Marissa Santos de Ferreira and her monster Viktoria Volkova continue to challenge First Class General Manager Jolie Vexx.

With the finals of Queen of the Ring scheduled for the main event, the Evolution Title Tournament is now underway, dominated the first Women's Champion, Victoria McKenzie in yet another loss to add in her losing streak. After the match, Jolie Vexx fined Viktoria 100 thousand dollars and introduced an old rival of Marissa's, Porcelain, to tip the balance in this increasingly hot rivalry.

The Tournament continues with Coven's own Steph defeating Triumvirate's Lien Xinya, Katia Fyre defeating Anya Sharapova, and Denise DiMarco surpassing both Robin Vengeance and Beryl.

In the main event, we saw the final contenders: Solace Tatum and Junko Souma clash for the crown in the climax of the Queen of the Ring Tournament. Solace working with a leg injury coutesty of The Coven, the match was evenly balanced, but ultimately, Solace Tatum managed to topple the former Pop star.

After the match had concluded, Solace's enemies, The Coven, interrupted her moment by decimating Junko Souma at the bottom of the Coronation stairs. Before Solace could get to her aid, the damage was done, Junko put on the shelf indefinetly.

Solace, newly crowned Queen, is nearly triple teamed by the three Coven members but is saved by her Triumvirate team mates, Katia and Lien- bringing the stables and their clash to a stalemate before the show ends.

AUGUST 22nd, 2021

Ada Pierce vs “Death Wish” Kassidy Owens

Sukeban" Ichiko vs Dracona vs Chelsey Chaingang

Victoria McKenzie vs Eve The Monsterous

Moria Arches Vs. Robin Vengeance

Tag Team Match
Triumvirate (Katia Frye / Lien) Vs. Viktoria Volkova / Denise Dimarco

#1 Contender's Match for The Womens Championship
H.B.I.C. Taylor Blazer Vs. "The Sultry" Casie Debonair w/Coven

“ Beautiful Dangerous” echoes throughout the arena and a confident Jolie Vexx makes her way to the ring. She calls for a mic as soon as she steps into the ring.

“ Here we are ladies and gentlemen another great episode of the greatest show the IIW has to offer….First Class!!!

I first have to address a memo I received today. It appears our esteemed CoGM, Brandon Hendricks, is no longer with the brand and the company. We wish Brandon well in all his future endeavors!”

The crowd starts to chant “Bullshit” as Vexx chuckles. She puts her sunglasses up on her head as she smiles ear to ear. Raising a hand, the crowd stops.

“ I have a congratulations to hand out as well. Congratulations go out to Solace for her huge Queen of the Ring win!!

The crowd cheers and Vexx raises the mic to her lips again.

“ That being said I do have to address the Coven’s actions at the end of that match…..”

Suddenly “You should see me in a crown” by Billie Eilish slams through the speakers and reverberates around the arena as Casie Debonair, flanked by Steph and Mercedes, walks out to the top of the ramp holding a microphone in her hand… As soon as the music fades she lifts it up.

“Well firstly we would also love to congratulate QUEEN Solace, for her win against JNK in the Coronation match!”

All three Coven girls give sarcastic slow claps as Jolie Vexx looks on, very calm, in the ring. Casie holds the microphone up again.

“So, you want to address our actions? You want to address, what we did right here last week? And what exactly is it you’d like to address, Ms. Vexx? You’d like to know why we did what we did last edition is that it?”

The crowd boos as Steph and Mercedes chat and giggle amongst themselves while Casie just stands there, boring a whole through Jolie. She holds her microphone up once again.

“Well here’s the 4-1-1 on that… You see a while ago, before you got here Ms. Vexx, The Coven were the in thing here, the hardest workers no matter what the grift! And yours truly was offered a chance to go for the IIW Women’s World title… But then that all got taken away from me, without any reason or justification! And I sat here and watched people like JNK and “Queen” Solace here getting shot upon shot in one way or another whilst I was left to languish!

So I took it upon myself, we, took it upon ourselves, to show the world exactly what The Coven are about, remind those that we helped leave this place because they couldn’t cut it! How we do things… And it looks like tonight, I’m being give that chance to once again prove why I should have been involved in the Women’s World title scene in the first place… BUT! I guess that was Brandon’s last decision before he high tailed it out of here!”

Casie lowers the microphone and smirks slightly running her tongue along her teeth.

Suddenly, a familiar voice interupts Casie's final word.

"Aww, thank you for the congratulations! Although, It sounded a little bitter."

Nyssa: It's Solace Tatum on the screen!

Leanna: The queen is here with us, Nyssa!

"Sorry to interupt your little... pity party? I just couldn't let my girl Jolie there be on her own against you three crazies."

The crowd erupts as Mercedes and Steph mouth curses towards the screen above them.

"And wow! You got a shot tonight, Casie... So I really don't know what you're bitching about out here... I just know that what you did to Junko last show... that's really low, and if I didn't have to heal up this leg, you best believe I would be there in the flesh to teach all three of you a lesson AGAIN!"

The crowd explodes as the Coven becomes visibly aggressive.

"So, the elephant in the room. Will I turn in my Queen of the Ring prize and give the Women's title a shot? I guess that's the question on everyone's mind... and the short answer is YES!.... but... I'm not a fool. I know I need to be 100% to beat Moira... and I know after what you bitches did to my leg, I am simply not 100%, so the long answer is No... not this month, and probably not in time for the pay per view..."

The crowd groans and boos as the Coven mock Solace by fake crying.

"Oh, don't be too upset, witchy women... the title shot will be in my pocket and to tell you the truth... I think i'd rather just kick The Coven's ass!"

The crowd pops.

Nyssa: My god! Casie Debonair is turning red with anger!

Leanna: I hope Solace knows what she's getting herself into here, Nys. The Coven girls have gradually become more sadistic since the new management has taken over.

Before the crowd can stop, Mercedes grabs the microphone from Casie.

Mj: You're soooo cool! You're soooo tough Queeny! All the way from over a video cam! You won't show up here tonight because you know damned well we'd put you and your two besties in the hospital!

The crowd boos as Solace smiles.

Mj: The only reason you made it out last time was because your little bitch friends came to your rescue... otherwise, you'd be laying next to Junko, career OVER!

Nyssa: Mercedes isn't being coy about what The Coven girls have lowered themselves to become!

Leanna: Things are heating up here.

Solace: Oh yeah? Is that what you think??

Mj: It's what I know! And you know what else, you fake smile wearing illegitimate queen... it's a shame you aren't here tonight, because maybe, just maybe you could have returned the favor!

Solace: What is that supposed to mean?

Mj: You'll see!

Solace: Yeah, we'll see! You better be careful, Mj.

Mj: Careful? Is that a threat?

Solace: Maybe it is!

Jolie: Hold up! Hold up! Both of you... I understand there have been a lot of changes to First Class, but Coven... you are costing this brand and Miss Vexx money! You took out Junko, one of our promising talents. You almost took out Solace's leg. This kind of behavior must end NOW!

Mj: We're just getting started!

Mercedes drops the mic with a loud thud. The Coven girls begin to laugh, dismissing Jolie with a hand gesture before turning to head towards the back, middle fingers up at Solace on the screen as they do.

