AUGUST 4TH, 2021

Pyro shoots off all over the arena as the First Class logo flashes on the IIW Tron. Chants of “We want Vexx” echo through the building along with cheers for many of the ladies. The commentators make their way to the table….

Nyssa: Welcome Ladies and Gentleman to another edition of IIW’s premiere event, First Class!!

Jolie: We have a heck of a card tonight. Up and down. We have the opening matches to see who will be in the running to win the new Evolution Title as well as the final match of the Queen of the Ring!! It's a special Queen’s Coronation Match!! The Queen Mum is in attendance to present the crown and contract to the winner.

From up in the lighted Queen’s box we see the Monarch herself waving. The spotlights running over the stairs leading up to the box and to the ring itself.

Nyssa: It looks like we have a message from our GM. After what happened earlier today I’m not surprised.

“Beautiful Dangerous” by Slash hits over the PA and Miss Jolie Vexx strides to the ring as the crowd roars!! Stepping into the ring in a smart grey pant suit, she calls for a mic.

Vexx: Hey y’all it’s great to be back. We have an action packed night as you just heard so I won’t keep you long. The matches tonight all qualify the winners into the match at our next PPV for the brand new Evolution Title!!

Vexx pulls a purple velvet cover off a glass box containing the brand new pink and black title. gesturing for two security personnel to take it back to her office.

Vexx: The Battle of the Victoria’s is up first enjoy the show folks!!

“Beautiful Dangerous” begins again as Vexx makes her way down the metal stairs. Vexx looks up the ramp as “Resist and Disorder” begins to play. Vexx and Viktoria’s manager Marissa Santos de Ferreira lock eyes, both with cold stares as Vexx brushes past.

“ This match is scheduled for one fall. It is a qualifier for the Evolution Championship Match!!

Making her way to the ring accompanied by her manager Marissa Santos de Ferreira… Viktoria Volkova!!”

Both ladies stride to the ring Viktoria cracking her knuckles as Marrisa scans the arena. The larger woman steps into the ring as her manager paces ringside.

“And her opponent making her way to the ring, Queen Thicctoria herself, Victoria McKensie!!”

“Power” by Lil Mix booms over the PA as Victoria makes her way to the ring. Her eyes widen as she sees the massive woman in the ring. Stepping in the ring she raises her fist and the crowd cheers.

The cheering is immediately cut short as the monstrous Russian flips Victoria into the air with a powerful clothesline. Before the Brit can blink she is kissing the canvas.

Nyssa: Damn that huge bitch is gonna kill our beloved Brit. This is going to be a slobber knocker!!

Leana: Judging by what she did to the producer before the show, we may need a stretcher sooner than later. Wait did you just say slobber knocker??

Nyssa: Yeah I’m bringing it back! It’s ours now!

Back in the ring the Brit has regained her feet and bounces off the ropes trying to build momentum. She grabs the Russian trying her best to whip her around but the giant does not move. She instead goes for kicks to the Russian’s legs trying to take out her base. Putting everything she has into it the Russian leans to one side.

Ringside the Mexican roars in Spanish smacking the mat. She screams even louder. “End this bitch!” Volkova nods, bellowing.

Trying to regain her full bearings, Viktoria grabs the ropes pulling herself up. Before she can get fully upright, Victoria hits her in the jaw with a super kick!! The Russian staggers back reeling as her manager screams in Spanish. Victoria goes for a spear trying to get the monster off her feet.

Nyssa: Oh my God Spear! Anyone else would be laid out on the mat. All this did was knock Viktoria into the corner and piss her off!!

Leana: Someone get the medics on speed dial!! She looks ready to explode!!!

The turnbuckles and ropes groan as the Russian flys back into the corner. Before the Russian can move too far Victoria rushes at her pounding her fists into the Russian’s meaty head and body. The ref pulls her off as she screams. Before Vic can do anything else Viktoria stands grabbing the smaller brit and launching her across the ring!

Victoria rolls to a stop, barely moving. The bigger woman picks her up like a rag doll and begins to slam her to the mat with german suplex after German suplex.

The crowd boos as Victoria is thrown all over the ring.

Nyssa: Holy baby Jesus!! It’s the 900 days!!

The massive Russian drops her to the mat and smiles strutting around the ring. Her mysterious manager gives her some kind of signal as she turns around. Victoria is gone!!

Running out of the corner the smaller Brit mounts the top rope and executes a perfect top rope splash!

Nyssa: She’s not down yet folks. That was a Tyneside Tsunami!

Knocking Viktoria to a knee the Brit pounds her over and over, getting her all the way down as the ring shakes. Victoria bounces off the ropes and drops her leg across the Russian’s throat.

Victoria, desperate now, goes for a pin near the top side of the ring…



De La Renta places the Russian’s leg on the ropes and the ref stops the count pointing to the leg. Victoria buries her face in her hands. What does she have to do?? Standing up she goes to bounce off the ropes as De La Renta grabs her ankle, tripping her mid move.

The Mexican backs up raising her hands as the ref gestures her way. Looking around, feigning innocence out of the corner of the camera, a woman dressed all in black rises from the front row locking eyes with the Mexican. Her eyes go wide as the mysterious figure steps over the barrier and walks slowly toward her. Shaking her head she high tails it around the corner of the ring.

Leana: I don’t know who that woman is Nyssa but evidently she does! She has her scared and running like a rabbit!

Viktoria notices the new comer and in a desperate attempt to help her handler she nails a winded Victoria with her patent pending T-90!!

She covers the spent Brit as the ref counts





The Russian behemoth roars as she regains her feet and focuses her attention on the newcomer pursuing her boss. She stomps making her way out of the ring as the supports give way and the ring drops to the floor!!

Reaching out for the pale woman Viktoria stops dead in her tracks as “Beautiful Dangerous echoes throughout the building.

Nyssa: Vexx to the rescue!! This cluster fuck has to have something to do with the destruction earlier tonight.

Vexx: All right I’ve had enough you two!! First it’s my security, then my production crew!! Now you’ve destroyed my ring!! That’s the last goddamn straw!! Viktoria I’m fining you 100 thousand dollars and if you ever assault anyone affiliated with my brand I will tear up your contract and put you and your ugly ass Pablo Escobar wanna be manager out on your asses and in handcuffs back to Mexico!!

