Geeno laughs as he starts to choke Clayton on the mat.

Scott James- These fans Mike't know who to root for. One guy will do something daring and the next second, do something under-handed!

Mike Fisher- Like the cowardly attack by Clayton before the match even started?

Scott James- Or the blatant disregard for the rules from Geeno that we're witnessing right now.

Mike Fisher- What about Geeno's tremendous will to over come the early advantage taken by Clayton?

Scott James- Are you forgetting that suicidal high-risk move that Andre Clayton busted out moments ago that sent this crowd in to a frenzy?

The ref gets to four before Geeno holds off with the illegal choke. Geeno then goes to the corner and goes up top. Clayton is laid out, and Geeno jumps off with a double stomp from the top. But Clayton rolls away at the last second. Geeno rolls out the landing and turns around in to a devastating clothesline from Clayton that sends Geeno flying head over heels. Clayton then mounts Geeno and starts to hammer away on him with rights and lefts to the face. The ref tries to break it up by counting to five, but Clayton won't let off. Instead of ending the match, the ref grabs Clayton and drags him off of Geeno. Clayton his outraged as he gets up in the ref's face. The ref gets right back in Clayton's face until Clayton turns back to Geeno. Clayton grabs Geeno and Geeno grabs Clayton by the belt and pulls him face first in to the bottom turnbuckle. Geeno up quickly and starts to stomp a downed Clayton in the corner. Geeno then drags Clayton up and flips him over, tying Clayton's feet up in the top turnbuckle in to a tree-of-woe situation. Geeno then goes to the other corner and goes up top.

Scott James- What a minute now. What's Geeno gonna do here?

Mike Fisher- Something amazing no doubt.

Geeno then points to Clayton and then runs across the top rope with ease then jumps off, booting Clayton square in the face with a falling drop kick. The crowd go nuts as Clayton falls out of the tree-of-woe and Geeno pulls him away from the ropes and covers...



Scott James- What a move by Geeno! I've never seen anybody do that before!

Mike Fisher- I told you he was going to do something amazing, James. But, I was wrong! That wasn't amazing. That was outstanding! Balance like that just comes naturally to Geeno!

Scott James- But it wasn't enough to keep Clayton down!

Clayton now is the one trying to shake through the cob webs. Geeno readies himself in the corner as Clayton gets up, not knowing where he is. Geeno charges, going for the Arcane Arrow, but Clayton dodges last second, and aids Geeno shoulder first in to the ring post. Geeno comes out, grasping his shoulder in agony, and Clayton connects with his own spear that sends Geeno spine first in to the corner. Clayton with a punch to the gut then takes Geeno down with a snap mare. Clayton moves to the other corner and goes up top. He jumps off and connects with a shining wizard kick from the top with a sickening SMACK! as the crowd pops once again.

Scott James- Word Up from Andre Clayton and that should do it! Clayton covers!

Mike Fisher- Come on, Geeno! You're The Star!


The crowd explodes the moment Geeno kicks out and a loud Geeno chant breaks out. Andre Clayton has had enough. He situates himself behind Geeno and waits for him to stand up. Once he does, Clayton spins him and hoists Geeno up on to his shoulders for the Clay-Driver. Geeno starts to elbow Clayton in the jaw, causing Clayton to struggle to hold Geeno up. Geeno escapes behind Clayton and spins Clayton around then drops him with the The Hit Collector Geeno covers this time...


Melanie Jackson - Winner Genno Da Don Steels!

NODQ Grudge Match
Chino vs Dan DiStoner
Red and Green smoke rises up therough the stage and Bodies by Drowning Pool begins to play the the booing crowd. Out walks Dan DiStoner dressed in Black Jeans and a leather jacket. Wearing stone washed jeans.

