QOTR Semi Finals
MJ vs Solace


{Both women are already in the ring, eyeballing one another from their respective corners. After patting each competitor down to check them for foreign objects, the referee calls for the bell to begin the match.}

Nyssa Laurie: "Ladies and gentlemen we're live on First Class bringing you the first match up of the night between Solace Tatum and Mercedes-Jane. Both women are fighting for the opportunity to advance on to the finals of the Queen Of The Ring tournament."

{Solace and MJ begin circling each other, so much at stake in this match up, with the winner advancing on to the finals of the tournament. Both women are known for their aerial attacks as well as their holds and different uses of each hold, and the match starts off with a collar and elbow tie up between the two, and Tatum having twenty five pounds weight advantage, she pushes MJ into the corner. The referee starts counting and she gets to three before Solace lets go and slowly starts to back up, but Mercedes slaps Solace in the face. Angered by the slap, she quickly rushes over, but Mercedes hangs halfway outside the ring, demanding the referee to stop her and to remember the rules. The referee does proceed to stop Solace, and MJ takes advantage of this and jacks Tatum in the jaw, staggering her back.}

Leana: "What a devastating punch to Solace Tatum. Unfortunately it came from Tatum being held back by the referee, but now Mercedes-Jane has taken control of this match."

{MJ re-enters the ring and delivers an nasty uppercut that drops Solace, and Mercedes quickly goes into the cover but gets a one count. MJ picks up Solace and goes to toss her over the top rope, but Tatum lands on the apron. Mercedes runs towards Tatum, but Tatum uses her own momentum to bring MJ over the top rope and onto the apron herself. The two start trading punches back and forth until Mercedes pushes Solace back, who returns fire with her Sol-Searcher superkick that rocks Mercedes and sends her into a sitting position against the steel post. Tatum claps her hands together, getting the crowd into it before pointing at Mercedes, which then she runs across the apron and goes for a soccer kick, but Mercedes slides back into the ring, causing Solace's foot to crack against the steel post, sending her off the apron to the floor below, grabbing at her leg and ankle. Mercedes sees the danger Tatum is in and immediately exits the ring and grabs her injured leg and starts dragging her to the steel steps. MJ lifts Solace leg up and slams it on the steps. She then does it over and over and over again as the referee count is at six, so Mercedes stops and lifts up Solace into the ring and covers her for a two count. MJ grabs Tatum by the leg and locks in a half Boston Crab submission hold, Solace yelling in pain as the referee checks on her, repeatedly asking if she can continue.}

Nyssa: "Tatum could definitely be in trouble here! Ever since she hurt her leg, Mercedes has been like a shark that smelled blood and has been all over that injured leg. This could be done very shortly if the injury is worse than expected."

Leana: "She could be, but we all know the fighting spirit Solace Tatum has, and I don't see her giving up. Mercedes would have to rip her leg off to get Tatum to quit."

{Mercedes wrenches the hold tight as she keeps screaming at Solace to quit. Solace Tatum has other plans as she pushes herself up and starts crawling towards the ropes. The crowd getting behind her, clapping their hands together to rally her to make it to the ropes, and when she does, there is a loud cheer that follows suit as the referee tells MJ to release the hold before starts counting. When the count gets to four, Mercedes lets go of the hold and exits the ring. She searches under the ring and pulls out a steel chair, re-entering the ring with the weapon. She starts approaching Solace until the ref takes the chair from her. Mercedes gets into the face of the referee, arguing with each other. Because of this, the ref cannot see the remaining two members of "The Coven" running down to the ring, which sees Steph slide into the ring with a steel pipe and her cracking the pipe into Solace's ankle before rolling back out of the ring. Mercedes walks past the referee and picks up the even more hurt Solace Tatum and quickly hits her "No Mercy" swinging reverse STO maneuver. She quickly pushes Solace onto her back and covers her.}

Ref: "1..

{Solace rolls her shoulder up, thus stopping the count and keeps her in the possibility of going to the finals. Mercedes hits the mat and gets back in the referee's face, complaining she's counting too slow. Solace uses the rope to get to her knees as Mercedes grabs ahold of her head. Cassie distracts the referee on the other side of the ring as Steph grips the pipe. Mercedes tells Steph to wack her head off. Steph swings, but Solace ducks and pulls Mercedes in, her head connecting with pipe and lays her out cold. Steph and Cassie are in shock until Solace kicks Steph back and rolls Mercedes up, putting her full weight on her as the referee counts.}

Referee: "1..

{The bell is rung as Solace falls to the mat, holding her knee and the crowd goes absolutely crazy. Solace has advanced on to the finals! No time for celebration as Cassie and Steph enter the ring and jump on Solace. They start kicking her and her injured knee before Steph goes over and gets Mercedes to her knees as she recovers from the steel pipe to the head. She turns around and gets a forearm to the face by Solace, who starts to fight back from the two on one assault. She manages to get the two back as she backs herself into a corner of the ring, not knowing MJ rolled out of the ring and started stalking her. She then pulls Solace down by her feet and Steph and Cassie flip her over as Mercedes drag her down, her legs going past the pole. MJ locks in a figure four with the pole adding more pain to the legs of Solace while Steph and Cassie stomp away at her upper body until more officials rush out and force them to back off. The Coven has struck bad as they back off while EMTs check on Solace Tatum and her knee.}

Leana: "A scary situation has unfolded, ladies and gentlemen. Solace won the match, but we have no idea if she will be one hundred percent heading into next week's match up. More word on her condition when we get it."