Nyssa: What has gotten into Mj and The Coven!??

Leanna: I don't know what to think about this, Nyssa... what does Mj have in store for First Class tonight?? Stay tuned! We'll be back right after this short commercial break!

Ada Pierce makes her way to the ring, dressed in her traditional karate gi and black flip flops. As she walks down the ramp, she waves at the fans, high fiving as many of them as she can before climbing up the steps in the corner. On the apron, she removes her flip flops and enters the ring, standing in the middle before throwing out the “peace” sign at the fans and ending it with a traditional bow.
Leana - Ada is ready for tonight's match look at her calm and at peace before the bell rings.

Nyssa - I don't know if I could be that calm knowing that Kassidy Owen's is going to be standing across that ring.

The Arena is bathed in a mixture of violet, red and pink light as I Like The Way You Die by Black Honey begins playing. As the vocals begin, Kassidy Owens emerges from the back wearing her gear with an open kimono over the top, in her mouth is what appears to be a sharpened knitting needle and she’s carrying a double hook ended turnbuckle. She throws both arms in the air before making her way down to the ring, slapping fans hands as she approaches the ring. Kassidy jumps up onto the apron and removes the knitting needle from her mouth and wields it like a dagger and poses on the apron, pointing the needle at the camera whilst hooking her mouth with one end of the turnbuckle. She walks along the apron and climbs up the outside of the turnbuckle, She throws her arms up in the air before entering the ring by climbing up and springing off the top turnbuckle with one foot and landing in the ring. She places the needle back in her mouth and then removes and throws her kimono towards the timekeeper’s corner whilst pacing around the ring as the music fades, turnbuckle in hand, needle in mouth.

Nyssa - I know this isn't a hard-core match but Owens looks like she is out for blood here tonight.

Leana - The ref needs to be ready for anything from these two ladies.

Nyssa - This could get out of control real fast.

The ref calls for the bell starting the match both woman are stareing eachother down for a a few seconds. Suddenly Pierce fires across the ring at full speed with her arm out for a clothesline Owens taking her completely off her feet. Pierce picks up Owens shoving her into the corner. Pierce begins laying shots into Owens, right hand after right hand with a few lung kicks thrown in for good measure.

Leana - This Karate background is really helping Ada Pierce here tonight. Every shot is hitting its mark.

Nyssa - Look at those shots, every single one is perfect. I'm glad I'm not in that ring right now.

Pierce let's up as Owens falls to the mat. Pierce walks to the middle of the ring hyping the fans. She stands still jumps with an amazing spin kick. She lands smiles than turns back to Owen's. Owens springs off the mat spearing Pierce taking her to the mat. Owens gets top mount and rains down 3 punches. Owens looks at her fist and smiles before sliding out of the ring and searching under it for something.

Nyssa - Owens immediately returned the favor here. Pierce took her eyes off Owens for one second and the tide has turned.

Leana - But what is Owens doing now.

Owens pulls a kendo stick out from under the ring. She is laughing than looks up and screams Pierce is flying through the middle rope feet first hitting a picture perfect baseball slide. Owens is sent hard into the guard rail. Pierce slides out of the ring throws the kendo stick away than continues to lay punches in onto Owens. Pierce grabs Owens by the hair removes her from the guard rail than whips her into the ring stairs. Owens flips over the top of the stairs landing on the other side. Pierce rolls into the ring as the ref is counting to 10.

Leana - Could we see Owens get counted out here tonight.

Nyssa - No way she is a death match wrestler. She isn't hurt she is like a snake staying still and resting waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.

Owen's is starting to stand up slowly, Pierce leans through the ropes to grab Owens hair and pull her in but Owens was waiting for that exact moment. Owens throws a beautiful left hand connecting with pierces jaw. Owens grabs the hair of Pierce pulling her from the ring and throwing her at the guard rail. Owens kicks Pierce in the head twice than goes to look for the kendo stick. Pierce rolls to her feet sees that Owens has walked to the other side of the ring. Pierce slowing climbs onto the apron and up to the top rope.

Leana - She is going to take off and Owens has no idea she is on the top rope.

Pierce jumps as high as she can suddenly Owens turns looks up to see Pierce coming down gard with a cross body to the outside of the ring. Both women hit the ground hard. The ref begins to count.


Peirce is slowly getting to her feet.


She picks up Owens and rolls her into the ring. Peirce slides under the rope making a cover.


Owens kicks out Peirce slaps the ring mat. Peirce picks up Owens whips her into the ropes than goes for a elbow but Owens ducks runs into the other side hits the ropes tries to clothesline Pierce but she drops down to her stomach. Owens hops over her hits the ropes again than Pierce hits an arm drag into an arm bar. The refs slides down to see if Owens is tapping out. Both women are screaming, Owens is doing everything she can to pull herself to the bottom rope.

Leana - She is to far there is no way she will get to the rope. She has to tap.

Nyssa - No way she is tough as nails there is no way she taps out. She would allow her arm to be broken before tapping out.

The ref keeps asking but Owens is screaming No! Owens is pulling herself and finally reaches out and just grabs the bottom rope. The ref calls for Pierce to break the hold and she does.

Ada stands up, confronting the ref with her back turned to Owens. As Owens climbs to her feet, she looks to capitalize on a distracted Pierce but to her surprise, Ada is fully aware, throwing her leg back with the K.O!

Nyssa: My god! From out of the blue!!! This one is OVER!!!

Kassidy falls on her back, unconsious as Ada makes the cover.




WINNER: Ada Pierce!!!

Leanna: Dear lord what a spinning kick!!

Nyssa: Owens better prepare better next time!

Leanna: Wait a minute, we're getting word that something is going on in the back....

Miss Vexx walks toward her office with Porcelain at her side. There’s a relaxed, lightened mood for her as for the first time in weeks she has not had to deal with IIW staff sent to the local hospital.

Miss Vexx: You weren’t kidding that your presence would drastically change that Mexican bitch’s tune. Her nor her freaking hound have caused any issues outside of the match.

Porcelain smirks as her response. The mute nodding knowingly as they round a corner. Immediately, Porcelain darts in front of Jolie, reflexively holding an arm out to shield the shorter woman. With a sneer, Jolie finds her mood instantly ruined.

Miss Vexx: Can I help you?

The camera pans, showing Marissa Santos de Ferreira casually leaning against the door to Miss Vexx’s office. With a nail file out, she casually buffs her nails before sliding the file back into her pocket. Leaning back into a standing position, she takes an akimbo pose while looking up at the pair.

Marissa Santos de Ferreira: Oh I just wanted to give my regards to my dear, long lost friend, “Porcelain” here. I received that lovely jewelry box you sent me.

Porcelain’s eyes narrow as she tenses coiled like a viper, ready to strike. Marissa holds her hands up in surrender.

Marissa Santos de Ferreira: No weapons here, and I’ve sent Viktoria and my men away. Sure you wouldn’t risk assaulting an unarmed woman on television?

Porcelain’s face makes a silent snarl as she’s furious at Marissa turning her own play against her. The Latina just smirks in a “I thought so” expression and moves from the door.