An ever present snear on his face. DiStoner yells insults back to the crowd as he makes his way to the ring. He wipes his feet on the apron and steps into the ring, Pulls a pack out of his pocket and fires up a joint and begins to smoke it in the ring. The Infection by Disturbed begins to play over the speaker system as smoke fills the front walkway, as fans give a mixed reaction of cheers and jeers, Chino steps out with his signature kendo stick and black trench coat. Followed by His lovely valet Hailey

As he slowly walks down to the ring, he poses with some fans and teases some of his haters, he enters the ring thru the middle rope and spins around as pyro shoots out from the ring posts, Chino removes his trench coat and places it in his corner along with his kendo stick. The bell rings and DiStoner immediately drops to the mat and rolls to the outside of the ring.

He pulls up the apron and starts throwing weapons into the ring. Chino dives out of the way of a chair. DiStoner sets up a table at ringside then grabs a bat. Chino dives over the top rope and lands on Distoner and the bat goes flying.

Chino flips the table over and picks up Distoner and whips him into the ring post face first. Chino grabs a chair and takes a huge swing at Distoner but he ducks out of the way then kicks chino and hits a ddt. Distoner rolls him into the ring and grabs a kendo stick and gets back into the ring. Distoner hits Chino in the back twice then drops and makes a pin. 1 2 Kick out. Distoner is pissed and gets right in the refs face.

Chino gets to his knees and hits a low blow. Chino pushes Distoner into the ropes and when he bounces back hits a belly to belly suplex. Chino grabs a chair and throws it down in the middle of the ring. He picks up Distoner and hits a spine buster on the chair. Chino jumps out of the ring and goes over to the announce table to pull all the monitors out and tosses them onto the ground. Chino gets back into the ring and rolls Distoner out. He walks him over to the table and lays Distoner on top of it. Chino climbs onto the table and pick up Distoner and sets him up for a powerbomb. Distoner drops to his knees blocking Chino.

Chino pulls again and once again Distoner blocks. Distoner stands up quick launching chino into a back body drop through the Spanish announce table. The table shatters and chino is laying motionless on the top of the mess. Distoner falls off the table onto the floor. Both men are out showing little signs of movement. Distoner is the first to move. He picks up chino and lays him on the apron. Distoner lays a few punches into Chinos face then rolls into the ring. Distoner grabs a chair and sets it up and takes a seat and motions that he is smarter than Chino. He yells I have always been better then you Chino. Distoner walks over to Chino to grab him but Chino rolls a school boy.


Chino gets right to his feet and picks up Distoner and power bombs him through the set up chair in the ring. Chino climbs the top rope and his a frog splash onto Distoner who is still on top of the now broken chair. Chino grabs his chest and rolls off of Distoner. After about a minute Chino rolls over to Distoner and hooks his leg. 1 2 Kick out Somehow Distoner got his shoulder up. Chino cant believe it and stand up and kicks the bottom rope. Distoner makes his way to standing as well.

They lock up Distoner turns it into a headlock but chino pushes him off. They lock up again and Chino grabs Distoner’s arm and twists it. Distoner does a front flip and breaks the hold. Both men are standing in the center of the ring. Chino runs and grabs a baseball bat that Distoner threw into the ring before and drives the bat into Distoner’s guts. Distoner bends down holding his gut. Chino holds the bat above his head and brings it down across the back of Distoner. Distoner collapses to the mat. Chino holds the bat high in the air and yells Distoner sucks.

Chino is playing to the crowd as Distoner gets to his feet. Distoner walks over to chino and spins him around smiles and kicks his square in the balls.

Chino now has Dan Distoner on the defensive as he drops him with a vicious DDT. He gets behind him ready for the R.K.K but just then Hailey jumps up onto the side of the ring as Chino motions for her to get down.... suddenly she lifts her top and Flashes Chino

Scott James - BOOOBIES!!!!