The Mexican shrieks, making a run at the GM. The pale woman sticks out an arm blocking her from moving any further. Viktoria is held back by half of the police force of the city, teeth clenched.

Vexx: I thought you might recognize my new friend. A mutual federal Agent friend of ours gave me her number. A Moussad agent you captured and tortured so many years ago. Removing her tongue and leaving her for dead wasn’t enough to put her down. I know you remember Porcelain!!!

The pale woman’s eyes gleam as she grabs the Mexican dragging her up the ramp.

Nyssa: Well um, your winner and moving on to the Evo Championship Match Viktoria Volkova!! Someone get out here and fix this ring!

The feed cuts to a commercial….

We return from commercial break as the next match up is about to begin.

Nyssa: Making her way to the ring she weighs in at 128lbs from Sichuan, China (deep within the Jiuzhaigou valley) Lien “Crimson Lotus” Xinya!

Entertain You” by Within Temptation plays over the loud speakers as the lights dim to almost complete darkness. Smoke begins to rise up from the center panel of the stage as Lien Xinya stands amongst it, her head down. As the chorus of her music hits, she raises her head and lifts her right hand high into the air, her fingers closing tightly into a fist. She cracks her neck side-to-side as she runs down the ramp and slides into the ring. She runs towards the far ropes, doing a hand stand into the ropes before bouncing back and flipping backwards, landing in the center of the ring and posing for the fans.

Leana: Lien was very impressive last week as she got a victory over former Womens Champion Victoria McKenzie. Don't you agree General Manager?

Vexx: Yes Lien has been an incredible talent to the First Class Womens division but her next opportunity has been here since the beginning and is no push over.

Nyssa: She weighs in at 115lbs from Your imagination. Steph

The lights in the arena begin to flicker, before the intro of the Phantoms version of “You are my Sunshine” begins to play over the speakers... A strobe lighting effect gives the impression that somebody is darting around, up and down the aisle very fast before all the lights cut out and one solo spotlight stops on Steph, stood at the top of the ramp in a very feminine pose.

She begins to walk down the aisle in almost complete darkness, except for the spotlight following her, as she climbs the steps to the ring, between the ropes then up onto the turnbuckle as the music fades and the houselights return slowly...

The Bell Rings And The Two Competitors Rush To The Center Of The Ring. Then Begin Throwing Swings, Clubbing Each Other With Blows In Unison! A Super Live Right Hand Catches Steph In The Temple, Sending her Staggering Back!she Stops For A Moment To Press A Hand Against It And Check For Damages, Before Rushing Lien Again In A Slight Rage! She Goes For A Lariat, But Lien Ducks Underneath, Catching Steph With A Kick To The Knee That Sends Her Doubling Over! Lien Runs The Ropes, and hits a perfect hurricanrana and goes for a quick cover.



Kick Out By Steph! Lien Smacks The Mat In Frustration. She Gets Up And Immediately Heads For The Ropes Before Attempting a moonsault from the top, But Steph Dodges! And Lien hits the mat hard. Steph follows up Hitting Lien With A springboard elbow drop crashing down hard on Lien and goes for the cover.



Kick Out By Lien! And she Is Back On her feet as the crowd gets behind her. Steph slings her into the ropes and looks for a closeline but Lien ducks and hits a super kick right on the chin of Steph. Steph hits the mat hard and Lien gets to the tope rope and waits for Steph to get back to her feet and hits a missile drop kick on Steph and Lien goes for the cover.



Kick Out By Steph again! Lien Gets her up, Going For a DDt! But Steph counters it with a people kick. Steph signals for The Sunny Daze as Steph goes for the finisher Lien turns it around on Steph and hits her with a strong right to the head before delivering a roundhouse kick and then a knee to the face. Steph staggers back and tries to regain her momentum as she charges back at Lien but Steph gets caught by Lien with The DRAGONS EDGE! Hitting Steph with a vicious running Neckbreaker and then Lien goes for the cover.



THRE... Now Steph licks out the the last minute and this restless crowd in the arena has come unglued. Steph sits up and looks Lien in here eyes and charges at her and hits a running knee to the face followed by a snapped DDT. Steph throws herself against the roots for momentum as she hits a running moonsault on Lien. Steph sets up Lien for the Sunny Daze” again and this time hits it on the middle of the ring. The referee gets in position to make the count.





Nyssa: Here is your winner by pinfall and moving on to The Evolution Championship Match Steph

Steph celebrates in the ring as Lien rolls out and heads up the ramp and we got to commercial break.

We return to commercial break to the entrance of Anya Sharapova.

Nyssa: Ladies and gentlemen making her way to the ring she weighs in at 140lbs from M O S C O W , R U S S I A I give you Anya Sharapova!

The lights dim down to a deep red, as the ferocious entrance music booms on the speakers. Met with boos from disdained fans, Anya Sharapova steps onto the stage. She slowly does a spin with her arms outstretched, letting the negative reaction rain in as if she was feeding onto it. Anya then makes her way down the ramp, red and gold leather jack flowing as she struts confidently down to the ring. Up onto the apron, she orders the referee to sit down on the middle rope to make getting inside easier. While inside the ring she does another spin like the one she did on the stage, letting out a cackle to mock the fans that just love to hate her. She walked over to the corner and waits for her opponent.

Nyssa: Making her way to the ring she weighs in at 129lbs from Budapest Katia Fyre!

Black fireworks blast on each side of the ramp as a , Lion growl is heard; and Katia appears in the center of the ring staring down Anya as she walks to her corner.

The match begins as Anya and Katia lock up in the middle of the ring. Katia takes advantage and backs Anya up into the corner. Katia acts like she's going to back away but instead delivers a hard elbow to the face of Anya then throws her down to the mat with a hip toss. Katia hits a springboard moonsault from the middle turnbuckle and lands perfectly on Anya and goes for the pin.