Marissa Santos de Ferreira: No matter. I just wanted to give my regards and leave Miss Vexx a gift. Or perhaps more accurately, a token of my regard.

Miss Vexx: I don’t want a goddamn thing from you you fucking psychopath! Now get the hell out of my sight!

Marissa gives another smirk and a light shrug, starting to move away in the opposite direction.

Marissa Santos de Ferreira: And after I went through all the trouble of arranging it. Too bad. He’s a rather dashingly handsome fellow…

The Latina walks off, leaving Miss Vexx utterly confused while Porcelain’s eyes go wide and she rushes for the door, kicking it open. Upon surveying what’s inside, she freezes and closes the door, leaving Miss Vexx more perplexed.

Miss Vexx: What?

Miss Vexx walks up but Porcelain shakes her head firmly, signalling no and giving a pleading expression.

Miss Vexx: Let me guess, she trashed my office. I’d expect something sophmoric from her…

Miss Vexx tries to enter again, but Porcelain vehemently shakes her head no. Becoming more frustrated she clutches her guard’s arm.

Miss Vexx: Damn it! I’ve had enough games lately! Let. Me. In.

A silent sigh and drop of her head serves as Porcelain moves out of the way. Rolling her eyes, Miss Vexx enters. Seconds later a blood curdling wail comes from the room. Porcelain sighs and just leans against the doorway as IIW staff come rushing up to investigate what’s going on.

As the camera pans in, Miss Vexx’s office is utterly destroyed and ruined, as expected.

The centerpiece?

A well-built, solid man in his early 20s, with chestnut hair, laid out like a crucifix sacrifice as he was clearly driven (most likely powerbombed) through Miss Vexx’s solid oak desk. Hysterically, Miss Vexx cradles the man’s head to her chest, sobbing and trying to desperately wipe the flowing blood from normally striking features.


The camera fades as medical staff rush in to render aid to the broken, bleeding yet still barely alive brother of Miss Jolie Vexx.



As the opening notes of the song waft upon the speakers, the lights go dark, and four flames begin to slowly rise from the stage: one on each far edge, and two on the smaller protrusion's edges, framing the entranceway. They creep steadily over the next thirteen seconds, climbing to a height of around four feet, until the guitars kick in and they are replaced in time with immediate jets of blue flame, each rising six-to-eight feet into the sky as Chelsey steps out between them, chain draped around her neck and elbows, bathing in the azure glow. The video screen begins to play clips of Chelsey's greatest hits, framed and transitioned by stylized chain animations. She pauses but a moment, settling her weight on one leg and making a show of looking at the crowd with a bemused smirk, and then strolls towards the ring at a rapid clip as the music once again settles into a more somber tone.

Chelsey reaches the ring and throws her chain over the ropes, using it to half-pull, half-springboard herself onto the apron, showing off both her strength of her arms and the languid arc of her body. She rolls into the ring from there, walking a short lap around before coming to a stop in the middle of the ring, facing the crowd. Finally, Chelsey swings the chain around, cracking it down sharply against the mat as the guitars make their presence known again. This time, they are punctuated by swirling fireworks from the turnbuckle posts, each sending a pair of twin rockets straight upwards in a helix pattern as the lights begin to fade back to normal.

Draconas music hits and she makes her way to the ring.

The lights of the arena dim at first, no music yet playing. As the opening drum riff of Gekkou Survive hits, the lights strobe rapidly in time with the percussive cacaphony. A video of a young woman in a Japanese biker gang coat turning to face the camera alternates rapidly with the words 'GET READY' and 'IT'S TIME' in red lettering on the video screen. When the first guitar notes sound the red lettering changes to 'YOU WANNA DIE?!', and Sukeban Ichiko apears with that same biker coat over her ring gear. For a moment she stands there with her back to the crowd. Once the lyrics begin she turns and heads for the ring, a menace in her step and an expression promising violence on her face. Ichiko stops at the bottom of the ramp and leers into the camera smugly, punching toward the lens with the song's lyrics "right now buchikowase!". After dropping her fist Ichiko hops up to the ring apron and enters through the middle rope before striding coolly to her corner and leaning back against the turnbuckles.

Leana - Here we go, 3 new comers here to IIW looking to prove they are the best.

Nyssa - Only one can take home the win tonight and it won't be easy that's for sure. I don't envy these ladies tonight.

The bell rings, Chelsey Chaingang runs full speed at Ichiko. Chelsey jumps lands on Ichiko sending both woman to the mat. Dracona runs over grabs Chelsey by the hair ripping her off Ichiko and throwing her away. Dracona starts to rain down stomps onto Chelsey but Ichiko has gotten up. Ichiko grabs Dracona from behind hitting a German suplex. Ichiko turns her attention to Chelsey. Ichiko grabs Chelsey whips her into the corner than follows up with a running knee to the gut. Chesley hits the mat.

Nyssa - Ichiko is the last woman standing after the wild start to this triple threat.

Leana - She did what was needed to make sure she started put strong.

Nyssa - A lot of match left though anything can happen here.

Ichiko leans down to pick up Dracona but Dracona wad waiting she grabs Ichikos head and rolls her into a small package.



Leana - I don't really get the roll up but Ichiko was able to kick out hard and fast.

Both woman get to their feet. They begin trading blows in the ring. Rights and lefts are flying but both woman refuse to do down. Chelsey is climbing to the top rope she is all alone and neither of the other woman see her. Chelsey jumps than lands onto of both woman. Chelsey quickly gets off both woman who are on the mat. She kicks Ichiko out of the ring and picks up Dracona. Chesley hits a suplex followed by a standing elbow. She picks up Dracona shoves her head between her legs than lifts her into a powerbomb. Chelsey turns half a step than plants Dracona hard with a powerbomb. Chelsey immediately makes the cover.


Ichiko slides into the the ring and breaks up the pin.

Leana - That was close, I thought she had it.

Nyssa - She would have if Ichiko wasn't there to make the save.

Leana - This has been non stop since the bell, not a second to breathe for any of these 3 here.

Nyssa - This is what IIW is all about, the best of the best pulling out all the stops.

Ichiko gets up picks up Chelsey but Chelsey smacks her arms away kicks Ichiko in the gut than hits a DDT. Chelsey grabs the top rope for balance than jumps up bring both feet down onto Ichikos chest. Dracona is moving and managed to get to her feet. Dracona attempts to flip chelsey out of the ring but Chelsey catches herself on the apron. Dracona sees this and jumps hitting a drop kick sending Chesley into the guardrail hard. Dracona wastes no time going after Ichiko. She grabs her feet. Ichikos head and upper body are under the bottom rope. Dracona smiles than falls backwards holding Ichikos feet launching her up into the ropes. Chelsey slides back into the ring spears Dracona. Chelsey mounts dracona laying in some beautiful elbows. Chelsey gets up and kicks dracona out of the ring. Chelsey turns to Ichiko and grabs her foot dragging her to the middle of the ring. She kicks her causing Ichiko to roll onto her stomach, Chelsey stands over Ichiko.

Leana - I know what this is, this match could be over right here. It's the Gulag Grip.

Nyssa - With Dracona outside the ring this could absolutely be it.