Chino drops Dan staggering back in shock as there is a huge cheer from the IIW Fans

Dan is quick onto it and he pokes Chinos eyes back into his forehead before hitting him hard in the stomach setting him up for the CASH OUT.... CONNECTING he rolls him over for the pin


Melanie Jackson - WINNER...Dan Di Stoner

Dan isn't finished yet as he picks up Chino on the outside and smashes him all over. He picks him up and TWO-TOKE POWERBOMB... First time he smashes Chino into the floor then through the announce table!!!!

Dan is laughing as EMTS take Chino out after putting him on a stretcher

International Title Match

Corey Steele vs Rixton Ruin


Cigarettes and Alcohol begins playing as Corey Steele walks out from behind the curtain wearing a blue Fila jacket over his ring gear, he’s nodding his head to the music as Mark Steele follows him, they walk down the ramp with Corey getting in fans faces, whilst Mark shakes his head and attempts to get Corey to behave. Corey just laughs at Mark and climbs up the ring steps, he points at a woman on the front row and begins to grind the ring post whilst looking at her, all this gets him is a slap around the head from Mark who tells him to get in the ring.

Corey jumps over the top rope before taking off his jacket, throwing it in Mark’s face and then climbing onto the second turnbuckle and grabs his crotch whilst looking at the female fan again, this causes the crowd to erupt in another wave of boos and insults. Corey motions them to quiet down whilst laughing to himself. He jumps down and is backed into a corner by Mark who is berating him but Corey isn’t paying attention as the music dies down.

The venues lights suddenly turn off and Come to Daddy begins. The music plays until the beat drops in total darkness. Then nothing but red light is shown. Rixton walks out on the stage very slowly as on the screen His name appears and turns into running blood. He makes his way down the ramp not making eye contact with the crowd. A few feet from the ring he make a dash and slides head fist under the bottom rope. Rix crawls to the middle of the ring sits cross legged while his music fades bathed only in the red light. Still never makes full eye contact with a soul.

Corey and Rixton stand in the middle of the ring toe to toe. Both men exchange a few course words. Rixton seems to upset Corey as Corey pushes his head against Rixton’s. Rixton steps back and he returns with a right hook. Corey loses his balance and Rixton comes back with a left hook this time. Corey stumbles to the ropes and Rixton takes his arm and irish whips him to the opposite side of the ring. Corey bounces back and Rixton takes him out with a forearm smash. Corey hits the mat and he rolls out of the ring. Corey slowly walks round the ring shaking his head. Rixton is crouched in the ring ready for Corey to enter once again.

Scott James – “Corey just doesn’t seem interested!”

Mike Fisher – “I think he’s lost the will to go on without his International Championship.”

Corey rolls back into the ring and Rixton starts to lay his boots into him. Rixton picks up Corey and he quick impact DDT’s him back to the mat. Corey lays lifeless on the mat. Rixton drags Corey to the middle of the ring and he starts to slap the back of his head. Rixton is seemingly toying with Corey. Rixton picks him up and he pushes him to a corner. Rixton walks to the opposite side and he runs and knee smashes Corey right to the chin. Corey drops to his ass and Rixton starts to slap Corey’s face.

Scott James – “Rixton is just enjoying himself in there.”

Mike Fisher – “Rixton has no respect for the champion. He should be ashamed.”

Scott James – “Corey is at fault he needs to wake up and smell the coffee.”

Back in the ring Rixton has Corey stood up again. He twists his arm and he kicks Corey on the chin sending him right back down again. Rixton yells at Corey to start acting like he gives a fuck. Rixton goes for a pin.
Rixton lifts up Coreys arm.

Rixton starts to lay left and right hooks into Corey’s head. Corey lifts up his arms to defend himself and soften the blows. Rixton takes a breather and he picks up Corey again. Rixton grabs Corey round the waist and flips him for a Belly to Belly suplex. Rixton knees behind Corey and he locks in a reverse sleeper hold. The ref kneels down to check on Corey. Corey wants to give in but Rixton lets go just in time. Rixton stands up. He looks menacingly at Corey he wants to end this but for the first time he is man handling the only man to beat him. Rixton steps out of the ring and he looks under the ring. He pulls out a chair and he slides back into the ring. The ref tries to pull the chair out of his hands but Rixton simply throws the ref to the floor knocking him out.