A segment opens with a flashy purple and gold graphic displaying the name “Denise DiMarco” fading onto the screen, and then fades away to show the scene; a woman approaching the IIW training facility. While cameras follow her, she takes it upon herself to film everything on her phone as well so it can be used for a future vlog on one of her highly followed social media platforms.

“Oh gosh, guys… here it is. It’s the IIW developmental center. When I told you I was going to show you every detail of my journey in becoming the greatest wrestler ever, I wasn’t kidding ya! Today, we’re like… gonna train and stuff! Then after that, I have a super special surprise for you at the end of the video. My wrestling gear! My manager Tali found the most boojie designer she could on Insta, and got them to make something super cute for me. Let’s head on in!”

Denise pauses the recording for a moment to enter the building, greeted by some of the trainers and staff that were there for her scheduled session. All seems to be going well. The social media influencer rolls into the ring, stretching to make sure she is prepared to go. When she is, she hands her phone over to one of the trainers and tells them to record everything. They seem perplexed, but hits record with a curious brow raised.

Denise runs the ropes a few times; wiping away the non-existent sweat she is working up as she practices the simple task that even most beginners could do without much of an issue, other than...actually entering the ring. When the trainer asks her to lock up with him, she shakes her head and walks over to the other, who is still holding her phone and recording the occurrences. She takes the phone back and gives a thumbs up to the camera. Then she pauses the recording.

“That will be all, thank you so much! Oh, look! My PR manager is here,” she says, pointing over to the entrance to pinpoint an arriving Tali Zora, carrying in a black bag with her. The trainers at this point seem even more than confused. They appear to be completely dumbfounded, as Denise orders Tali to redo her entrance into the building so she is able to get it on video.

She fakes the same surprised look on her face, pointing her out just the same. The trainers look over to the IIW cameras, as they’re wondering if she even realizes that they’re catching everything; even the cuts and breaks in the vlog. Shrugging, they leave her to it and exit the ring to work with someone who is actually there to work on their craft.

“Girl, oh my gooooooosh! The traffic was so bad, I’m sorry that I’m late. But, but, but… I got the gear!” she says, rolling into the ring and handing over the black bag to Denise.

“Guys, she got the gear. I’m like soooooooo excited to show you it,” she grins to the camera, opening the bag and pulling out the top, the bottoms, and boots. The quality is very well-crafted expensive, and that is obvious to anyone with functioning eyesight. “YASSSSSSSSS! Look at it!”

“YASSSSSSSSSSS! It’ll look so good on you, girl!!!!!!!” Tali parrots in a shrill tone.

Denise shows the gold and purple gear to the camera, the glitter details on the logos shimmering underneath the lights in the room. She paints a look of awe on her face to really sell the point that she is impressed by the workmanship of Tali’s contacted designer.

“It’s perfect, really. Send me that designer’s @ on Insta, Tali. I need him to make everything I wear from now on…” she nods, putting the gear back into the bag and zipping it closed for safe keeping. Then, she pauses the recording on her phone.

“Awesome, that’s a wrap. Recording crew,” she says, facing the IIW cameras. “I’ll be filming me trying on the gear at my house a few hours from now. I’ll see you then…” then she turns to Tali. “Tali, I still need a follow up with IIW management about when I’ll be debuting. It needs to coincide with the launch of my collaboration with Fashion Nova for maximum promotion, remember?”

The recording of the IIW camera does a little “up and down” for a nod and Tali nods as well.

We then fade into black.

Addison Andrews vs Anya Shrapova


We come back from commercial break as the camera rotates over to the commentary desk. Where Nyssa Laurie and Leana Wilcox are sitting by.

Leana Wilcox- Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, As tonight has already been an exciting for First Class and the excitement will continue as Addison Andrews gets ready to g one on one with Anya Sharapova.

Nyssa- Thats right Leana and both ladies are looking to bounce back after both taking defeats early in their careers here in First Class. They both have something to gain and I look forward to seeing who is more hungry for their first win.

Leana Wilcox- I couldn't have said it any better, but let's go to Jenny Fletcher for the introductions.

Jenny Fletcher- From Chicago, Illinois she weighs in at 126lbs I give you Addison Andrews!

Bleed American” by Jimmy Eat World hits over the arena as Addison walks out from behind the curtain. She unzips her leather jacket at the top of the stage and skips down the ramp. She tosses her jacket off to the ground before rolling into the ring. She stands up and makes her way over to the ropes, standing on the bottom rope, she leans over the top doing a quick pose to the hard cam before dropping back into the ring. She stands in the corner as she waits on Anya Sharapova.

Jenny Fletcher- From M O S C O W , R U S S I A she weighs in at 140lbs I give you Anya Sharapova!