Chelsey crotches down throwing ichikos Arma over each leg than pulls up in her chin locking in the Gulag Grip. Chelsey leans way back locking in some major pressure. Ichiko is screaming but not tapping out.

Nyssa - Ichiko is not giving up here. I don't know how but she is tough.

Leana - The pain must be so overwhelming but it's not enough to out away Ichiko.

Ichiko is screaming but she slowly begins to stand up with Chelsey on her back. After some time Ichiko manages to get to her feet than immediately drops to her back crushing Chesley who breaks the hold. Ichiko is on her feet holding her neck but isn't out of the fight. He picks up Chelsey grabs her head runs half way across the ring jumps driving Chelsey's skull into the mat with a beautiful running bulldog. Ichiko stands up holds her fist out than drops down driving her fist into the chest of Chelsey.

Leana - Ichiko just changed the dynamic of this whole match.

Nyssa - She wasn't giving up and made that abundantly clear.

Dracona is slowly making her way mack I to the ring, Ichiko sees hits the ropes than dives over the top sending Dracona down to the outside mats hard.

Leana - All 3 woman are down again. Who can capitalize on this.

Nyssa - It's anyone's match still but they have all got to be tired.

Leana - It's been a very physical match I'm sure they are.

Chelsey takes advantage, sliding out the other side of the ring and drops to her knees.

Nyssa: What is she doing here?

Leana: Is that... is that a chain???!!!!

Chelsey pulls out the full length of the chain and climbs back up to the apron, yanking the chain up with her to pull into the ring, but the referee meets her at the ropes.

Nyssa: This official is not having this!

Chelsey argues with the ref as Dracona is rolled back into the ring by Ichiko. Dracona bounces to her feet and runs at the ropes where Chelsey is, causing the ref to jump out of the way before being impacted, and Dracona crashes into Chelsey, causing her to fall out of the ring to the floor, chain and all.

As Dracona bounces off the ropes, Ichiko is waiting, ducking Dracona's clothesline, only to grab Dracona mid momentum to lift her, and drop her with the sudden death!

Nyssa: My god! What a crushing move!!!!

Leana: Dracona just dropped to the mat, I think she's dead!

Ichiko makes the quick cover as Chelsey struggles to get back into the ring to stop it.





Nyssa: And THAT'S IT!!!

Chelsey just misses the women as she falls to stop the count, and Ichiko rolls quickly out of the mat, leaving Chelsey to bang both fists against the mat in frustration. She grabs the referee by the collar and rips him around, tossing him out of the ring.

Nyssa: Now, come on!!!

Leanna: Dracona is still in the ring and Chelsey is taking it out on EVERYONE!!

Chelsey jumps out of the ring and grabs the thick chain, dragging it behind her as she storms to the back. Dracona has finally sat up, lifting her left hand up to the crowd with a sinister smile as she does it.



Lena: It’s been a great show so far but anyone who follows us will know that’s more often than not!!

Nyssa: This next match pits Victoria McKenzie versus Eve the Monstrous!

Lena: Vexx has yet to let the beast loose this should be interesting…

Announcer: The following match is scheduled for one fall! Making her way to the ring for Newcastle-Upon-Tyme, England...She is Queen Thicctoria, Victoria McKenzie!!!!

Power by Little Mix kicks over the PA asVictoria makes her way to the ring looking determined as ever.

Announcer: Already in the ring….Eve the Monstrous!!!

The bell rings and the two immediately tie up. Victoria gets the upper hand immediately hacking at the larger woman’s base with sharp kicks.

Nyssa: Though Vic is a big woman it’s important to get Eve wobbly early!! She is landing chops now folks...Here it comes the Vic and Run!!

Throwing herself cross body at Eve she manages to knock the Monster of her base and on to her back. She lifts the leg of her opponent and the ref begins to count….



Nyssa: Oh no a kickout from the Monster!!

Victoria doesn’t seem affected however as she mounts the turn buckle and unleashes a massive Tyneside Tsunami!!! Groggy Eve falls under her and Victoria goes for the pin…





The ref jumps up signaling the win and raises Victoria’s hand high!!


Leena: With that win her rough streak is over folks .. She's back in the game! .What a win Eve had no chance

Eve rolls out of the ring as Victoria stands in the middle of the ring.

Nyssa - Victoria has done it she has broken the losing streak.

Leana - She needed this win tonight in a big bad way.

Nyssa - She really did. Wait.......who is that?

Leana - Is that a fan?

A women is seen jumping over the guardrail from the fans. Victoria's back is turned She doesn't see her at all. The woman slides under the bottom rope gets up kicks the back of the knee of Victoria. The woman's catches Victoria's head hitting a scorpion death drop. The woman runs and climbs to the top rope hitting a picture perfect shooting star press.

Nyssa - Get security out here right now, This is uncalled for.

Leana - That was a full on assault. Someone get out here and arrest that woman.

Victoria is completely motionless on her back in the middle of the ring. The woman jumps out of the ring grabs a microphone than climbs onto the announcers table.

Leana - Looks like we will find out right now what's going on. I just wish is wasn't happening a foot from my face.

Woman - My name is Jamie Riott and I'm here for one reason and one reason only. That's to absolutely destroy you Victoria. The self proclaimed queen of IIW what a joke. At one point you where the top dog of woman's wrestling, you where a world champion now you're an absolute embarrassment. Your fall from grace has been hard to watch. Judging by your size alone that fall has hit terminal velocity too. Oh you got a win tonight over Eve, well that's nothing to be proud of at all. Eve is a pathetic loser who barely found her way to that ring. You need to wake up Victoria and fight and claw you're way to the top again before it completely passes you by. Or maybe you can't do that and you're a has been now, hmmmmm there is only one way to find out right?

Jamie Riott spits in the direction of Victoria who's still laying in the ring. Jamie sits down on the top of the announce table.

Jamie Riott - I'm new to the world of wrestling. I just finished my training and knew I needed to get to the IIW the premier wrestling federation in the world. I also knew I needed to make a huge impact. What better way to do that than taking out the IIW's largest female Victoria Mckenzie. I watched you reach the pinnacle of this business Vic. I knew I wanted to step foot in the ring with you to prove I belonged. To show the world I was the best of the best. Than I watched you plummet like a meteor when you couldn't hang at the top. It was sad really, you're washed up now Vic but my goal was to always beat you so rather than ending with a title match against you I will start my run with you. You're a stepping stone now how's that feel Vic. Its time to see what you're really made of.

Securtiy is running down the ramp to regain control of this situation. Jamie flips off security, throws the mic down on she smiles than hops off the announce table. She hops the guardrail and exits through the fans.

Nyssa - What the heck did we just see. Jamie Riott just fired the first shot against Victoria.

Leana - Was it a smart move OK her part? Victoria will want revenge.

Nyssa - Absolutely not smart at all. I'm excited to see it plays out.


There's a good deal of noise in the backstage soundscape. From a distant hallway the rhythmic baseline of a competitor's entrance theme is just barely audible. A bit of shuffling from the locker room being used by the ladies of First Class as someone prepares for their own match later in the evening. The scene focuses on one sound however - the forceful footsteps echoing threateningly as a young woman in a long red coat covered in kanji embroidered with metallic thread. We see the young woman's face occasionally contort into pain as she walks toward the exit which opens onto the parking lot. Sukeban Ichiko has had a rough fight on her first proper night in IIW. Though she has enjoyed getting into a proper fight and making a name for herself that people won't soon forget, Ichiko's body reminds her of the cost of her match. Despite the lingering pain she hastens her pace in the hopes of getting out of this arena as soon as possible.