Anya gets her shoulder up and the match continues as Katia picks Anya up by her hair and slams her face into the mat. Katia follows up with an elbow drop to the back of Anya. Katia continues her assault as she locks in a boston crab stretching the back of Anya out as she cries out in pain. Katia tries to bring Anya to the center of the ring but Anya fights her way to the ropes forcing the referee to have Katia break the hold.

Leana: This has been a dominating performance by Katia here tonight. Making her mark on the Womens Divison.

Vexx: Yes Katia has all the potential to be a future Womens Champion around here.

We return to the action and Katia has Anya in the air as she hits a snap suplex followed up by a quick pin but Anya kicks out again. Anya gets up quickly and hits Katia with a closeline then does a standing foot stomp to the chest of Katia. Anya picks her up looking for her finisher S O V I E T S U P L E X!... But Katia lands on her feet and hits a reverse Diamond cutter on Anya. As Anya lays put in the middle of the ring Katia climbs to the top rope and hits Kat Scratch(Twisted Bliss) right on Anya and hooks the leg and the referee gets in position for the count.





Nyssa: Here is your winner and moving on to the Evolution Championship Match at Up In Smoke Katia Frye!

Katia stands in the middle of the ring and poses as the light flicker on and off and when they go back to normal she is gone and the scene goes to commercial break.


Nyssa - What a show we have had so far.

Leana - Our next match is sure to be explosive as well. 3 woman all looking to make a statement and move to the next round of the title tournament.

Nyssa - They all want the Evolution title and I don't blame them one bit.

This Means War by Avenge Sevenfold hits and leds lining the ramp flash with every beat of the snare. The pause in the intro hits and the lights and screens go out leaving the arena in pitch black. As it drops again green pyro pops from the corners as the lights come back up revealing Robin standing in the middle of the ring. She raises her arms in the air and stomps the mat with her prosthesis. Then bounces off the ropes a couple times before going to her corner and waiting for the match to begin.

Nyssa - Robin is out first looking ready to go to war.

Leana - She needs to be Mike a lot is riding on this match tonight.

The lights of the arena shut off all at once as the opening riff of "Demon" by Sleigh Bells start to play. On the jumbotron, a video montage of Beryl Weir competing in various bareknuckle brawling contests play, including her getting a few shots in. The montage ends on a close-up of her face, nose bloody. Just as the drums start to kick in, she cracks a smile, blood pooling from her mouth for just a moment before cutting to her name logo. The lights also pop on, revealing the Cannonball standing on the top of the entrance ramp, leather jacket on and swinging her long twin braids with a sadistic grin on her face. She starts to storm down the ramp, eyes locked on the ring. She slides in and makes her way to a corner. She hangs up her jacket and pulls out her brand mouthguard from the pocket of her jacket. She turns and starts to stretch out in the corner, eyes locked on her opponent/on the entrance ramp as she waits for the competition.

Nyssa - I don't want to he the one who gets punched by Beryl.

Leana - Bare knuckle boxers are tough as nails I don't envy Robin or Denise's position tonight.

Denise DiMarcos music hits the lights in the arena are flashing. Denise walks out onto the ramp with Tali Zora. The woman pose than make their way to the ring.

Leana - Here we go Mike. These woman are ready.

Nyssa - I'm glad we aren't in there with them someone could get hurt.

Leana - Especially with it being No DQ.

The 3 women are standing across the ring from one another as the ref calls for the bell. Robin fires across the ring kicking Beryl. Robin sweeps the leg taking beryl to the may laying in punches. Denise pulls Robin off and hits a German suplex, Denise stands up stomping Beryl in the gut. Denise turns back to Robin who is getting to her feet, Denise attempts a clothes line but Robin ducks and throws an elbow to Denise's back. Robin throws Denise into the ropes she bounces off and eats a big boot to the back of the head. Denise falls through the ropes to the outside. Robin hypes the crowd a bit. Beryl is back on her feet sneaking up behind Robin. Beryl spins Robin kicks her in the gut than connects with a picture perfect face buster Beryl immediately goes for the cover.


Kick out

Beryl slaps the mat in anger as Robin slides out from under Beryl tries to syand up as Denise grabs her foot and pulls her out of the ring. Denise grabs Robin and whips her into the ring steps sending her to the ground hard. Beryl runs back against the ropes than across the ring diving over the top rope onto Denise.

Larry - OMG what a high risk move. That looked like a car wreck.

Beryl stands up walks over to Robin picking her up and rolling her into the ring. Beryl climbs onto the apron than up to the top rope, Robin jumps up hitting the ropes causing Beryl to slip and fall straight down onto the ropes. Robin stands up laying a lunch in, Robin climbs to the top rope picking up Beryl. Robin smiles than jumps wrapping her legs around the neck of Beryl with a hurracanrana. Robin springs up making the cover.



Denise dives in from under the middle rope breaking the pin.

Nyssa - I though it was over for sure. Denise just made a huge save.

Leana - That was a crucial save by Denise.

Nyssa - These 3 woman are really putting it all on the line tonight. They want that win and to advance in the tournament.

Denise picks up Robin and fires her into the corner. Denise runs full speed with a huge clothesline dropping Robin to her butt. Denise picks up Beryl than sends her flying into the corner as well. Beryls knee connects with Robin and her chest hits the corner hard. Both women are down Denise walks to the other corner and begins to untie the turnbuckle pad. She takes it off throwing it to the outside. Denise walks over and picks up Robin she attempts to whip Robin to the corner. Robin reverses attempting to whip Denise. Denise puts her foot up stopping herself from hitting the exposed turnbuckle. Robin drops to her knees hitting a fireman's carry to Denise. Robin rolls over keeping Denise on her shoulders standing up. Beryl out of nowhere throws a dropkick sending both women to the mat. Denise rolls out of the ring while Beryl picks up Robin. Robin smacks her arms away grabs her head using a DDT. Robin goes for the cover but before the ref can count Denise slides into the ring with a chair. She stands up holding the chair than brings its down with all her might across the back of Robin. Robin screams rolling out of the ring. Denise drops the chair picks up Beryl than calls for the Fame Maker.

Nyssa - Denise is calling for for end it's Fame Maker time.