The lights dim down to a deep red, as the ferocious entrance music booms on the speakers. Met with boos from disdained fans, Anya Sharapova steps onto the stage. She slowly does a spin with her arms outstretched, letting the negative reaction rain in as if she was feeding onto it. Anya then makes her way down the ramp, red and gold leather jack flowing as she struts confidently down to the ring. Up onto the apron, she orders the referee to sit down on the middle rope to make getting inside easier. While inside the ring she does another spin like the one she did on the stage, letting out a cackle to mock the fans that just love to hate her. She goes to her corner and with for referee Lotta Faoina to start the match.

Lotta signals for the bell and the match begins as both ladies circle each other before meeting up in the middle of the ring for a test of strength. Andrews gets the upperhand and works Anya into the corner as she delivers hard shots to the body and then follows up with a standing enzugiri. Andrews picks Anya back up and delivers a suplex in the middle of the ring then transionts to an arm bar. Referee Lotta gets in position to get in view in case Anya taps. As Andrews tries to readjust her position Anya slips out of the hold and follows up with a drop kick to the face of Andrews. Anya quickly runs to the ropes and uses them to help her perform a springboard moonsault connecting with Andrews. Anya drags Andrews to the corner and sits her up on the top turn buckle. Anya tries to perform a huracanrana from the too turnbuckle on Andrews but Andrew keeps her from succeeding sends her landing hard on the ground. Andrews stands up on the top turnbuckle and goes for a shooting star press but Anya put her knees up at the last possible second and immediately gets up and grabs Andrews by her hair and tights and slings her shoulder into the ring post. Andrews stumbles out of the corner and Anya catches her with a running nexlbreaker. Anya picks Andrews up and signals for her signature Soviet Suplex! Anya gracefully lifts her opponent for a northern lights suplex. She lands it with a tip-toed bridge, holding it for the pin count.Referee Lotta gets in positions and counts a to two as Andrews kicks out at the last second and tries to stand back up but Anya hits a vicious DDT in the middle of the ring. Anya lifts Andrews again by her hair and looks into her eyes with vicious intent as she nails Andrews with her finisher H U S H as she locks in the submission and and Andrews taps out.

Anya Sharapova makes the referee hold her hand up as she bask in her own glory.

Jenny Fletcher- Here is your winner by submission Anya Sharapova!

The camera pans to Miss Jolie Vexx walking as rapidly as her heels can carry her toward the outer parking area of the arena. The sharp clicks and clacks of her heels echo loudly on the concrete floor of the loading docks and throughout the immediate area. Nervously and anxiously, a production assistant leads her toward one of the back doors.

Production Assistant: Be ready this isn’t pretty…

Looking confused, Miss Vexx allows him to open the door for her and she walks through as WHOOSH! A large object goes flying past her vision and slams into the garbage bin next to her. The loud clang of metal reverberates in her ears as she winces and then glances down on the prone body of one of the security staff. Immediately hearing more crashing sounds and groans of pain, she looks over and falls into shock at the scene before her.

Jolie Vexx: My God…

Multiple security staff are laid out, bloodied, or crumpled over on the asphalt while others are attempting to restrain and control a hulk of a man. At further glance, she catches the long wisps of platinum blonde dyed hair and other features and realizes it’s a *woman* currently bludgeoning her staff. Specifically, one of the recent signees to IIW, Viktoria Volkova.

Jolie Vexx: Stop! Stop this right now!

She yells as she frantically rushes up to the ongoing brawl. Another guard goes down as a sledgehammer of a fist goes into his jaw. The others finally appear to restrain the enraged woman enough as she curses at them in Russian and continues to fight. More have to rush up to help their co-workers. Looking furious, Miss Vexx locks her eyes on the monstrous woman.

Jolie Vexx: Just what do you think you’re doing Miss Volkova?! First of all, you’re not on the card! Secondly? Assaulting IIW staff isn’t exactly the best way to ingratiate yourself to me or the company at large!

??: Then perhaps the company should treat its guests with proper respect.

Standing off to the side, flanked by four large muscular guards of her own, is a Latina dressed in a sharp, blood red business suit. Walking up to Miss Vexx, the 5’8” woman sizes up the shorter woman with a scrutinizing gaze. While her expression remains mostly neutral, most could easily pick up the ‘I’m not impressed’ aura radiating from the Latina.

Marissa Santos de Ferreira: You already made the mistake of not booking Viktoria in a match despite receiving over a week ago my notice of her intention to fight tonight. Then upon our arrival? Your security staff not only treats Viktoria with -zero- respect, but laid their hands on her.

Marissa nods to the various laid out security.

Marissa Santos de Ferreira: That was their error in judgment.

Miss Vexx gets a furious look and stares hard at Marissa. All the others present go still. Including Viktoria and the security staff who were struggling to contain her. A heavy tension floats in the air as the two women keep their eyes locked. Eventually, Miss Vexx clears her throat, looking measured and unafraid.

Jolie Vexx: Well it seems a night of ‘error in judgment’ then. The staff for not affording you the proper courtesy as guests, you not affording me the proper respect as the leader of this brand, and Viktoria not realizing that non-competitor staff are off limits to assault. As for your request? It was received and unfortunately there was no possibility of changing the card nor adding Miss Volkova to any matches.

Miss Vexx never removes her gaze from Marissa who for the moment gives no reaction at all to the brunette’s words.

Jolie Vexx: Now, you are welcome to come in and enjoy the show from the backstage... -peacefully-. Otherwise? You can get the hell out of my face before I put Viktoria’s contract in the shredder!