Scott James – “Rixton should be disqualified.”

Mike Fisher – “I don’t hear a bell Scott!”

Rixton stalks his prey. Corey gets to his knees and he is greeted with a steel chair to the side of his face. Corey hits the deck again and Rixton continues the onslaught. The fans go wild as Chase Durden comes running down to the ring. Chase Durden jumps onto the apron and he is about to get in the ring but Rixton sees him off with a faux swing of the chair. Chase Durden circles the ring and Rixton follows him with the chair in hand. Corey’s lifeless body in the middle of the ring still has no movement. Rixton chases down Chase Durden but before he can swing the chair at him Mark Steel has reached the ring and he tackles Rixton to the floor. he starts to wildly swing his arms at Rixton keeping him on the floor. Chase Durden has made it back to the ring to rouse Corey. Corey takes little time in getting to his feet. Mark Steele has now rolled Rixton back into the ring and Chase Durden and Corey start to stomp their boots into his body.

Scott James – “Calidus are really showing their power here.”

Corey has taken the upper hand in his fight and powers Rixton back onto the ramp. He races into the ring as the referee begins his count


Rixton makes it back into the ring, but Chase and Mark are straight on the side to distract Rixton and the referee.... Suddenly...

Bob Mitchell walks out with a microphone in his hand....

Mike Fisher - What is The Commanders manager doing here?

Bob Mitchell - Let me introduce you to the new IIW Superstar Blade Alexander!

Blade Alexander strolls out to the ring looking around and goes straight after Chase Durden and Mark Steel at ringside, he lays one out with a vicious looking DDT followed by Ramming Mark Steele into the posts.. they quickly begin to scupper as Blade Alexander has the attention of both Corey Steele and Rixton... he points at the International title before slowly making his way calmly back up the ramp to Bob.

Chase Durden and Mark Steele have disappeared into the crowd and out of the arena. Rixton picks up Corey and hands him to Bob who drops him with A BAD DAY! Rixton then picks up Corey and he gives him to Rixton who delivers THE END... Rixton covers Corey. The ref shows little life.

The ref raises his arm
Scott James – “It’s almost over!”

Rixton roars back in the middle of the ring as Melanie announces him


Legends Match

Kade Ortega vs Michael Hunter


The unmistakable guitar riffs of Kashmir by Led Zeppelin blast out. The sounds of scraping stone cut over the speakers as the walls to the side of the stage slide open. Trey Ortega is wheeled out by three masked muscular gimps. He is strapped by his wrists, spread ankles and neck to a five point frame. Trey is released from his bonds when he arrives at ringside where he slides into the ring. As he runs the ropes the gimps retreat to the back, Kadestretches out then stands in the center of the ring awaiting his next victim.

"Bring the Rain" hits and Heavy rifts fill the PA System as the arena momentarily goes black. Then strobes fill the arena (much like Finn Balor's current entrance...only while the rifts get heavier)

"We are setting the fires
that light the way
and as the flames burn
they blind us from the pain
but this path leads only
to our darkest days
so give me something to believe in
and I’ll bring the rain!"

Pyros explode from the stage as Hunter makes his entrance. He stands at the ramp as his music plays just staring at the ring.

"I don’t need to escape from this maze
cause I’m about to set it all a blaze
it’s time to face my fears
the past is gone I’m still standing here!
I’m still standing here!"

He scans the crowd then proceeds a slow, but steady walk down the ramp to the ring. He uses the steps to enter through the ropes into the ring.

"I’m looking for a match if you couldn’t tell
I won’t shy away from RAISING HELL!"