Denise runs back to hit the ropes to build speed to hit the Fame Maker but Robin jumps up pulling the top rope down causing Denise to flip out of the ring. Robin immediately slides into the ring. Robin grabs Beryl puts her head in between her legs holding her arms out. She grabs Beryls hips flipping her over her should holding both arms than slamming her into the mat.

Leana - Fame and Glory. It's all over all that's left is the pin now.

Robin stands looking to see where Denise is. Denise is laying outside the ring not moving. Robin smiles and slowly walks over kneels down and pins Beryl.



Denise jumps up climbs to the top rope diving off dripping an elbow to the back to Robin's head.

Mine Fisher - Denise was playing possum the whole time. Waiting did the right moment to strike.

Leana - Robin took to long to make the cover. Denise took full advantage.

Denise grabs Robin whipping her to the exposed turnbuckle. Robin hits hard grabs her back falling to the mat. Beryl is starting to stir, Denise hits the ropes fires off them delivering The Fame Maker. Immediately goes for the cover.





The ref calls for the bell.

Nyssa - Denise DiMarco has done it she beat 2 other woman to advance in the tournament.

Leana - What a win for her here to night this is a huge moment and could turn the tides of the woman's division.

Nyssa - Denise DiMarco definitely made a name for herself to tonight. She is one to keep your eyes on now.

A video package of the “Queen of the Ring” tournament is shown, showcasing just how we got down to the final two competitors. The camera panned around the sold-out crowd before cutting to Jolie Vexx in her private suite, a pedestal in front of her with a diamond-encrusted crown before her.

Nyssa: Are you ready for our Main Event, Leana?

Leana: More than ready, Nyssa!

Nyssa: It’s going to be interesting to see what happens tonight; neither woman having suffered a single defeat since making their IIW debut.

Leana: It’s too close to call, that’s for sure. But you have to wonder if Solace Tatum is 100% after that Coven beat down.

“Evolution (Pop Remix)” by Ayumi Hamasaki plays over the loud speakers as Junko Souma blazed from behind the curtain and out onto the stage, rushing from one side to the other, looking out at her adoring fans.

Nyssa: The following match is a “Queen’s Coronation Match”. The only way to win is to ascend the staircase and to take the crown from off the pedestal. Making her way to the ring at this time, standing at five-feet and weighing in at one-hundred-and-fifteen pounds, hailing from Shinkiba, Koto City, Japan… Junko… Souma!!!

Junko saluted the fans as they cheered on one of the new fan favorites. Hideo Chiba appeared on the stage, somewhat annoyed, as he motioned for his protégé to return to his side as she reluctantly agreed.

Nyssa: I really don’t understand the dynamic between these two.

Leana: Hideo is a renowned Deathmatch wrestler from Japan; he’s only trying to mold Junko into a fighter.

Hideo gave her a few words of “encouragement” as Junko solemnly nodded her head in understanding. Nevertheless, Souma managed to sneak in a few high-fives with the fans in the front row before rolling into the ring, bouncing up and down as she waited for her opponent.

The camera reset onto the stage as "Black Sheep" by Brie Larson began to play, purple lights suddenly flashing around the arena. "The Quiet Storm" Solace Tatum made her way out to a large pop from the audience, as they watched her descend down the ramp with an unrelenting focus in her eyes.

Nyssa: And her opponent, standing at five-feet-seven and weighing in at one-hundred-and-thirty-five pounds, from Beijing, China… Solace… Tatum!!!

Nyssa: I know she’s known as the “Quiet Storm”, but there’s nothing “quiet” about the impact Solace has had here at First Class.

Leana: Both ladies are clear fan favorites; it’ll be interesting to see who the fans cheer for here.

Her hair was wet with the water she had doused from her water bottle prior to making her entrance, and the lightning bolts seem to blink along with the lights as the bright strobes behind her reach around her moving body to light up her white/purple tights. She was a walking hurricane, determined to make a name for herself as she picked up the pace and slid into the ring. She grabbed the ropes to stretch against their pull, her dark purple boots firmly planted on the IIW ring mat to counter the rope's resistance as she prepared for the coming contest.

The referee went over the rules with the two competitors as they nodded their heads in understanding. They shook hands briefly before backing away, the bell ringing – indicating this Main Event officially underway. Junko and Solace circled around each other, as Souma quickly went in for a sliding takedown. Tatum expected as much, quickly dodging out of the way as Junko grabbed nothing but air. Souma knelt on the mat looking over at Solace as Tatum simply smirked at her, waving a finger in her direction as if to tell her “nuh-uh, not this time”.

Nyssa: A little surprising that Junko would go straight for that wounded leg of Solace.

Leana: It’s what fighters do, Nyssa. Junko has to smell blood in the water and if that leg is less than one-hundred-percent, you better believe that she’ll use it to her advantage.

Hideo yelled something at Junko as she rushed in again, this time diving at Solace’s leg with a Single Leg Takedown attempt. Tatum merely flipped over Souma, easily landing on her feet as she raised her arms out, the crowd cheering.

Nyssa: Looks like Solace’s leg is fine, Leana.

Leana: Or maybe, that’s what she wants us to think.

Junko seemed to become uncharacteristically frustrated as she slammed her hand on the mat. She pushed herself up and turned to face Solace, who lifted her leg up, extending it out and offering it to Souma. Junko eyed up Tatum suspiciously as Solace simply pointed to it, giving her a “free try”.

Nyssa: Some psychological warfare going on here, perhaps?

Leana: Or is Solace simply baiting Junko?

Souma moved forward, cautiously, as Solace waited for her opponent to get into striking distance. Hesitantly, Junko reached out and grabbed a hold of Tatum’s leg. The moment she did, Solace leapt up into the air and hit her with an Enziguri right into the side of Junko’s temple. Souma staggered towards the ropes as Tatum pushed herself up, rushing in and laying into Junko as she tried to cover up. The referee had to get in-between the two and force Solace away as Souma fell to a knee, her mentor approaching her on the outside.

Nyssa: Not sure what the game plan is here for Junko, but this doesn’t seem like her typical style.

Leana: Obviously, Hideo must know something we don’t.