Marissa’s guards gasp in shock until her hand immediately rises, silencing them. Viktoria snarls in rage and flings the security staff off her. However, she doesn’t seem to make any move toward Miss Vexx. If anything, she seems to know to let her manager handle the situation as she crosses her massive arms under her bust. Marissa keeps her eyes locked on Miss Vexx, a frigid menace in her expression before one of amusement forms as she turns around.

Marissa Santos de Ferreira: We expect an opponent for Viktoria on the next show. I’d advise not to disappoint us.

Motioning to the group, Marissa walks back toward one of a pair of black Range Rovers. One of the guards rushes forward, opening the door for her as she gets in before she is followed by Viktoria. As the giant beast of a woman gets in, she stares at Miss Vexx with a predatory look before giving a wink. The doors close and the remaining guards file into the two Ranger Rovers. A loud screeching peel of tires is heard as the vehicles race off into the darkness.

Watching it all, Miss Vexx taps her foot on the asphalt. Unfazed mostly by the display but a look of annoyance on her features all the same.

Jolie Vexx: They’re going to be a problem.

Victoria McKenzie vs Lien


We return to commercial break to get set for the next match up as the camera goes to the stage.

Jenny Fletcher: From Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England she weighs in at 275lbs I give you The Biggest, Baddest and Most Beautiful Brit In The Game, Queen Thicctoria Victoria McKenzie!

Victoria smirks as she saunters down to the ring to Little Mix's 'Power', the cocky and plus sized Geordie looks at the fans up and down with a mocking look of contempt; she even gets in the face of a few fans to jaw jack with them before she hops onto the apron and shows off her size by swinging her hips and grinding in a teasing way. Victoria then enters the ring through the middle rope and swaggers around, again showing off her size as she starts to talk trash to the booing fans, giving them the double middle finger or spinning around, bending over and slapping her own rear to show them what she thinks of them. Victoria goes over to her corner and waits for Lien to come out.

Jenny Fletcher: From Sichuan, China (deep within the Jiuzhaigou valley) she weighs in at 128lbs I give you Lien “Crimson Lotus” Xinya!

Entertain You” by Within Temptation plays over the loud speakers as the lights dim to almost complete darkness. Smoke begins to rise up from the center panel of the stage as Lien Xinya stands amongst it, her head down. As the chorus of her music hits, she raises her head and lifts her right hand high into the air, her fingers closing tightly into a fist. She cracks her neck side-to-side as she runs down the ramp and slides into the ring. She runs towards the far ropes, doing a hand stand into the ropes before bouncing back and flipping backwards, landing in the center of the ring and posing for the fans. She was offer to her corner and waits for the match to begin.

Victoria and Lien lock up and Victoria takes the advantage in height, weight and overall power. Victoria pushes Lien to the turnbuckle but she rolls out of it and hits a sliding elbow to Victoria that backs her into the corner followed by stiff kicks to the legs and ribs. Victoria covers up but manages to catch a kick and walks herself out of the corner, throwing Lien down, and follows up with a leg drop on Lien and goes for a quick cover. The referee gets to the position but only manages to count to two as Lien kicks out.

Victoria picks Lien up by her hair but Lien breaks her hold and hits Victoria with with some quick combo punches to the face and body and follows it up with a roundhouse kick sending Victoria stumbling back towards the ropes. Lien rushes towards her and close line herself and Victoria out of the ring. Lien jump right back up and climbs to the top of the turnbuckle and goes for a flying cross body on the outside as Victoria gets up but catches her in mind air and Victoria slings Lien into the crowd. The referee is at the count of five as Victoria slide back in the ring and back out to break up the count. She walks over to the barricade and looks over to grab Lien, but she looks over Lien is not on the floor anymore; instead, she running towards Victoria from the opposite side and spears Victoria right through the barricade. The fans explode in excitement as they chant holy shit repeatedly.

The referee continues the count but rolls out to check on both competitors. After they both give the nod they can continue the referee returns to ring and starts back off at 4 on her count. As both Lien and Victoria stumble to their feet and roll inside the ring. Victoria slings Lien into the corner and goes for a closeline in the corner and successfully squashes Lien in the corner then hits Lien with a German suplex sending her flying across the ring. Victoria picks her back up and performs a sidewalk same. Planting Lien in the middle of the ring. Victoria goes to the top turnbuckle herself and signals to the fans for her finishing move the Tyneside Tsunam. As Victoria launches herself from the top, Lien slides out the way at the last minute; Victoria crashes and burns as she rolls around on the mat in pain. As Victoria tries to get up with one knee still on the mat Lien comes out of nowhere with her finisher The Dragons edge performing a Fold/Running Flipping Neckbreaker as she rolls Victoria up and the referee counts to three.

Jenny Fletcher- Here is your winner by pinfall Lien “Crimson Lotus” Xinya!

Lien celebrates in the ring as Victoria walks up the ramp as the scene cuts dark and goes to another commercial break.

