Jonny C vs Curtis Vaughan
- Rixton

Mike Fisher- This next match is going to nothing but a beat down one way or another.

Scott James- You're totally right there Mike. We got Jonny F'n C vs the bosses kid Curtis Vaughan. I don't think there is anyone Jonny C hate more than this kids father. God rest his soul.

Fisher- Just remember it's not just Curtis anymore Calidus has his back.

The lights in the arena dim then flash blue and green. HERE'S JONNY blares over the pa system. Pretty Fly for a white guy starts as Jonny C bursts through the curtin onto the ramp. Melanie Jackson- Making his way to the ring weighing in at 225 pounds we have the Infamous Jonny C!!!

He holds his arms out and yells I'M BETTER THEN YOU. He laughs and walks to the ramp jaw jacking with the fans. He slides under the bottom rope and runs and climbs the ropes yelling I know I'm your hero. He jumps down and bounces on the ropes a few times.

Jackson- And his opponent accompanied by his Calidus brethren weighing in at 262 pound Curtis Vaughan!!! "Faith" by Limp Bizkit as Curtis Vaughan steps out onto the ramp followed by Corey Steel and Chase Durden.

He is wearing a red and white hoody that says Legacy on the back of it. Curtis raises his arms as fireworks shoot up from the ramp, before heading to the ring, as he dives under the bottom ropes, into the ring and poses to the mixed reaction of the crowd.

James- Oh crap he's brought his Calidus brothers with him. Tis doesn't look to good for Jonny C! The other two men stand ring side in support of their fellow stablemate.

The ref calls for the bell. DING DING DING!!!

With all of the hatred he has for the Vaughan family and how he's been treated Jonny wastes not time firing his self at Curtis with a shoulder tackle driving Vaughan in the to corner where the other Calidus members are watching the match.

He proceeds to start to beat the living daylights out of the bosses son until the ref breaks up the assault with a five count. Jonny breaks the count for about a half a second before jumping on Vaughan again. The ref calls for the five count again and Jonny backs off. Curtis falls to to ground in a heap. Vaughan's brothers pull him out of the ring after the Jonny backs up. They help him back to his feet and give him some encouragement.

As Vaughan starts to slide in the ring Corey Steel hops up on the ring apron trying to gain Jonny's attention. It works and Curtis is able to slide in the ring and land a few shots of his own on “C”. Fisher- If Jonny C has to deal with all three members of the Calidus this is going to be a long night for him. Vaughan kicks Jonny in the mid section which drops him to the ground and begins to apply a side headlock on his prone opponent.

This goes on for a few mins with Jonny breaking out only to be reeled back in by the larger man. Finally “C” breaks out of the hold. He is able to get to his feet the two men lock up and Jonny sends the younger Vaughan towards ropes. He hits Curtis with a high angle drop kick which sends him to the mat. Jonny jumps on the man like a wild animal. He picks up the big man and delivers a scoop slam that clearly knocks the wind out of him.

Fisher- That's the set up for the The Infamous Elbow!!!

Jonny climbs the corner opposite of the where Calidus is stationed like a cat in a tree. And proceeds to hits the downed man with his flying elbow. He goes for the cover! 1... 2... Vaughan kicks out at the last second.

James- I thought that was it Fish!!!

Curtis wise or lucky rolled out of the ring right towards his buddies. As Steel is helping Curtis to his feet Chase makes it like he's going to enter the ring which gets the ref involved with him. Jonny makes his way around to further the beating of his opponent.

But before he can get to Vaughan, Corey delivers a Superkick to Jonny knocking him to the mat. Curtis uses this to his advantage and rolls the man in the ring stomps him for a bit before picking him up asling him towards the ropes where his brothers are posted. As he is being slung back towards Curtis, Durden grabs Jonny's ankle causing him to stumble.

Now with his back to Curtis delivers a CodeBreaker to his distracted foe.

James- Oh No Version 2.0!!!

1... 2... Jonny also kicks out of the set up move of his opponent.

Seeing that Jonny is hurt Curtis signals for his finishing manoeuvre The C-Bomb. He throws “C” towards the ropes pops him up in the air.

Fisher- If he hits him with this I'm afraid it's lights out for Jonny F'n C!!! As he is about to slam him to the ground Jonny is able to flip himself over Vaughan and deliver The F'n Point out of nowhere!

They are right in the middle of the ring. Jonny goes for the pin. 1.... 2....... 3..........