Chiba hopped up onto the apron and began giving Junko more instructions as the referee went over and began to admonish him for getting too close to the action. Souma stumbled up and turned to see her opponent charging at her. Junko sidestepped, using Solace’s momentum against her and sending her into the ropes. Tatum, however, used the extra shove to her advantage as she slammed shoulder-first into the gut of Hideo, slamming him down hard to the outside with a Suicide Spear!

Nyssa: Well, that’s one way to remove Hideo from this match!

The fans began chanting “Holy Shit” as Solace pushed herself up, a smirk on her face. Her smile quickly faded as she turned just in time to see Junko come crashing down onto her with a Tope Con Hilo!

Leana: And now Junko takes to the air!

Souma briefly checked on her manager before focusing back on Solace, pulling her up by her hair. Junko dragged Solace over to the nearby ring steps, positioning her own back to them. Grabbing a hold of Solace, Junko quickly flipped her opponent over onto the steel ring steps, slamming Tatum down with a Snap Suplex! Most of Solace’s body missed the steel, but her legs weren’t quite so lucky.

Nyssa: It appears that Hideo’s game plan was for Junko to cripple Solace here!

Tatum grabbed at her injured leg as the fans began to boo Souma’s actions, something that seemed to give Junko pause.

Leana: Cleary the fans not liking Junko using Solace’s bad leg as a crutch in this match.

Nyssa: It’s all about who wants to be “Queen of the Ring”, Leana!

Souma pulled Solace back up once more, this time bringing her around the ring and to the announcer’s table. Leana and Nyssa began to clear out of the way as Junko slammed Tatum face-first down onto it. Souma caught Solace across the face with a few Forearm Strikes that dazed her and sent her across the table. Junko than jumped up onto the table, pulling Tatum up with her. She kicked Solace, doubling her over as she started to set her up for the “JNK Driver” (Ki Krusher '99). Realizing the danger she was in, Tatum managed to escape the hold as she spun out of it and leapt into the air, looking for her own finisher – the “Tatum Bomb” (RKO)! Souma had it scouted however, pushing Solace off of her after she had leapt into the air, sending Tatum crashing down off the announce table to the outside, Solace’s leg hitting off the ringside barricade!

Tatum screamed out in pain again as Junko dropped off the announce table, her gaze going towards the steps that would lead her to her crown. Hideo cut her off though, screaming at her to “finish off” Solace first. Souma looked down at the wounded competitor, thinking twice of it but Chiba was right in her face. Junko said something to him which seemed to get him to back off as she went back to work on her opponent, pulling Tatum up once again.

Leana: Just once I’d like to see them not destroy our announce table.

Nyssa: I mean, at least they didn’t break it…?

Souma pulled Solace up, spinning her around as she went for the “Bloody Rainmaker” (Ripcord Lariat) but Tatum managed to duck under the blow. Solace ran towards the apron, leaping up onto it and flipping back towards Junko just as she turned around. Tatum landed on Souma’s shoulders, before spinning around and dropping her face-first onto the floor with a Springboard Moonsault Tornado DDT!

Leana: What a move by Solace!

Nyssa: This might give her the break that she needs!

Both women recovered on the outside as the fans cheered on both competitors. Hideo continued to yell orders at Junko, getting so close to his pupil that the referee warned him to not interfere.

Leana: Hideo better be careful he doesn’t get Junko disqualified here!

Nyssa: Can that even happen in a “Queen’s Coronation Match”?

Solace worked her way up first, pulling Souma with her. Tatum rolled Junko into the ring and climbed up onto the apron, ascending to the top rope. Chiba began shouting at Solace, distracting her enough that Souma was able to recover and rush to cut her off. Junko jumped up onto the second rope, bouncing towards her opponent, catching the unsuspecting Tatum with a Springboard Knee Strike! Solace fell onto the turnbuckle, crotching herself up on top as Souma began to climb up, looking to take advantage.

Leana: This is turning out to be a handicap match!

Junko leapt up onto Solace’s shoulders, attempting to flip her off with a Hurricanrana but Tatum remained seated on the top rope, holding onto the ropes so she wouldn’t be slammed to the mat. Souma remained in a precarious position as Solace managed to slip Junko’s legs off of her shoulders and tie her up on the top rope. Quickly, Tatum got up and leapt off, driving both her feet into the chest of Souma with a devastating Tree of Woe Double Stomp!

Nyssa: I don’t know if I’ve ever see anything like that!

Another “Holy Shit” chant broke out as Junko lay at the base of the turnbuckle, clutching at her chest as her manager leaned onto the apron, checking on her. Solace rolled off to the side, flexing her injured leg as she turned her gaze to the stairwell. Realizing that this was her chance, Tatum rolled out of the ring and started to make her way up the stairs, only to realize that she was stuck. Turning around, she saw that Hideo had crawled under the ring and was hiding underneath it, tangling her foot up in his grip.

Leana: I’d like to say that it’s good to finally see Hideo doing something to help Junko, but this isn’t exactly what I had in mind.

Solace tried to pull her ankle free but to no avail as she looked up, seeing Souma bounce off the opposite set ropes. Before she could react, Junko launched herself through the second rope, colliding into Tatum and knocking her down with a Suicide Dive!

Nyssa: If Junko picks up this victory, she might as well give the crown to Hideo at this point!

Souma bounced up excitedly, before she saw Chiba crawl out from under the ring apron. Realizing what had happened; the two began arguing on the outside as Solace used the time to recover. Having argued long enough, Junko began to turn away from Hideo only for her manager to grab her wrist and spin her back towards him. Just as it looked the teacher and pupil might come to blows, Chiba suddenly threw her to the side as Solace lunged at the pair, damn-near kicking his teeth down his throat with the “Sol-Searcher” (Superkick)!

Leana: “Sol-Searcher” by Solace!

Nyssa: Tatum came flying in like she had been shot out of a canon; how did Hideo even see her coming!?

Leana: He definitely took one for the team there, Nyssa!