(First Class is a sell out, the place is packed. The crowd is ready - the atmosphere is electric- Mr Loverman by Shabba Ranks starts playing on the PA- The crowd boo immediately - because its none other than VIP Eddie Zam- dressed in a black suit and a mustard shirt. )

Mr Loverman *Shabba*
Mr. Loverman

Woman if a loving yuh looking for yuh buck upon the right man
Loving yuh looking for yuh buck upon the right one
Woman a loving yuh looking for yuh buck upon the right man
Loving yuh looking for yuh buck upon the right one
Because a woman tek a trip she coming from England

To satisfy her soul you know seh she want a man
But is Shabba Ranking she buck upon,
A gwain mek she explode just like a bomb
Every hour , every minute ,and every second♫♫

Ash Quinn : I've heard this before Lena

Lena WIlcox: This has to be the most annoying man in all of IIW. VIP Eddie Zam

(Zam makes it to the ring, microphone in hand and commences)

Zam: Turn that off!! Now u slouches and morons in this crowd tonight are not so happy too see here tonight , is that so-Right? Well Im E- Z ... Eddie Zam and Im the VIP of Professional Wrestling, I am Smooth Roughness in the flesh, The Chilean Dream and soon to be the Moss Side King!! And i dont care if you like that or not.

You hear that Manchester? Moss Side King!

(The crowd boo furiously)

Zam: Now , On this edition of the Thirty Third Degree, we shall continue where we left off at the Pay Per View, and we will all put our hands together and congratulate the one the ONLY - the next IIW Womens Champion of the world and without a doubt the QUEEN of First Class.... La Señorita :


(The crowd are not happy- boos reign supreme)

Lena Wilcox: This evening just gets better and better.

(Notorious by B.I.G plays over the arena as the monitor lights up H.B.I.C. As lighting goes across the letters and a thunder bolt strikes the stage as a little smoke comes out on the stage. Taylor Blazer makes her way out from behind the curtains, with Jason Burns and Jessica Miami coming out, stepping to the side, trying not to be in her way. She poses at the top, showing her muscles, then slowly walks to the ring with a bit of attitude before stepping into the ring. Jason holds the ropes open for her as she steps inside. Jessica Miami gets inside and does a fake wave to the fans as Taylor takes a seat next to Zam and Jason stands off to the side and Miami sits to the opposite side of Eddie.)

Zam: Mamacita Taylor Blazer , you look fantastic - let me just say that!

(Zam stares at her with gusto)

Miami- Thank you Eddie, my bestie is glowing after her mona lisa of a performance against Victoria.

Blazer: You both are so kind especially Eddie always charming me. You idiot fans could learn something from him! Also I know it hurt to see your false Queen Victoria fall to The H.B.I.C. of FC.

Zam: Its always MY pleasure to be near you and in your presence- These fans, these disgusting arrogant fools in Manchester- They just don't know, LOW IQ morons. Señorita, let me start by telling you have much I enjoyed your victory and absolute crushing of that goody two shoe wannabe Queen Vic- I really enjoyed that ... BITCH STOMP!!! Maravillosa!!

Blazer: Ever since that day I was screwed Ive been waiting to deliver a Bitch Stomp like that for quite a while and it was so bloody good to feel her skull underneath my boot.

Zam: You're moving up in this world, destiny awaits, ON TOP is your one and ONLY place.

(Zam grins with pride, the fans are disgusted)

Blazer: Destiny does await me and there is nobody that will stop me from getting what is mine! I am the ratings draw around here and I damn sure outshine everyone else in the ring. That Womens Championship will belong to The H.B.I.C. Taylor Blazer.

Zam: As you say Señorita, I ALWAYS love what you say- Manchester is your oyster, First Class is the definition of The Head Bitch in Charge. Without a doubt - the title is just around the corner for you señorita Taylor- and I WILL make sure that when that moment arrives;when you hold that belt up in the air with your beautiful arms - During that moment, I WILL be ringside and I will make sure no one ,NO ONE messes with your plans!

Blazer:That would be so great for you to be at ringside and celebrate in my honor when that moment come and it better come quickly if I was management.

Zam: You HEAR THAT OSH? You HEAR THAT BOB MITCHELL? The Head Bitch in Charge has spoken.... It better happen - QUICKLY!! Well, Tonight you have a match tesoro, and I think perhaps I can make SURE.................

(Suddenly there is an interruption and "Beautiful Dangerous" plays...}

Vexx: Cut the music!! Wait just a damn minute there you two! I know I'm like shiny brand new here but last time I checked on the bottom of my business card it says Co Gm of First Class. Guess what that means Taylor?

Ash Quinn: The newly announced Co GM of the First Class Show.... Julie Vexx. She's here!!

(Vexx tosses the business card walking part way down the ramp...)

Vexx: "It means I AM THE HEAD BITCH IN CHARGE!!! Sorry to burst your bubble. Like I've said girlie. Now that I'm here things are gonna change. First being respect for this bitch right here. It sounds like the woman before me locked herself in the office and let the kids play in the sandbox. Not any more! As you can see I plan on taking a more active role. As for you lover Man...I hate the fact that I have a pompous ass for a Co GM, why in the blue hell would I want a Latin Sleaze bag smelling up my hall way with Axe body spray? Leave that to the desperate 14 year olds trying to get their first trip to second base. I know I'm supposed to be the sweetheart of First Class but I have to put my Louboutins down at some point and trim the fat. So if I smell Dark Temptation waft down these halls again, I'm gonna put you out on your Dollar Store Antonio Banderas looking ass."