She still wears her ring gear under her coat, and a gray duffel bag rests on her shoulder. Ichiko strides past a half-open door backstage that has a sign bearing the IIW and First Class logos attached to it. Just as she passes it the door opens the rest of the way and we see a second figure backing out of the room within. This person is the same size and height as Ichiko, wearing a hooded sweatshirt with a pair of silver mechanical angel wings emblazoned on the back. As the hood is up we do not see who this person is, but we do see that they were bowing as they exited the room.

As this second person turns and walks in the opposite direction, Ichiko notices them. She turns around and watches silently for a moment before something happens. Her eyes widen and her jaw drops a little as she watches. Clear recognition plays out across her face for a moment before she waves off whatever thoughts have been going through her mind. Ichiko mutters something in Japanese before turning around and heading back toward the parking exit. As the shot zooms out, Ichiko pulls a phone from her coat's pocket and taps the screen. Just before the scene ends, she is heard speaking animatedly to someone on the other end of her call. The one word that stands out is a name - Sawako.

~End of Scene~


We return from commercial break as the camera takes us to the commentary table.

Nyssa: Welcome back to First Class as we get back to the action as our Women's Champion gets set for action in a none title match up against Robin Vengeance.

Leana: Thats right and Robin is looking to pick up a win against the Womens Champion and move up the ranks in the Womens division but you have to think it will be a struggle with that Bionic Leg of hers.

Nyssa: That will indeed be something to look at as the match progresses but let's get ready for the next match.

Jenny Fletcher: Making her way to the ring from Seattle Washington she weighs in at 150lbs Bionic” Robin Vengeance!

The camera cuts from the table and to the entrance as This Means War by Avenged Sevenfold sounds off through the arena. leds lining the ramp flash with every beat of the snare. The pause in the intro hits and the lights and screens go out leaving the arena in pitch black. As it drops again green pyro pops from the corners as the lights come back up revealing Robin standing in the middle of the ring. She raises her arms in the air and stomps the mat with her prosthesis. Then bounces off the ropes a couple times before going to her corner and waiting for the match to begin. “

Postulous” by Puscifer starts to play.

Jenny Fletcher: making her way to the ring from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada weighing at 141lbs The Absolute” Moira Arches

flashing green and white strobes, as “The Absolute” Moira Arches makes her way from out of the curtains. She takes a few steps forward, lifts both of her arms into the air, and brings them down into her entrance pose just as the song kicks in.

She makes her way down to the ring, shaking her head and acknowledging the fans at ringside along the way, before climbing up the apron and getting into the ring. She does her pose once more on one side of the ring, before moving to the hard-cam to do the same.

The bell rings and the match begins

Moira And Robin Steadily Approach Each Other In The Ring Before Locking Up! The Two Struggle For Control, Neither Of Them Wanting To Give The Match To The Other! Before It Can Go Any Further, Though, Moira Slips A Leg Behind Robins Bionic leg causing it to malfuction for a moment giving Moira the edge, Driving Her Back First Into The Mat! Moira Follows Her To The Canvas, Mounting Her And Leathering Her With Stiff Forearm Shots! Robin Is Trying To Block Shot After Shot, But Nothing Is Working! Eventually, She Catches Moiras forearm, With Both Hands Up And Uses Her Free Legs To Hook Her Arms To Bring Her Down For A Pin!


Kick Out By Moira! She Rolls Back To Her Feet And Attempts A Kick To The Side Of Robins Head! But She Lays Back To Duck The Kick, Then Goes For A Schoolboy Rollup!


Moira Kicks Out Again! She Once Again Rolls Back To Her Feet Before Attempting To Robin In The Side Of The Head Again! However, She Stops Midway Through, Tricking Robin Into Laying Back To Avoid The Kick Again! Once She Does, Moira Jumps Up And Hits A Devastating Stomp To Robins Head! She Then Jumps Up And Drives Her Knees Into Robins Chest, Flattening Her! Moira With The Pin!



Kick Out By Robin! Moira Lifts her To Her Feet, and hits a bug time Enziguri! Robin Stumbles Back, Stunned, Giving Moira enough to hit a running neckbreaker Moira then runs tot he ropes and She Bounces Off The Second Rope And Hits A Moonsault Before Attempting A Pin!



Kick Out By Robin, Who Almost Immediately Throws Her Legs Up And Snacthes Moira Into A Scissorhold Headlock! Moira Is In Panic Mode Now, Gasping For Air As She Struggles To Get Out! Fortunately She’s Close Enough To The Ropes And She Just Barely Manages To Get A Leg On It, Breaking The Submission! Robin Reluctantly Let’s Go At The Ref's Demand! Robin starts walking over to her corner as her leg starts to act up again Standing In The Corner Now, Ready To End This! She Waits For Moira To Make It To Her Feet In Front Of Her Before Attempting a superkick, But NO!

Robins leg acts up at the last minute giving Moira the opening and allowing her to Reverses With A Back Elbow! She Turns And Hits Her With An Enziguri, Sending Her To One Knee! She Then Hits A DDT To The Kneeling Robin, Driving Her Head To The Mat.

Nyssa: Wow! Her head was just planted like a spring seed!

Leanna: Look what's happening!

As Robin lay motionless on her stomach, her leg has other plans, sporadically jerking off of the mat by itself with Robin's body being jerked along with it.

Leanna: Uhm... Does that leg have a mind of it's own or what?

Nyssa: Moira looks puzzled as we do!

Moira tries to grab the leg like a fish out of water, holding it with two tight grips to control it, but the leg is violently jerking in every direction. Robin doesn't seem to have control over it and Moira is thrown back from the leg. Robin can't seem to get a hold over on it and the referee decides for everyone's safety, to ring the bill, calling Moira the winner by DQ.

Moira becomes angry at the ref, wondering why he would make that call, but the ref insists it's the right one.

WINNER BY DQ: Moira Arches!!!

Nyssa: Well, you don't see that every day...

Leanna: I think lately, we kinda have... we'll be right back!!!




We return from commercial break as the camera takes us to the commentary table.

Nyssa: Welcome back to First Class as we get back to the action as our Women's Division heats up with more action here tonight as Katia Frye & Lien members of The Triumvirate who have recently had their run ins with The Coven the past few weeks will be taking on Viktoria Volkova & Denise Dimarco in a highly anticipated tag team match up!

Leana: Thats rightand with Evolution Championship Match up coming this will be an important momentum swing as three the four competitors will be in this match. Katia, Viktoria Volkova & Denise Dimarco have to be looking to gain an advantage heading into the match up.

Nyssa: Indeed Leana but also have to wonder will the fourth participant in The Evolution Match Steph and The Coven make an appearance during this match up but will just have to wait and see as we go to the action.

Jenny Fletcher: Making her way to the ring she weighs in at 128lbs from Sichuan, China (deep within the Jiuzhaigou valley) Lien “Crimson Lotus” Xinya!