Solace looked down at Hideo before turning to see Junko trying to scamper up the stairwell. Tatum followed in pursuit, leaping forward and grabbing Junko’s ankle, tripping her up as she fell onto the stairs, slamming her chin down hard. Souma turned and tried to kick Solace away but there was no relenting as Tatum was able to mount Junko and lay into her with a flurry of punches. Souma did her best to cover up but there was very little she could do to stop the onslaught. Realizing she had only one option, Junko wrapped her arms around Solace and tilted her body, taking both her and Tatum rolling down the staircase! The two, entangled in each other’s grip, took equal turns bouncing off each step before they finally crashed at the bottom! Both women writhed around in pain as the fans continued to cheer them on.

Nyssa: Not sure how much more either of these women can take, Leana!

Jolie Vexx stood atop the staircase, staring down at the carnage as both women began to stir once again. They crawled their way towards the stairs, meeting once more at the bottom. Both women forced themselves up to their knees; trading punches with each other while the crowd “ooh-ed” and “aah-ed” with each blow. Solace’s strikes to seem to land their marks more as Junko quickly found herself on the receiving end of another flurry. The last punch from Tatum sent Souma rolling backwards but she quickly hopped up and charged in, catching her opponent before she could get back to her feet with a Basement Dropkick!

Leana: Neither woman wants to quit!

Junko kipped back up to her feet as Solace staggered back to hers, turning just as Souma charged in again, leaping into the air and wrapping her legs around Tatum’s neck. She spun around, twisting Solace right into the ring apron with a Flying Headscissors! Tatum leaned on the apron, trying to catch her breath, as Junko followed after, jumping up onto the apron and pulling her opponent up with her.

Nyssa: What on earth is Junko thinking now!?

Souma delivered a quick kick to the gut, doubling Solace over. Junko then tried pulling Tatum up for an Apron Spike Piledriver but each time she started to get Solace into the air, Tatum would kick her legs frantically, fighting against the move and finding her footing on the apron once more. Finally, Solace was able to arch her back up and lift Junko up into the air, trapping her opponent against her body and countering into a Cradle Back-to-Belly Piledriver! Tatum fell to the apron, slamming the back of Souma’s head into the apron as both women fell down to the outside once again!

Leana: Unbelievable counter by Solace and that has to be it!

Nyssa: The way Junko’s head hit off the apron, she has to be knocked out for sure!

Solace looked over to see that Junko was barely moving as her eyes drifted to the staircase once more. She started to push her way in that direction when Hideo suddenly made his presence known once again, charging in and dragging his knee across the bridge of Tatum’s nose with a Kinshasa-style kick!

Leana: And, again, Chiba interferes!

Nyssa: You can’t say he’s not doing his part to ensure Junko becomes the new “Queen of the Ring”!

The fans are booing relentlessly now as Chiba ignores the crowd and goes over to his student, trying to rouse her. Eventually, Souma started to stir as she gets to her feet, seeing her opponent down and out. Junko turned to say something to her mentor only for him to respond by pointing up the steps to the crown that waited for her. Not wanting to win this way, but still wanting to win, Souma simply shook her head in disappointment as she started her slow ascent up the staircase.

Leana: It looks like Junko will be our new “Queen” after all!

Nyssa: But you can’t say this victory didn’t come without a price. Her reign will forever be tainted, thanks to Hideo Chiba.

The fans jeers suddenly turn to cheers as Solace began to stir, not quite out of this one yet. Hideo is in disbelief as Tatum started to scratch and claw her way up the staircase, trying to catch up to Junko. Souma, too, noticed the fans cheers as she turned and stared down at her opponent, desperately trying to catch up to her. Junko turned to keep making her way up towards the crown, but decided that she needed to put an exclamation point on this match once and for all. Turning, much to the chagrin of her mentor, Souma rushed down the steps and leapt into the air, looking for a Flying Crossbody. Solace was ready however, catching Junko in her arms, flipping backwards, and slamming her spine-first down onto the steps with a Moonsault Fallaway Slam!

Leana: What on earth was Junko thinking!? She had this one won!

Nyssa: Not sure, but now it’s anyone’s ball game once more!

Chiba was beside himself, screaming all matters of obscenities as both women rolled back down the stairs, ending up at the bottom once more. Hideo sized up Tatum, signaling for another knock-out blow. But as he rushed in, Solace lunged forward, sweeping his leg and dropping him down with an STO! The fans cheered as Tatum pushed herself up, starting the ascension up the stairs once again.

Leana: Solace is fighting with everything she’s got!

Solace was moving slow, however, her leg clearly bothering her. Each step closer to the crown seemed to bring upon a new wave of pain and agony as her pace came to a crawl, allowing her opponent enough time to recover. Souma saw how close Tatum was getting to the crown as she raced up to intercept her, taking two steps at a time. As the two made it up to the platform, Solace reached out for the pedestal, only for Junko to catch her from behind, lifting her up and slamming her neck-first down onto the platform with a Half-Nelson Suplex!

Nyssa: Solace was inches away from winning this one!

Leana: Looks like the numbers finally caught up to her!

Tatum seemed to be motionless as Souma walked over to her, placing her foot into Solace’s side and trying to push her down the stairs. Tatum refused however, as she reached out and grabbed a hold of Junko’s leg, holding her in place. Souma tried to shake her opponent off but Solace only latched on more, wrapping her legs around Junko’s now, like a monkey holding on for dear life. Junko tried to twist around and reach out to simply grab the crown, but she was too far away. Determined, Souma moved closer towards the pedestal, dragging Solace with her.

Nyssa: Solace appears to be trying to delay the inevitable here!

As Junko reached out, her fingers inches from the crown, Tatum used both her arms and legs to tangle Souma up, ensnaring both of her legs an causing her to lose her balance. Junko fell, crashing into the pedestal, the result of the impact shaking it enough that the crown fell precariously down onto the platform. Jolie watched in horror as the crown hit the carpet and then began to roll, making its way towards the staircase.

Leana: Oh no! Runaway crown!

Both women clawed their way towards it, crawling over each other in an attempt to be the first to catch the crown. Just as it was about to roll off the top of the staircase, Junko and Solace both wrapped their fingers around it, each holding onto a different piece of it as if it were a wishbone.

Nyssa: Wait, what does this mean? Do we have a tie!?