(The crowd pop- Taylor Blazer looks puzzled ... Eddie Zam is furious, Zam goes to speak on the microphone , but its not longer connected to the PA and he is drowned out..... the crowd approve )

Lena Wilcox: Well someone had to burst Eddie Zam and Taylor Blazer's bubble. I love it!

Taylor Blazer vs Robin Vengeance


Nyssa: We have seen a helluva show up til now, Haven’t we Lena?

Lena: Heck yeah! Half of the Queen of the Ring final has been decided plus the last match of the night will set up the match in just two weeks!! Right now though we have Taylor Blazer, “the Head Bitch in Charge” versus “The Bionic” Robin Vengeance!! Let’s get back to the action!!

Notorious by B.I.G hits over the speakers as lightning flashes across HBIC across the IIW Tron. A thunderbolt strikes the stage as a little smoke begins to surround the platform. Taylor whips the curtain aside posing for the crowd as she makes her way to the ring leaning against the corner.

“This Means War” by Avenged Sevenfold replaces Notorious as the LEDs lining the ramp flash with the beat of the snare. The pause in the song hits as the lights go dark and green pyro shoots off from the ring corners. As the lights rise we see Robin in the middle of the ring staring Taylor down.

Announcer: This match is scheduled for one fal!! Weighing in at 150 lbs from Seattle,WA ROBIN VENGEANCE!!! And her opponent weighing in at an impressive 190 pounds from Atlanta GA, she is the Head Bitch in Charge….TAYLOR BLAZER!!!

Lena: Taylor is coming off an impressive win against Victoria in Explosion she should be riding a wave into the match.

Nyssa: Unlike Vengeance who fell in her debut match. Let’s get back to the action.

The two women tie up in the ring, Taylor getting the upper hand whips Robin into the ropes dropping to the mat as Robin stumbles over her bouncing off the far ropes. Robin in a quick comeback is able to knock Taylor to the mat. Taylor gets to a stable position hitting Robin with a group of rabbit punches ending in a back hand spin punch.

Nyssa: Robin is reeling, dropping to one knee. Taylor coming at her to set up something. No a crotch shot from Vengeance!!! Both women are on the mat now. Trust me ladies and gentleman Blazer is in some pain right now!

Robin makes it to her feet first, pulling the bigger Taylor to her knees. Robin smiles to the crowd and executes a perfect Prime Delivery as Taylor tries to regain her feet.

Lena: That should have Taylor reeling but she is standing her ground!

Taylor shoves Robin into the nearby corner mounting the ropes and punching her as the crowd counts the punches. The ref pulls Taylor back as she smiles at the crowd waving as she puts a foot on The Bionic’s throat!! The ref counts and Taylor steps away. Robin drops to the mat as Taylor struts around the ring. Seeing Robin stir she pulls her across the mat slapping an arm lock tying Vengeance up.

Vengeance screams as she wriggles free. Spinning on her cybernetic leg she lands a monstrous kick with her free leg against Taylor’s chest. Taylor stumbles back as Vengeance runs at her knocking her to the ground. A few well placed kicks with the bionic leg has Taylor writhing on the mat. Robin sees an opportunity and goes for a stomp with the cybernetic leg, dropping her foot to the mat just as Taylor rolls away.

Nyssa: I honestly thought that one was over!! That leg could put you right through the mat!

Back in the ring Taylor gets shakily to her feet holding her ribs as Vengeance begins jerking her leg like she is trying to shake out pins and needles. Taylor circles her like a tiger looking for prey. The leg makes loud robotic noises as Taylor runs at Robin. Sizing her up she drops her with a modified stunner!!!

Nyssa: Oh hell!! It’s the Bad Bitch!! I don’t think she’s getting up from that one folks!!

To add insult to the already injured Vengeance, Taylor mounts the turnbuckle dropping a massive flying leg drop on the prone Vengeance.

Taylor rolls off her, screaming into her face, slapping her. Getting no response she grabs the smaller woman’s leg set to end the match. The ref drops to the mat counting….



Vengeance stirs….

And 3!!!

Nyssa: And we have our winner ladies and gentleman! The Head Bitch In Charge Taylor Blazer!!!

Taylor gets off the mat as the ref raises her hand….

We can still hear the rumble of the fans as we head to the dressing room belonging to Junko Souma. Before we even get a glimpse of the former J-Pop idol, we can hear her shouting at someone in Japanese. We're finally greeted with the sight of Junko standing over her trainer, Hideo Chiba, who is seated in a steel folding chair with an annoyed look on his face. Still in her gear, she points at the older man, visibly angry.

Their exchange is translated and shown at the bottom of the screen in bold white text.

Junko Souma: < You said that you were here to watch my match but you did not even stay and celebrate my victory! Instead, you got drunk at the concession stand and signed autographs! You are supposed to support me, teacher! >

He snorts and wipes his nose with his thumb.

Hideo Chiba: < It is hard not to drink when you are being so annoying. Shut up, okay? My head hurts. >

Junko Souma: < How am I supposed to improve and earn respect if my own teacher walks out on me? >

Hideo Chiba: < Do not flatter yourself. I did not come here to celebrate with you. I did not even think you would win. >

Junko Souma: < Then why did you come at all? >

Hideo Chiba: < ...there is a great big fat woman who wrestles here. I wanted to see if she is as big in person as she is on the television. >

Junko glares at Chiba, she knows he is only trying to hurt her with his words. She stands in front of him and pouts. The corner of his mouth twitches, fighting a cruel smile. She sighs, glaring down at him.