Entertain You” by Within Temptation plays over the loud speakers as the lights dim to almost complete darkness. Smoke begins to rise up from the center panel of the stage as Lien Xinya stands amongst it, her head down. As the chorus of her music hits, she raises her head and lifts her right hand high into the air, her fingers closing tightly into a fist. She cracks her neck side-to-side as she runs down the ramp and slides into the ring. She runs towards the far ropes, doing a hand stand into the ropes before bouncing back and flipping backwards, landing in the center of the ring and posing for the fans then waits in the corner for her partner.

Jenny Fletcher: Making her way to the ring she weighs in at 129lbs from Budapest Katia Fyre!

Deliverance” plays over the loud speakers as black fireworks erupt on the stage, drawing the crowd’s attention to the entrance way. On the big screen, a video of a lion stalking its prey is shown, before it opens its maws, bares its teeth, and emits a loud growl. Katia then emerges from the back, stopping at the top of the ramp and placing her hands on her hips. She takes a brief look out at the crowd before she saunters down to the ring. Walking towards the TV-side of the ring, Katia slides up onto the apron and turns and faces the crowd once more. Smirking, she walks to the middle of the apron, laying her arms across the top rope and placing one foot on the bottom rope. Without hesitation, Katia backflips into the ring, landing easily on her feet and raising her hand high into the air, pointing a finger into the air. She walks over to Lien and wait for their opponents.

Jenny Fletcher: An their opponents making her way to the ring occupied by Marissa she weighs in at 220 from Mérida, Mexico
Viktoria Volkova!

Both ladies stride to the ring Viktoria cracking her knuckles as Marrisa scans the arena. The larger woman steps into the ring as her manager paces ringside.

Jenny Fletcher: And her partner making her way to the ring from Los Angeles, California she weighs in at 126 lbs Denise "The Diamond" DiMarco

Denise DiMarcos music hits the lights in the arena are flashing. Denise walks out onto the ramp with Tali Zora. The woman pose than make their way to the ring.

The bell rings and the match begins as Denise and Lien start things off first as Viktoria and Katia stand on the apron. Denise tries to tie up with Lien, but Lien shoves Denise back to the ground with ease! Denise scrambles to her feet and attempts to rush Lien with a Lariat, but Lien catches the arm, transitioning the hold and hitting her with a Falcon Arrow! Lien sees her opponent’s positioning and steps out onto the apron before slingshotting over the ropes and hitting Denise with a Senton! She nonchalantly leans on her for a pin!



Kick out by Denise at two! Lien looks down on her opponent, obviously frustrated! She gets up before dragging Denise to the corner by her hair. Lien tags in Katia, who puts her foot up on the top turnbuckle. Lien lifts Denise to her feet before driving her face into Katias’ boot! Katia enters the ring just in time to see Denise try to make it to her corner for a tag, but Katia goes to cut her off! She slides in front of Denise and hits a Dropkick, before popping back to her feet and catching Viktoria with a quick punch combination sending her falling from the apron! Marissa goes to Viktorias aide why the action continues on the inside.

Katia waits for Denise to make it back to her feet. She runs the ropes and hits a diving crossbody, before quickly getting back to her feet and hits a elbow drop on Denise.As Katia goes to pick up her up Denise counters Backstabber! Denise quickly rushes over her corner and tag in Viktorias whos made it back up the apron she quickly rushes Katia and hit her with a a closeline sending her crashing to the mat. Viktorias picks up Katia and tosses her to the corner and hits her with big time punches to the face and then rocking Katia with an elbow. Viktorias backs up and let's Katia stagger out of the corner and then hits her with a German suplex. She gets Katia to her feet before hanging her on the middle rope by her corner. She gets her in position and hits a running big boot knocking Katia down as she walks over towards Lien and slings her into the ring and hits her submission the Interrogation (Iron Claw) choking Lien.

Lien digs her fingers into Viktoria's face, causing the monster to loosen her grip. As she does, Denise jumps into the ring, only to be kicked away by Lien. As Viktoria tries to regain her grip, Katia leaps and crossbodies Lien and Viktoria together, sending the monster backwards. The Legal woman, on top of Lien, pins Viktoria to the ground and the weight is just enough to get the pinfall...




WINNERS: Triumvirate!!!!

Leana: What a match! I cannot believe the slugfest that we just saw!

Nyssa: I don't think it's over, girl!

In the fanfare following the decision, a figure has slid into the ring. Before anyone can pay her any attention, Mercedes-Jane Debonair pops up to her feet, with a broomstick in her hands.

Leana: There's Mercedes Debonair, right on cue.

Nyssa: And that's how you capitalize on an exhausted enemy!

The broomstick cracks into the back of Katia's knee, and she cries out in surprise and pain. MJ seizes the initiative and swings again, this time swinging the stick baseball-style across Katia's back. The sound of the impact is heard throughout the arena. Katia stumbles forward and Mercedies allows her to, stepping alongside her and using her momentum to throw her through the ring ropes. Katia tumbles to the ground at ringside.

Leana: This is not looking good for Katia, that's for sure!

Nyssa: Maybe not for long, Lien's back up and ready to go!

Lien charges at Mercedes from behind, but Mercedes is expecting it, throwing an elbow over her shoulder and stopping Lien's charge in her tracks. Lien is dazed, and MJ capitalizes, turning and pressing the broomstick against Lien's throat while bending her over backwards.

Nyssa: She's not! She's not gonna-

Mercedes cranks the broom back around, swinging Lien over and slamming her face into the ground with the Merciless.

Leana: Merciless! Not the Merciless! With the witches' broom, even!

Nyssa: I know that witches are cold, but this is ridiculous!

During the fracas, Denise quickly takes stock of the situation, realizes no one is targeting her, and beats a hasty retreat, slipping from the ring and jogging her way up the ramp, barely even glancing over her shoulder as she leaves. Viktoria just hangs back, resting against the turnbuckle. Marissa stands on the apron nearby, whispering and pointing as they observe the happenings before them.

Leana: I guess these two are enjoying the show...

Nyssa: Their opponents are getting trashed right before their eyes, wouldn't you?

Leana: Mercedes has a weapon, there's no honor here!

Nyssa: Honor! Hah! Where do you think we are, Medieval Times?

Mercedes spares little additional thought to Lien, who writhes on the ground from the impact. Instead, she exits the ring to the apron, looming above Katia. Even as the Sultry Soviet has barely gotten up to her hands and knees, MJ leaps from the apron, end of the broomstick pointed down like a spear. As she lands, she jabs the tip right into Katia's spine. Katia again flops to the ground, air leaving her body in a wheeze.

Leana: Somebody has to stop this, I can't believe the nerve of this witch!

Nyssa: The nerve? I can't believe the BALLS on this witch! Two versus one and she's handling them like yesterday's trash!

Leana: You really can be a piece of work, can't you?

Nyssa: Just callin' 'em like I see 'em, Leana!

Despite Leana's protests, Mercedes picks Katia up off the ground. Katia finds her second wind, thrusting her shoulder into MJ's stomach as she rises. She follows it up with a quick uppercut, a headlock, and a couple punches to the stomach and face.

Leana: There ya go Katia!