Both competitors stared at each other in disbelief as they both started to rise up to their feet, each holding an edge of the crown. As they got to a vertical base, a tug of war started between the two as they both vied for the prize. Jolie tried to intervene but the two competitors couldn’t be consoled, each one trying to explain why they should be the “Queen of the Ring”. Finally, as the two fought over it, the crown slipped from their collective grips and rolled over to Ms. Vexx’s feet. Souma was first to react, making a move towards it but Tatum caught her with a “Sol-Searcher” (Superkick) from out of nowhere!

Leana: “Sol-Searcher”!

Nyssa: Junko never saw it coming!

Junko stood frozen in animation as she teetered back towards the edge of the staircase, the impact of the Superkick causing her to take a step back, then another, then finally the last one as she lost her balance and tumbled all the way down the stairs! The move had taken its toll on Solace as well as she lay on the platform, clutching her wounded leg. Glancing down the stairwell to see her opponent lying motionless at the bottom, Tatum forced herself up to her feet and hobbled over to Jolie. Ms. Vexx reached down, grabbed the crown, and held it out for Solace. Overwhelmed with emotion and fighting back tears, Tatum extended her hands, finally taking the crown into her grasp and becoming the first “Queen of the Ring”


Nyssa: What an amazing match between Junko Souma and Solace Tatum!

Leana: Both women gave it their all but, in the end, there can only be one “Queen of the Ring”…

The lights suddenly go out as the only thing that can be seen is the occasional flash from a camera or a phone lighting up, trying to see within the darkness.

Nyssa: Is this part of the coronation ceremony?

Leana: I don’t think so…

“You Should See Me In A Crown” by Billie Eilish begins to play over the loud speakers as the previous cheers and chants from the crowd now turn strictly to jeers and unflattering commentary. The lights return to normal as Casie Debonair, Steph, and Mercedes-Jane Debonair emerge from the back, standing at the bottom of the stairway, looking up at Solace.

Nyssa: I’d like to think they’re simply here to pay homage to the new Queen, but something tells me that isn’t the case.

Leana: Something tells me that they have wicked intentions here…

Solace looks down at the Coven, her eyes scanning over each member before settling on “MJ”, the woman she had beaten to advance to the finals. Mercedes says something to her two stablemates as they nod their heads in agreement. They make a move to walk up the staircase, but suddenly stop when a hand reaches out and grabs a hold of Casie’s ankle. Junko Souma tried to pull herself up, unaware of the danger that she was in. Mercedes and Steph take exception to Junko “laying her hands on one of their own” as they begin laying into her with brutal punches and kicks to every exposed part of her body.

Nyssa: Oh come on! This isn’t necessary! Junko just went through hell with Solace!

Leana: Talk about kicking someone while they are down!

The fans continued to rain down jeers directed at the Coven as Mercedes and Steph lay waist to Junko, all while Casie watched. Once she was satisfied with the beat down, Casie grabbed a fist full of Junko’s hair and rolled her into the ring. The three Coven members cast a cautionary look over their shoulders, smiling up at Solace, before following their victim into the ring.

Nyssa: As if losing the match wasn’t enough, it looks like Junko is about to be dissected here by the Coven!

Leana: Don’t worry; I’m sure Hideo Chiba will save her!

Nyssa: Wait… where is Hideo Chiba?

Junko’s manager was nowhere to be seen as Solace watched from a distance while the three Coven members lay into Souma. Junko did her best to cover up from the blows but the assault was too much, her left eye swelling shut as blood began to drip from her nose and mouth. Solace looked on from the stairwell before glancing out at the crowd, as if looking for them to give her some sort of inspiration. Slowly, Tatum reached up, pulled the newly-won crown from off her head, and handed it over to Jolie Vexx.

Leana: What is Solace doing?

Nyssa: I’m not sure, but it looks like she wants in on the action. Maybe she wants to finish Junko off?

Jolie looked on in bewilderment as Tatum began to limp down the stairwell, moving as fast as her injured leg would allow. The fans cheered and chanted on their “Queen” but Solace seemed to be miles away, the three Coven members continuing to decimate Junko with a series of brutal stomps and kicks. Casie pulled Souma up, slapping her a few times in the face before kicking her right in the midsection. Junko doubled over as Casie flipped her up, as if going for a Powerbomb. Instead, she let Souma slip up and over her shoulders, trapping her neck and body in the process. Solace could do nothing but watch as Casie fell to the mat, sitting-out and completing the “Sultry-in-Motion” (Widow’s Peak)!

Leana: Junko is completely defenseless here!

Nyssa: Casie could’ve broken her neck with that move!

Junko crumpled to the mat as Casie remained sitting on the mat, laughing. The two Coven members high-fived each other as Solace finally hit the ring. Tatum looked down at the motionless Souma, before rushing forward to her aid. Steph heard the footfalls and turned only for Solace to catch her by surprise with a Lou Thesz Press!

Leana: Solace is coming to Junko’s aid!

Nyssa: I’m not sure this was the wisest move by Tatum’s part, but damn if it doesn’t make your heart sing!

Solace unloaded on Steph with vicious fist and forearm shots as Steph did her best to protect her face. Seeing her partner in trouble, Mercedes grabbed a fistful of Solace’s hair and pulled her off her partner, slamming her down onto the mat. “MJ” went and checked on her friend before turning back to Solace, walking right into the new “Queen of the Ring”; Tatum doubled her over with a kick to the gut and planted her face-first into the mat with a Sit-Out Facebuster!

Leana: Solace is single-handedly fighting off the Coven! But the question is, why would she put herself in harm’s way like this?

Nyssa: Because it’s the right thing to do, that’s why!

Solace scrambled up but she wasn’t fast enough as Casie intercepted her, catching her in her grip and setting her up for the “Agent Provocateur” (Snap DDT). Tatum managed to fight out of it though, grabbing Casie and slamming her into the corner. Solace then followed up by flipping Casie over her with a Northern Lights Suplex!

Leana: Solace is on fire here!

Nyssa: This would be impressive on its own, but the fact that she’s dishing out this type of punishment after the match we just saw is amazing!