The heavy rifts filled with lyrics keep playing as Hunter seems completely focused and ready to inflict any necessary damage needed upon the weakness the IIW calls his opponent(s).

Kade and Micheal circle the ring micheal shoots in trying to grabs Ortegas leg but Ortega moves and drops a double axe handle onto Hunters back. Hunter hits the mat Ortega drops a quick elbow onto his back then gets right back to his feet and begins to stomp of his head. The ref is yelling and pushes Ortega off. Ortega picks up Hunter and whips him to the corner. Ortega charges and his a splash into the turnbuckle. Ortega chops Hunter 3 times then kicks him in the gut sending him to the mat. Ortega picks up Hunter and sets him up for a DDT but Hunter pulls both his legs out then stomps Ortega in the chest. Hunter leans in the ropes to catch is breath. Hunter walks over and drops a leg on Ortega then locks in a sleeper hold. The ref slides over to check Ortega he appears to be out. The ref holds Ortegas arm up and it drops.
The crowed erupts 1.
The ref holds Kades arm up again and drops it to the mat the fans yell 2.
The ref holds it up one last time and drops it but Ortega holds it an inch off the mat the fans explode. Ortega starts pumping his arm then slowly starts to stand up taking Hunter with him. Ortega slides out and pushes Hunter hard into the ropes Hunter bounces back and Ortega takes to the air with a picture perfect dropkick. Hunter flys out of the ring crashing to the floor. Ortega is in the ring looking around the fans are chanting DIVE.....DIVE.....DIVE. Ortega shrugs his shoulders and smiles then bounces off the ropes runs and dives over the top rope.
Hunter catches him then drops him onto his knee. Hunter stands back up still holding Ortega runs him into the ring post then rolls him into the ring. Hunter climbs to the top rope and hits a frog splash and makes the cover.
1 2 Ortega kicks out.
Hunter is mad and yells at the ref that it was 3. Ortega rolls our to the apron and pulls himself up. Hunter turns to grab Ortega off the mat and sees he is on his feet on the apron. Ortega jumps onto the top rope and uses it to launch him into a clothesline from hell.
Ortega makes a cover.
Hunter gets his shoulder up. Both men are gassed laying in the mat catching their breath. Hunter barely gets to his feet first. He punches Oretega in the face kicking him back. Hunter is really laying fists into Ortega. Hunters kicks Ortega then locks both his arms and his a double arm DDT.. Michael Hunter slides out and grabs a microphone from the crowd from Melanie Jackson
Hunter smashes Kade over the head with the microphone....Hunter keeps on hammering Kade's skull with the mic. Hunter starts to grin and laugh like a lunatic with each blow. Then Hunter stands up and tosses the mic out of the ring and takes a bow in the middle of the ring as the crowd responds. Kade isn't out cold due to the small amount of foam on the mic, but is still pretty out of it. He gets to his feet as Hunter stalks him. Chop block to the leg from Hunter that forces Kade back down in pain. Hunter grabs Kade and drops an elbow to the inside of the knee. Then another, and another. Kade garbs at his knee, then Hunter grabs Kade's hand and rips at his fingers. Kade screams out in pain, and Hunter starts to bite the tips of Kade's fingers. Then Hunter puts Kade's hand on the mat and stomps it.

Scott James- Talk about viciousness! Michael Hunter is picking Kade apart piece by piece!

Mike Fisher- Kade is in a world of hurt right now from head to toe, and it's only going to get worse from here.