Junko Souma: < You dishonor yourself with your words. At least, you must come and meet Jolie Vexx. She has been very good to me since she became the new general manager. >

Chiba stands up and brushes the blonde hair out of his eyes.

Hideo Chiba: < No. >

He walks past her and opens the door which leads out into the backstage area. Junko places her hand on his arm, trying to stop him as he steps out into the open.

Junko Souma: < Teacher, please. She is my friend-- >

He turns around and glares at her.

Hideo Chiba: < I said... NO FRIENDS! >

He yanks his arm free from her hand. He shakes his head with disgust. Drool rolls over his bottom lip and into his goatee. Her face is red with anger and her eyes dart all around, hoping that no one notices the blow-up... but they do.

Hideo Chiba: < Need beer. I am thirsty. >

He turns and walks away from her, eventually becoming lost in the sea of talent and stage crew. Junko stands there with her arms folded, breathing heavily. Before she can follow him or turn and walk away, she's approached from the rear by a familiar face which draws boos from the live crowd.

Anya Sharapova: Wow, that sounded harsh.

Junko turns her head to look at the Russian embodiment of Beauty and Brains. Anya looks in the direction in which Chiba disappeared and then down at Junko, meeting her gaze.

Anya Sharapova: My Japanese is limited, but if I understand correctly... you are looking for a friend, yes? Charity isn't usually my thing but I can see we have... things in common.

She gestures toward Junko's gear.

Anya Sharapova: You like blue, I think blue is... functional.

She smirks.

Anya Sharapova: You clearly have a thing for older men, I find that respectable if your goal is to get rich quick, but I do think you could do much better for yourself.

Junko doesn't understand a word she just said... and if she did, she would be disgusted by the insinuation. Anya leans down, really getting a good look into Junko's eyes.

Anya Sharapova: But our most important similarity? You like winning... and I really... REALLY like winning. So, what do you say, Junko Souma? Shall we be friends?

Junko swallows hard.

Junko Souma: ...fuh-riendu.

Anya nods and extends her hand. Junko looks at the hand and nods, accepting the gesture. The fans boo loudly as Anya smiles evilly. Junko smiles ear to ear, oblivious.

Junko Souma: Fuh-riendu.

Anya pulls her hand away and immediately douses her hands in sanitizer.

Anya Sharapova: Excellent. Let's get to know each other, shall we?

Junko smiles blankly.

Junko Souma: Fuh-riendu.

Anya rolls her eyes and walks away with Junko as the fans boo, knowing full well that Sharapova can't have good intentions in mind. As they vanish into the sea of people who work to make each episode of First Class happen, we fade to black.

QOTR Semi Finals
Katia Fyre vs Junko


We come back from commercial break as the camera rotates over to the commentary desk. Where Nyssa Laurie and Leana Wilcox are sitting by.

Leana Wilcox- Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, and we are just moments away from our Main Event of the evening.

Nyssa Laurie- Indeed we are as we wrap up of The Queen Of The Ring semi-finals. Junko was impressive when she knocked off her opponent Lien and now will face Katia Fyre after she knocked off Victoria last week. Both women are ready to compete and move on to the final round of the tournament.

Leana Wilcox- I know these fans can't wait for the match up to start as this has Match of the year written all over it. Now let's take you down to the ring with Jenny for the introductions.

Jenny Fletcher- From Budapest and weighing in at 129lbs I give you Katia Fyre!

Black fireworks blast on both sides of the stage, A Lion growl is heard; and she appears in the center of the ring as she walks to her corner and waits on Junko.

Jenny Fletcher- Being occupied by HIDEO CHIBA, she weighs in at 115lbs from Shinkiba, Koto City, Japan I give you Junko Souma!

Chiba and Junko come out to Evolution and quickly make their way down the ramp. Junko enters the ring and goes her corner as Chiba stands by ringside.

The match begins and Katia explodes into Junko from behind hitting her in the back of the head. And as Junko falls to the mat Katia grabs the top rope and stomps down on Junko over and over again. The referee pulls Katia back as Junko is under the bottom rope which counts as a rope break. As the referee admonishes Katia, she puts her hands up in an apologetic way, Junko grabs the bottom rope, then the middle rope to start to stand, the referee turns to check on Junko but then Kagome flies across the ring and clotheslines her out of the ring to the floor. Katia follows and pulls Junko up ramming her into the barricade. Chiba starts exchanging words with Katia. The referee motions for Chiba to step back as the Match continues. Katia throws Junko back into the ring poses in front of them fans as she starts to teach her work.

Leana Wilcox- Katia has taken clear control already of this match, Junko needs to find a way to get back in this thing if she wants to advance to the next round of The Queen Of The Ring!

Nyssa- Well Chiba better get Junk back in this match or it’s over with for her dreams as Queen.