Nyssa: Don't worry folks, we here at IIW First Class promise to give you the most impartial match analysis anywhere.

Leana: Oh shut up, Nys!

Meanwhile, Lien is beginning to stir, rolling onto her front and starting to push herself back up. On the ground, MJ responds to a punch with an attack of her own, hooking her broom around the back of Katia's ankle and tripping her back down to the hard floor beneath.

Nyssa: That's what you get when you try to get out of taking your lumps!

Leana: Yeah, we're SO impartial.

MJ once again wastes no time, gripping her broom with both hands on either side and bringing it down, tip-first, into Katia's stomach and chest. In-ring, Lien has gotten to her hands and knees, breathing heavily as the crowd cheers her back up.

Leana: The crowd seems to be on the side of the Triumvirate here. Guess they don't like seeing bullies in action, either.

MJ picks Katia back up and glances back to the ring. Seeing Lien starting to rise, Mercedes instead begins to drag Katia up the ramp by her hair. Katia struggles valiantly, occasionally pausing the action to get some strikes in.

Nyssa: Katia's really gonna make MJ fight for every last centimeter, isn't she?

Leana: I'd like to see her drag this witch all the way to the looney ward!

Mercedes's broomstick proves to be no match for Katia's resistance, giving back painful jabs for every half-hearted punch and kick the Soviet can attempt. Lien is dragging herself towards the edge of the ring, letting the cheers of the crowd push her forward. As MJ and Katia reach the ramp's halfway point, Lien throws herself outside of the ring. She uses the elevation and her own natural athleticism to tumble down into a standing position, landing in a crouched pose. Her head flicks up, hair flying out of her face, and she regards MJ and her partner with a visible fury. The crowd goes nuts.

Leana: Here we go Nys! You're about to see some real action now! Get 'em Lien!

Nyssa: If you say so, girl. The Lotus still has to catch up first!

Mercedes glances back again, meeting the eyes of Lien and getting a little nervous. She redoubles her efforts, pulling Katia along as fast as she can, with Katia fighting every step of the way. Lien slowly, gracefully rises to her feet, like a predator moving into a better position. Her eyes are locked on her prey.

Nyssa: Actually, on second thought, you might be right. I half suspect this chick to teleport over there, the way she looks right now!

Behind Lien, the flap of the ring skirt flutters. An iron hook on a chain, gripped by a gloved hand, snakes out from underneath the ring, and hooks around Lien's ankle.

Leana: Hey wait! What the hell's going on? Who the hell is THAT?!

Lien is just about to take a step with the opposite leg as the hook is slipped around. Just as she turns around to discover the source, she is pulled to the ground!

Nyssa: What is that, a chain? Didn't one of those newcomers come out earlier with-

Almost as if in response, a figure's head pops out from under the ring skirts. It's Chelsey Chaingang, her eyes wide and manic grin even wider.

Leana: What the hell? What the hell? What's her deal here?

Nyssa: I don't know, girl, but I sure do love her style!

Mercedes looks back again, and smiles, her own energy and fervor renewing as she gives Katia a furious toe stomp and drags her even further up the ramp. Chelsey clambers out from underneath the ring, still holding onto the length of chain that's hooked around Lien's ankle. She mounts Lien from behind, wrapping the chain around her neck and pulling. Lien tries to cry out, but is cut off as her windpipes are forced shut. The crowd boos this new occurrence, and Chelsey just laughs out loud, soaking in the negativity. She's so wrapped up in the crowd's hate, she doesn't notice Lien's hand balling into a fist in a show of determination.

Leana: Lien here just refusing to give up!

The crowd notices, though, and goes wild, giving Lien the pop she needs. She slams her hand down into the ground and forces herself up to her hands and knees again. This breaks the dominance of Chelsey's hold, causing Chelsey to stumble forward a bit, falling down onto Lien. Lien reaches behind her head and grabs the back of Chelsey's, flinging forward as if to deliver a snapmare takeover. Instead, she flips forward as she pulls her attacker, tossing Chelsey over her shoulder and tumbling on top of her, pinning Chelsey instead. The crowd goes absolutely wild.

Nyssa: Oh shit! Maybe the new girl bit off more than she could chew!

Lien attempts to waste as little time as possible, rising to her feet and attempting to dash towards Katia and Mercedes, already nearing the entrance stage. Chelsey's chain is still hooked around her foot, though, and while her snapmare flip is enough to break Chelsey's hold, it isn't enough to keep her down. Chaingang yanks back on the chain again as Lien tries to escape, pulling her off balance before she can truly get back up. Chelsey capitalizes, rolling over and tackling Lien in a straight-forward spear, pushing Lien backwards into the ring apron once more. Lien fights back, throwing some sharp strikes at Chelsey before gripping her head in a headlock and whipping her to the side. Chelsey loses her own footing and goes tumbling into the ring steps with a resounding crash.

Leana: Oh my God, Nys! Will Lien stop at nothing to save her partner Katia?

Nyssa: The better question is will she be able to do it in time? I don't think we can count this Chelsey Chaingang out just yet!

Lien attempts to remove the hook from her ankle, but it fits just tightly enough to require a moment's focus. Meanwhile, Chelsey is struggling to her feet, the ring step pieces scattered around the ringside area. She spies Lien trying to extricate herself and yanks the chain again. From her position she does not have the strength to do much but make it harder for Lien to disengage. As Lien struggles, Chelsey wraps the other end of the chain around the nearby turnbuckle, this time using the post as a pulley to get even more force into her pull. This pulls Lien's leg off the ground, despite her best efforts to keep it there.

Nyssa: Looks like she's as skilled with that chain as her namesake would suggest!

This gives Chelsey the time she needs. Using this force to pull herself to her feet, she lunges forward, striking Lien across the back of the head with the length of chain in her hand. Lien, exhausted and dazed and giving it everything she has, falters just a bit, and Chelsey takes the advantage. She grabs Lien by the arm and throws her backward, slamming her hard into the corner of the ring. The crowd boos.

Leana: The fans sure don't seem to think much of it, that's for sure.

Back at the stage, Katia has found another push. She breaks free of Mercedes's grip and they start to trade blows. This time, Katia stays close, using elbows and knees and not letting MJ bring that broomstick to bear as readily. Back ringside, however, Chelsey is getting the upper hand on Lien, literally.

Leana: What the hell is she doing, Nys?!

Chelsey, never losing her grip on the arm she swung Lien by, lifts it up towards the turnbuckle post, pulling it around the back. She starts to wrap the chain around Lien's wrist, and grabs the other hand to do the same.

Nyssa: The Crimson Lotus is looking like she's gonna be a bit too tied up to deal with Mercedes!

Lien's focus returns and she sees what's happening. She struggles, attemping to break Chelsey's grip, but Chelsey just lifts a few heavy knees into Lien's stomach, winding her. Before the Chinese woman can react, Chelsey pulls up her other wrist and binds them both together with the length of chain, holding Lien uncomfortably against the corner of the ring.

Nyssa: Sure doesn't bode well for Lien here, does it?

Leana: Katia looks like she's getting the upper hand out there on the stage, though!