James- HOLY SHIT!!! How did he have the where with all to do that!!!

Fisher- Oh no here come the rest of Calidus.

As Jonny is having his hand raised Corey Steel smashes him in the back of the head with the Intercontinental belt. Jonny falls like a ton of bricks. The two men proceed to beat the piss out of Jonny and all three of the men deliver their finishing moves to him. After the assault Jonny lays lifeless in the as the three men celebrate like they had won the match as they exit

World Title Match
Shawn Taylor vs Adam Bradley vs Chase Durden

vs vs

Push Em by Yelawolf & Travis Barker blares over the PA system as the crowd erupts in cheers.

Scott James- It’s time for the IIW World Title match! Can you feel the excitement Scott?!

Scott James- It’s time to crown the NEW ERA champion in the IIW. I can’t wait.

Adam Bradley makes his way down the ramp way and pauses to stare at the ring. Focussing on the task at hand. He continues down the ramp and slides into the ring looking determined as ever.

MJ- From Manchester England, ADAM BRADLEY!

The crowd erupts once more as Adam acknowledges them and then begins to stretch on the ropes.

Scott James- Boy, Adam sure looks focused tonight.

Orange Time Machines Care by A Lot Like Birds hits as Chase Durden comes through the curtain slowly as the screaming starts in his entrance music. He is wearing a hooded zip-up and MMA shorts. He walks slowly to the ring without revealing his face, because the fans don't deserve to see it until he wants to show it.

MJ- Making his way to the ring, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania…CHASE DURDEN!

He jumps on the ring apron, climbs the turnbuckle and slowly removes his hood. He closes his eyes and soaks in the deafening boos. He jumps into the ring and immediately sits in his corner and glares across the ring at Adam.

Adam takes a step forward challenging Chase, as Chase quickly jumps down from the turnbuckle and storms towards Adam. The two combatants meet eye to eye in the middle of the ring as the referee Harold Bishop tries to separate the two. The two wrestlers continue to jaw at each other, getting more and more intense.

Just then the lights go dark, and the familiar drums to My Hero by The Foo Fighters fills the arena. The crowd goes wild as the entrance way is lit only by a spotlight and some flashing blue lights.

Shawn steps out onto the stage, grinning and looking at the crowd. As soon as the chorus starts Shawn outstretches his arms and a shower of pyro comes from the top of the stage behind him, as he does this the house lights come up a bit, with blue spots roaming the arena.

Shawn walks down the ramp, clapping hands with the fans smiling from ear to ear. He walks up the steps, and launches himself into the ring over the top rope.

MJ- From Newcastle England, this is SHAWN TAYLOR!

Once in the ring Shawn goes straight to a turnbuckle, climbs it and cockily Outstretches his arms, Randy Orton-esque, and does the same on the opposite turnbuckle before climbing down and removing his shirt, and tosses it to some female fans sitting in the front row.

Shawn takes a look at the events unfolding in the ring, as all three combatants meet at the centre of the ring. Shawn joins in to the jawing as he gets in Chase’s face. Chase smacks Shawn in the face pushing him aside and sending him stumbling. He then swings at Adam who quickly ducks an hits Chase with a spinning wheel kick sending him reeling into the corner.

Scott James- The match hasn’t even begun!

The referee finally gets the three wrestlers into their respective corners and tells them to calm down. He takes the new IIW World title and shows it to all three corners before showing it to the rambunctious crowd.


Scott James- Here we go!

Shawn and Adam head straight towards Chase’s corner and proceed to attack him with a flurry of fists and kicks. The referee quickly steps in and begins his count of 4.

Scott James- Looks like the good guys are teaming up against the bigger Chase Durden.

As Shawn and Adam back up, Chase hits Adam with a cheap shot to the eyes that staggers him. He hits him with a strong lariat that sends him crumbling to the ground. As he walks over to the fallen Bradders he quickly Irish whipped by Shawn into the ropes.

Scott James- Looks like Chase forgot that he had more than one opponent to focus on tonight.

Shawn leapfrogs over Chase and hits him with a springboard dropkick, sending Chase flying out of the ring and onto the ground.

Shawn quickly climbs up to the top rope and taunts towards the cheering crowd before refocusing his attention on Adam. He leaps off the top rope and hits Adam with a moonsault before jumping quickly to his feet.

He bounces off the ropes and leaps over the top rope at the staggering Chase and attempts to hit a plancha but Chase quickly jukes out of the way sending Shawn through the announce table.