Hunter stomps Kade in the gut and presses down with his boot. Then Hunter pulls Kade up and drops him hard across the knee with a back breaker now attacking Kade's midsection. Kade rolls aross the ring, clutching his stomach and back. Thn Hunter switches his attack to Kade's neck, locking in a reverse chin lock, pulling back hard on the head. Hunter is laughing again as he wrenches back. Kade has nowhere to go. Hunter eventually let's go and stands up. Pointing at Kade while looking out in to the crowd laughing and shaking his head. He asks them, "This guy? Really?" Kade rolls out of the ring. Hunter starts to get in to a shouting match with the crowd and is growing more and more angry. Kade pulls himself up, and rolls back in to the ring. Hunter doesn't see him, but Kade has the microphone that Hunter tossed out. He swings it at Hunter who sees it and ducks under it, he picks him up

HUNTER'S MARK! ...connects smashing Kades face into the ground, he rolls him over and goes for the pin

Melanie looks confused without her microphone which is now covered in blood but the referee lifts Michael Hunters arm to signify he is the winner

Blood Inferno Tables Match
Osh Vaughan vs Dillan Singh


Mike Fisher- Well after the events that transpired over the past week, we aren’t actually sure if this match is going to take place. Dillan Singh is currently being held in Ashworth Hospital and undergoing further assessment.

Suddenly the lights go out. “Judas” by “Fozzy” suddenly erupts over the P.A system and a single spotlight illuminates the entrance ramp.

Scott James- What is this now?

Someone emerges from the entrance, surrounded by security guards. He looks to be restrained in some way. The guards begin guiding him towards the ring.

Scott James- Is that..?! It can’t be!!

Mike Fisher- He’s here! Dillan Singh is here!

Dillan Singh stops in the middle of the rampway, the security guards grabbing a hold of him tightly. He looks dead into the camera and smirks, a familiar sadistic look reminiscent of his violent alter-ego. As he continues to be escorted down the ramp it becomes apparent that he is being restrained by a straitjacket.

Melanie Jackson- Um…making his way to the ring, now residing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. DILLAN SINGH!!

Scott James- Well, I guess this match is happening.

The security guards cautiously take off Dillan’s strait jacket as he falls into the corner turnbuckle. The security guards wait a moment before stepping out of the ring.

Seemingly in a trance, Dillan sits in the corner staring at his hands, that are bandaged up with tattered tape. He continues to open and close his hands, lost and confused before looking up and examining the IIW Arena.

The crowd cheers in anticipation of what is to unfold as Dillan smirks once again. He props himself up and now sits on the second turnbuckle.

He looks at his attire and runs his hands over his black, sequin covered Aladdin pants. He tightens the crimson colored fabric belt attached to the waist of the pants before resting his arms over the ropes.

He looks up into the rafters and lets out a blood curdling scream that silences the crowd as he focuses his attention on the entrance way waiting for Osh.
The ring ropes have been set up with an extra layer on them for this match which explode into flames as soon as the bell rings as Osh and Dillan Singh take a second to scope out the environment, it is only the top rope on fire, there are 2 tables folded down in the middle of the ring as well as plenty more outside.

Dillan Singh is first to act as he picks up the folded table and launches it at Osh, Osh however has plenty of time to see it coming and just blocks the shot as the table drops to the floor, he looks at Dillan Singh and shakes his head, Dillan reacts with a drop kick catching Osh off guard as he falls backwards towards the ropes he realises the danger he’s in and quickly drops to the floor rolling to the outside.

The crowd start to boo and then suddenly Osh is pelted by items by the crowd, hundreds of them….


Mike Fisher – It’s your old fashioned Marshmellow on a Fire! Scott quick get me a stick!

Dillan Singh in the ring walks over and picks up one of the marshmellow’s he holds it over the fire for a few seconds before eating it, he nods with approval as the fans cheer on


Osh looks up and throws a Marshmellow as hard as he can catching Dillan in the eye, momentarily stunning him as Osh slides back into the ring, he pushes Dillan hard towards the ropes but Dillan grabs Osh to stop himself, Osh reacts with a snapmare suplex followed by a hard kick to the back of Dillan who anguishes in pain. Osh takes off his belt and starts to whip Dillan with it, he grabs the belt and holds it above the flames as it catches fire, he then continues to whip Dillan with it who rolls about it pain, eventually Osh discards it and begins setting up one of the tables in the ring.