At the entrance, Katia is starting to score more blows on Mercedes than Mercedes can respond to in kind. Mercedes, however, appears to be leading the positioning game, having turned Katia's back to the edge of the stage and, with every weathered elbow strike, pushing the Soviet back towards the edge a little further.

Nyssa: Or does she?

Lien sees what's happening and tries to call out to Katia. She's silenced by a stiff body blow from Chaingang, who continues to work, tying the last slack of the chain around Lien's ankles and the lower end of the ring pole behind the skirt.

Leana: I don't like this at all, Nys! What do Chelsey and the Coven have to do with each other at all?

With Lien completely bound, Chelsey slides into the ring, sparing a glance at Viktoria and Marissa to assess their own intentions. Finding no aggression, Chelsey just lays on the ring floor, underneath the turnbuckle. Her head is just off to Lien's side as she cackles and points.

CC: It's too late, Lotus! Witness the consequences of your inaction!

Katia, fired up, goes for a heavy punch to finish the job on Mercedes, only to be shocked as Mercedes blocks the attack. Once again bringing the broomstick into play, MJ slaps the length of the stick against Katia's midsection, forcing the wind out of her and doubling her over.

Leana: No!

Mercedes follows it up, slamming the stick across Katia's exposed back. This time, the broomstick finally cracks under the force, remaining in one piece, but just barely.

Leana: NO!

Katia, reflexively, pops back up from her doubled-over position, dazed and out of it from the constant pressure. She teeters, wobbling on her feet at the edge of the stage.

Nyssa: That's gotta be, what? 6 meters to the floor?

Leana: I can't look!

Nyssa: And with all that junk we stash back there...

Mercedes just smirks, looking at the broom in her hands. Swapping her grip, she instead holds it broom end out. She lifts the bristles up to Katia's face and, almost teasingly, shoves it forward, pushing her off balance and sending the Sultry Soviet toppling off of the stage and crashing into the equipment and chairs and other out-of-sight items beneath. The crowd erupts in boos, but Mercedes eats it up. She blows Lien a kiss and disappears backstage.

Leana: Is it over? I can't look!

Nyssa: It's all over but the cryin', girl. That was... brutal.

As they witness this, Lien screams out in rage in pain. Chelsey, instead, just smiles, her elbows propped up on the floor and her head held in her hands. She gestures for a microphone and the ring announcer hurries over to get it. Without breaking her posture, Chelsey sets the microphone on the mat beneath her to speak into it.

CC: What's wrong, girlie? You don't think she looks pretty in that many pieces? I don't know about you, but I just LOVE a girl at all the wrong angles!

Lien roars in anguish, but Chelsey just scooches forward and plants a little kiss on the side of her head. She narrowly avoids a headbutt in return as she rolls out of the ring and casually skips over the guardrail to escape through the crowd.
“Pretty Dangerous” by Slash w Fergie blares over the speakers and everyone cheers!!!

Vexx: I just about had it!! The show is called First Class ladies. Let's show some!!

All the brawlers are yelling at one another and pointing while off to the side Marissa stares coldly up the ramp, focused on Vexx.

Vexx: Don’t even start Marissa, you and your pit bull are done trying to run MY SHOW!!

Out of the crowd come Porcelain and an unknown woman. They start beating the hell out of Marissa. Viktoria rushes over but is stopped in her tracks by Porcelain and some security. The new woman holds a battered Marissa in a headlock, the drug lord wheezing.

Vexx: You told me and the world last show you were going to destroy this show and me. Well it doesn’t look like that worked out very well for you now, did it?

Marrissa screams at Vexx trying to wrestle herself out of the hold, to no avail. Viktoria has been muscled to the back so her only help is nowhere to be found. The blonde woman tightens the hold, grinning.

Vexx: The young lady locking you down is my new find, Ariel Dixon. Her career is just beginning and what a way to start. One last thing you crazy bitch….YOU’RE FIRED!!!! Pass that along to the roided up gorilla too!! Now get out of my arena!

Ariel lets the hold go following behind the embarrassed and utterly destroyed Mexican escorting her from the front side.

Vexx: Whew!! Let’s get back to the real action...


Nyssa: This match is positively HUGE!! Taylor, the Head Bitch In Charge, is facing Casie Debonair for the number one contender for the Women’s Championship! Moira has to be watching in the back.

Lena: Unfortunately where Casie goes so does the Coven. Here is hoping for a good clean match! Let’s get it going…

Announcer: This match is scheduled for one Fall! It is for the right to be the number one contender for the Women’s Championship!!!

The crowd cheers!!!

Announcer: First we have the self proclaimed Head Bitch In Charge, hailing from Atlanta GA Taylor BLLLLAZER!!!

Notorious by B.I.G plays over the arena as the monitor lights up H.B.I.C. As lighting goes across the letters and a thunder bolt strikes the stage as a little smoke comes out on the stage. Taylor Blazer makes her way out from behind the curtains, with Jason Burns coming out, stepping to the side, trying not to be in her way. She poses at the top, showing her muscles, then slowly walks to the ring with a bit of attitude before stepping into the ring. Jason holds the ropes open for her as she steps inside

Her opponent from Los Angeles California, accompanied she is the Sultry Casie Debonair!!!

The lights go out and purple and white strobing fills the arena as Billie Eilish, “You should see me in a crown” blasts over the speaker system. Frankie steps out from behind the curtain followed by Casie and both just stand there, Casie tapping her foot with her head down.

As soon as the chorus hits, pyros explode and the lights slightly come up. Casie swings her head up and jumps in the air and begins skipping down to the ring as Frankie walks either beside or behind her, applauding as she does.

Casie jumps up onto the apron and front flips over the top rope climbing the turnbuckle as the song continues. She turns and sits on the turnbuckle, waiting for the song to end as Frankie takes up a chair near the announce table.

Nyssa: This is truly a main event! Hopefully Taylor can fend off Casie and her friends and pull out the win!

The bell rings and the two circle each other, each waiting for the other to make a move. Taylor’s braid swishes behind her as she goes in for a headlock. Casie lifts up Taylor dropping the woman down on her knee. Taylor falls to the mat writhing in pain holding her back.

Casie picks up Taylor whipping her into the corner, running toward her. Instinctively, Blazer puts knees up knocking Casie backwards. She climbs the turnbuckle and jumps knocking Casie back with a cross body. I stead of going for the pin she picks up Casie dropping her with a Bad Bitch near the center of the ring.

Nyssa: She could have gone with an early pin but decided to inflict more punishment, always a wise move with the Coven circling the ring.

Leena: She better get her moves in now the look like vultures.

Casie gets to one knee giving Taylor a crotch shot. Taylor shocked drops to a knee. Casie standing up pulls her by her hair to the turnbuckle, mounts it and begins striking her.

Nyssa: Renewed energy from the Coven member, let’s go!!

Casie jumps down after the ref pulls her off. Taylor drops into the corner. Casie running up with a bronco buster in the corner. Casie jumps back.

Leena: Ouch devastating face wash in the corner!! Taylor looks worse for wear.

Taylor pulls herself up slowly as Casie makes her way toward her again. Taylor with renewed energy pounds Casie with elbows to the face. Pushing Casie away she drops her with a clothes line. Kneeling down Taylor locks Casie in a headlock