Scott James- Not the Spanish announce table!

Chase looks down at the remains of the table and Shawn, then back into the ring. He quickly realizes that Adam is still down and rushes in for the pin.


Scott James- Ultimate opportunist Durden is.

Chase pulls Adam up by the hair much to the disapproval of the referee and hits Adam with the Day of Durden.


Just as the referee’s hand goes down for the 3, Shawn breaks up the pin and pummels Chase. The two wrestlers get back to their feet throwing a flurry of fists at each other, challenge each others toughness.

Shawn kicks Chase in the gut and goes for a knee to the head. Chase scouts the move and quickly moves out of the way and goes for a high forarm. Shawn ducks the farmrm then grabs Chase from behind in a back waist lock. He tries to lift Chase up for a suplex but Chase blocks it, Shawn goes for EXXCLAMATION POINT but Chase ducks it sending Shawn out of the ring ...Adam sees it and nails the Pride before the fall

Adam looks up in disbelief and quickly jumps on the fallen Chase Durden.

Scott James - Bad luck Bradley! Both fallen combatants showing a lot of heart here.

A dazed Corey gets up on the apron and distracts the referee again. Meanwhile Curtis slithers around the ring and pulls Bradley violently out of the ring. The two exchange blows outside the ring, unbeknown to the referee. Curtis tosses Adam aggressively into the steel steps, cutting him out at his knees. He quickly pounces on the reeling Adam and hits him with a V 2.0.

Scott James- This is unfair! Someone stop them!

Seeing what has just unfolded, Corey jumps down from the apron and heads back over to Curtis. They both smile at the wreckage in and out of the ring and yell “Don’t mess with Calidus!” As they disappear up the entrance way.

Meanwhile in the ring, Chase has gotten to his feet first. He looks around to see the havoc that has been caused, but quickly refocuses his attention on Shawn. He picks Shawn up and puts him in a front headlock. Chase looks back outside seemingly confused seeing the lifeless body of Adam Bradley. He drops Shawn on his head with an impact DDT. He quickly follows this up with a running knee drop to the back of the neck of Shawn.

He quickly pounces on Shawn and locks in a tight rear naked choke, as Shawn flails aggressively realizing the imminent danger he is in.

Scott James- Merciless offense shown here by Chase!

Scott James- Yeah, you would think that there is some sort of title on the line or something hey Mikey?!

Scott James- Shut it.

Shawn begins to fade, as the referee puts his arm up for the count.


Chase clenches the hold tighter, cutting off any circulation to the brain. Shawn has lost almost all the color in his face as the ref goes for his arm again.

As Shawn’s arm falls for the second time, the crowd begins to rally behind him. Seemingly getting a second wind Shawn desperately punches Chase in the face as the two make it to their feet. Chase finally lets go of the hold, as the crowd pops, Shawn bounces off the ropes and dives at Chase with a springboard back elbow. Chase moves out of the way quickly and reengages the rear naked choke.

Scott James- The end is near. The end is near.

Shawn vehemently struggles, and creeps his way towards the ropes and grabs on for dear life.


Chase finally lets go of the hold, and Shawn slips out of the ring to recompose himself. Wasting no time, Chase reaches through the ropes and tries to grab Shawn by the hair. Shawn quickly moves out of the way and nails Chase in the head with a kick!


Shawn races up to the top rope, a stunned Chase laying perfectly in the middle of the ring. Shawn pauses and looks around at the crowd. He launches himself off the top rope and this a 630 splash on Chase.

Scott James- WHAT WAS THAT! These guys are pulling out everything tonight!

Struggling from the impact Shawn drapes one arm over Chase.



Shawn Taylor stands in the middle of the ring celebrating and then.... B.Y.O.B - System Of A Down begins to play and the arena goes mental

Mike /Fisher - O M G.. .That's Kurt Stevens former IIW Owner and he's win IIW Hall Of Famer HEAT!

Kurt Stevens - Yes that's right... I'm back... with Osh Vaughan out of action and Alex Connor missing I will be assuming control... so first off well done Mr Taylor... about time you won the title... I would like to announce your opponent at the Make Or Break PPV on the 8th of July....

Mr Michael Hunter.....Though in true IIW ways.. On one condition..... That condition is that Michael Hunter does NOT get pinned in a match between now and the PPV! Any issues my good friend IIW Hall of Famer Heat will be happy to help with.