Katia pulls Junko up and shoves her into the corner hitting a hard knife edge chop, then another and another before whipping Junko across the ring and running in hitting a cross chop against the corner. Junko holds her chest in pain as the much bigger Katia grabs her, marches her to the center of the ring and hits a Russian leg sweep, she then floats over pulling Junko onto her stomach and locks in a Fujiwara armbar, Junko struggles to the ropes and grabs the bottom rope. Katia is forced to release the hold and steps back; Junko shakes out her arm and looks over at Katia with a shake of her head. Katia shoves the referee out of the way and goes after Junko again, this time though Junko throws her leg up and connects with a hard roundhouse kick to the side of Katia’s head, she stumbles and Junko runs to the ropes, she springs off the middle rope and turns in midair hitting a crossbody landing on Kagome.




Leana- Junko with the comeback here, after Katia got on top and looked like she was going to stay there

Nyssa- Yes indeed what a thrilling comeback victory this would be for Junko.

Junko waits for Katia to get to one knee and hits a pele kick, Katia spins and hits the mat before Junko hits the opposite ropes and jumps up with a baseball slide dropkick sending Katia out of the ring to the floor. Junko then gets up a head of steam and throws herself out of the ring with a tope suicide dive onto Katia. She pops up and gets the crowd to their feet before throwing Katia back into the ring and leaping up onto the apron, she waits for Katia to get up and hits the springboard tornado DDT spiking Katia in the middle of the ring. Junko then hooks her leg and leans back as the referee gets in position to make the count.



Kickout again!

Junko shakes her head and looks over to Chiba who nods his head at her. Junko gets off Katia getting ready for something, she moves around behind Katia and calls for the reverse hurricarana, as she leaps up though and leans back Katia blocks it and instead pulls Junko back up and over her body with a reverse Alabama slam causing her to crash into the mat hard. Katia too falls backwards and breathes heavily after the whirlwind of an attack by Pixie

Nyssa- I think Katia is having trouble with Junkos speed. I think she needs to get her down and hold her there, use her technical ability

Leana- I believe so too Junko has certainly turned her speed up and its effecting Katia.

Katia slides down and locks Junko into a front face lock holding tight with her arm hooked, Junko tries to fight up to a vertical base, but Katia slams her forearm onto Junkos back over and over before hooking her arm over her head and hitting a snap suplex. Katia floats over and then starts to hit hard elbows down onto the fan favorite. She covers up but Katia keeps hitting them over and over again before she gets to her feet pulling Junko up, she grabs her arms, twists them around and trips Junko up slamming her down and then locks in the cross face. The straight jacket cross face is locked in, Junko screams in pain as Katia wrenches back over and over again. Katia screams “Tap” over and over again, Junko though shows some incredible determination wriggling her body forward and sideways before rolling from the ring forcing Katia to break the hold as she’s caught in the ropes. Junko lands hard outside the ring and coughs trying to suck in air.

Chiba rushes to her side to check on her before helping her up to her feet. The referee motions for Chiba to get out the way as the match continues.

Katia moves to the floor and runs at Junko going for a clothesline, Junko runs under it and jumps onto the steel steps before backflipping off with a moonsault onto Katia on the floor. She lands on her feet and as Katia goes to get up Junko runs and jumps onto the ring apron jumping off with a hurricarana on the floor. Katia rolls across the outside of the ring, Junko yells and gets the crowd behind her again, she grabs Katia sliding her into the ring. Katia crawls away and as she gets up. Junko’s flies forward with a shotgun dropkick. Katia’s flies back into the corner and hits hard, as she rolls out Junko hits the ropes with another springboard moonsault this time hitting Katia in the midsection. Junko stands up and signals for her finisher the JNK driver, Junko picks Katia up and delivers the maneuver with perfection as she hooks the leg.





The referee raises Junkos hand in victory as Chiba walks off without any acknowledgement to Junkos victory. The camera cuts back to the commentary table.

Nyssa- What a great match both of these ladies just put on here tonight. Junko and Katia just stole the show and maybe just won MOTY with that one.

Leana- I couldn’t agree more after that performance both ladies should be proud but congratulations to Junko for advancing to the finals of The QOTR where she will face Solace Tatum next week where the winner will be crowed Queen of First Class. That’s all for tonight folks will see you next week again on IIW First Class on Netflix.

The camera follows Robin through the backstage area as she makes her way to the locker room. She turns the corner coming face to face with Katia and almost runs right into her. “Excuse me.” Robin says with a large smile, then steps around Katia and continues on her way. She takes a few steps and stumbles a bit, tripping over her own two feet. Katia chuckles at Robin's clumsiness as does Robin but as she turns around to continue on her way she finds herself stuck. A red light glowing dimly behind her left eye. ”You okay?” Katia asks and as she finishes her question Robin wheels around and begins walking back towards her. The red light now glowing brightly. “I’m fine.” Robin replies and proceeds to deliver a big boot to Katias face. “Funny isn’t it?” She says with a demented smile on her face. Katia scurries to get back to her feet but Robin is on her immediately and delivers a kick to her ribs. Katia is flipped over on her back by the force of the metal punt she just received to the midsection. She grabs her torso but Robin continues the flurry of attacks by stomping her chest repeatedly before reaching down and grabbing Katia by the back of the neck and bringing her face close to hers. “Don’t laugh at me.…. Ever.” Robin growls then shoves her face away and storms off down the hallway.