Casie rolled to safety as Steph charged in, looking for a Body Splash on Tatum in the Corner but Solace was too quick, dodging out of the way. Steph landed hard on the top turnbuckle, stumbling back towards the middle of the ring when Tatum suddenly leapt into action, planting Steph with the “Tatum Bomb” (RKO)!

Leana: “Tatum Bomb” on Steph!

Nyssa: From out of nowhere!

Solace didn’t have a moment to celebrate as Mercedes was right on her, pulling her up to her feet. “MJ” said something that seemed to fire Tatum up as Solace broke free of her grip, leapt into the air, and brought Mercedes face-first into the mat with another “Tatum Bomb”!

Leana: The Coven may’ve bit off more than they could chew here!

Nyssa: It’s a “Tatum Bomb” party and it looks like the Coven was on the VIP list!

Leana: Which means there is only one left…

Solace thought the same thing, stalking after Casie. As Debonair turned to embrace her fate, she managed to telegraph Tatum’s move and shove her off before she could complete the tri-fecta. Solace was sent into the ropes, bouncing back towards Casie as she looked to rip her head off with a vicious Clothesline! Tatum ducked the blow, slammed on the breaks, and then lunged backwards at her opponent, catching Casie just as she turned with the “Sol-Searcher” (Super Kick)!

Nyssa: “Sol-Searcher” to Casie!

Leana: Solace is like a woman possessed here!

The move took just as much out of Solace as it did her rival, with Tatum collapsing to the mat, clutching at her wounded knee. The pain was just a reminder of what she had endured and, also, who had inflicted this punishment upon her. Tatum glared over at Casie, fire burning in her eyes. She pushed herself up, walked past Steph, past Mercedes, and past the motionless Junko. Realizing that her opponent in the Finals had still yet to move following that three-on-one beat down seemed to only justify Solace in what she had to do next. Tatum grabbed Casie’s leg, twisted her onto her belly, and sat down, applying a Half-Boston Crab!

Nyssa: A measure of revenge for Solace!

Leana: Solace is using that same move that the Coven had used against her just weeks prior!

Solace seemed to be in another world, bending the leg in ways it wasn’t meant to bed, the screams of Casie only fueling her to inflict more punishment; more agony. Though she had done the “right thing” and come to Junko’s aid, she would’ve been better off calling it a day after initially laying out the Coven. But this had become too personal for Solace, and it was about to cost her. Too late did Tatum look over to see Steph flying off the top rope, twisting in the air and snapping her neck down onto her shoulder with the “Stephacide” (Top Rope/Eclipse)!

Nyssa: Steph with the “Stephacide” on Solace! Where on Earth did she come from!?

Leana: Solace should’ve taken Junko and retreated to safety when she had the chance!

The high impact move forced Solace to release the hold on Casie as she stumbled right into Mercedes, who caught the dazed Tatum and spun her down onto the mat with the “No Mercy” (Swinging Reverse STO)!

Nyssa: And now the “No Mercy” from MJ and the numbers advantage for the Coven has finally caught up with Solace!

Leana: I think we’re about to witness the execution of a “Queen” here!

The two Coven members went over to help Casie up as she trested her wounded leg, bending it and flexing it, indicating to her friends that she was “okay”. Somehow, Solace still stirred, crawling over to Junko’s body, perhaps in an attempt to rouse her rival and even the odds. Like a pack of hyena’s, the three stalk around her, ensuring that if Tatum was suddenly to get the urge to make a quick getaway, her escape routes were cut off.

Nyssa: The Coven are clearly looking to make a statement here!

Leana: The vultures are circling, that’s for sure!

Solace looked around her, seeing that she was trapped; nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. With Souma still unresponsive, Tatum seemed to accept her fate as she tried to push herself back up to her feet. If she was going to go down, Solace was determined to go down swinging. The fans cheered on their “Queen”, but their cheers only got louder when Katia Fyre and Lien Xinya swiftly emerged from the back and rushed the ring.

Nyssa: Wait a minute! Here comes some backup!

Leana: The Triumvirate has seen enough!

The Coven members noticed the change in decibels from the fans as they turned to see Solace’s friends coming to her aid. Thinking twice about doing battle on an even playing field, the Coven members scattered out of the ring as Katia and Lien slid in, coming to the aid of Solace.

Nyssa: Katia and Lien with a timely save for Solace!

Leana: Looks like the “Queen” will live to fight another day!

The Coven members regrouped on the ramp way and made their way back up onto the stage as Katia and Lien remained focused on the trio while Solace tended to the injured Junko. Souma was still, unresponsive, as Tatum called out for help. Medical officials and stagehands ran down to the ring, sliding in to assess the damage as Solace reluctantly backed away so as to give them the space they needed to assist the fallen warrior.

Nyssa: This is not the way we wanted to see this tournament end.

Leana: Very scary scene here for sure, you have to hope that Junko is okay.

Nyssa: She really hasn’t even moved ever since that “Sultry-in-Motion” from Casie.

Leana: A devastating move in its own right, but this one seemed even more-so the way that Junko’s head snapped back.

Katia and Lien stood to the side of Solace, checking to see if their friend was okay as the Coven disappeared behind the curtain, the damage done. The trainers and EMT’s began taking extra precautions with Junko, worried that she may’ve suffered a broken neck. As the medical staff worked away on Souma, Jolie Vexx had made her way down the staircase and into the ring. She checked in with the doctors briefly, before turning to Solace. Once more, Jolie presented her with the crown as Tatum’s eyes went from the piece of jewelry to the woman who, moments earlier, she had beaten for the right to be the first-ever “Queen of the Ring”. Hesitantly, Solace reached out and took the crown as the fans cheered – both for Tatum’s accomplishments and heroics, but also in support of Junko as they loaded her onto a stretcher and began to bring her to the back.

Nyssa: Solace is the “Queen of the Ring” but the story really has to be what the Coven just did moments ago to Junko Souma.

Leana: Obviously have to hope that she’s going to be okay but Solace did a damn brave thing by coming to her aid.

Nyssa: Something tells me we haven’t seen the last of this conflict between the Coven and the Triumvirate.