He picks up Dillan singh ready to smash him through it but Dillan fights off and plants osh with a jawbreaker, he follows it up quickly with a spinning kick taking Osh down. He looks around at the scene with the table set up the flames blowing everywhere and suddenly you can see like a psychotic break within Dillan.

He Picks up Osh and plants him on the upright table, he hits him a few times to stun him a bit more before setting up another table next to it...he stands up right on the table facing Osh, he slowly turns his back before delivering a MOONSAULT through the other table Planting Osh through it...

Mike Fisher- That's step 1 of the match done!!!! Osh has been put through a table!!! 1-0 to Dillan

Dillan back on his feet smiling as he looks down at Osh on the ground, he circles the other table and picks up Osh, he drops him with a snap suplex followed by a leg drop as Osh looks out, Dillan signals towards the fire

Mike Fisher - This is about to be 2-0 and game over!

Dillan takes Osh and lifts him over his shoulder, he moves him towards the fire engulged ropes.. just as Dillan is about to put Osh in the flames, suddenly the fire goes out from the metal around the ropes as Dillan looks on and laughs.... Either way he throws Osh at the ropes. Osh lands on them and screams in agony as the hot metal burns away at his skin

Scott James - can you smell that burning skin?

Dillan starts going crazy looking to the skies and the back wondering who has turned off the lights...
he picks up shards of the broken table and scrapes them across his forehead.... as the crimson mask begins to develop it only seems to fuel Dillan more....

Mike Fisher - What has he done that for? It's now 1-1 in the scoring system!!! This means it will come down to whoever is set on fire!

He goes back to work on Osh, who pokes Sahib in the eye and gets the advantage, he hits him quick with a JUMP SWINGING DDT....

Scott JAmes - Trademark Osh!

Osh picks up Dillan and nails him with a powerslam, he sees the table in the middle of the ring and places Dillan on it... moving to the turnbuckle he positions himself and.... OSHAULT!!!

through the table Dillan Singh is planted as he lays there motionless as Osh rolls about as he has clearly felt some of the impact.

Osh is first to make his way back to his feet as he looks around and starts signalling to the back to turn the flames back on, but before he can finish Dillan is up behind him as he licks his blood soaked lips it seems to give him a second life as he grabs osh and CANADIAN DESTROYER!!!!

Dillan bursts back to life with his second wind of life... he looks around and then slides out of the ring.... he picks up the one remaining table and slides it back into the ring, he then wanders over to his straight jacket which is on the floor and pulls out a small butane gas lighter!

Scott JAmes - Oh my god.. it's an equaliser! Sahib... I mean Dillan will be able to win the match now!

Dillan gets back in the ring and sets up a table in the corner...he looks at it....and places it against the turnbuckle... he grabs the gas lighter and sets the table on fire.. he looks back at Osh then back at the table...

He picks up Osh over his shoulder.... he lifts him up for Canadian CHAOS.... he holds Osh over the flame engulfed table...then he drops him smashing him through the table and onto the flames

The bell rings.....

Melanie Jackson - Your winner DILLAN SINGH.......

EMTS are quick to rush out to the ring but Dillan begins to fight them off not letting them get near Osh.... he pushes them away then pulls out the butane lighter again... ,as he holds the flame to Osh's head...ready to pull the trigger.... But suddenly....

Back in Black by AC/DC blasts out

The crowd goes mental, they know who this is... ITS DONNY ALLEN! He's back!!!!

Donny quickly slides into the ring and grabs the shocked Dillan and delivers WELCOME TO NEW JERSEY! as Dillan is laid out Donny is quick to usher EMTS in to check on Osh

Donny - Dillan... WHAT HAVE YOU DONE! This is Osh! We were in the company together, we know how great he was! I'm coming for you now Dillan... DONNY IS BACK!