Nyssa: Gooooooooood evening First Class universe and welcome to NOREASTER! with me tonight is the grinch herself Leana.

Leana: Yeah yeah but even I can't be upset with such a stacked card tonight! from a Battle royal to start us off to two championship matches!

The announce table has been converted to a winter wonderland with wrapped gifts and a mini tree as the announce team have dressed like elves.

Nyssa: Your forgetting the boss is gonna totally fire Solace tonight! we even have a special guest out here at the announce table tonight!

Leana:....Would you like to say anything Capello?

Capello: No, just watching the match


"Deal With It" by Ashnikko blasts through the speakers as the crow erupts in cheers

Leana: Gotta believe this woman GERI is local favorite and she's one of my top picks!

GERI slowly makes her way to the ring giving out high fives to her fellow New Yorkers.

Nyssa: Yeah yeah ive got my money on a few other women due to be in this!


Messenger in Flames by Cepheid ft Un3h begins to play through the arena after GERI waits in ring.

Nyssa: One of my favorites right here! The GODDESS SLAYER Lauren Edwards!

Alessia: Pfft a bit on the nose

Standing there at the top of the ramp, Lauren throws a few jabs before beginning to strut down to the ring, extending her arms out and slightly upward. About a quarter of the way down the ramp, she stops and slightly pushes back the hood, revealing a focused, steely stare as she continues to walk, her arms dropping by her side. Taking off her jacket when she reaches the top of the ramp, she hands it to a ringside attendant before walking up the steps and standing on the apron, leaning back, she flips over the top rope and enters the ring, extending her hands upon landing as her music begins to fade.

Leana: Interesting that Lauren Edward's and GERI'S first match in First Class would be this battle royal.

Nyssa: Its the amazing booking skills of the boss obviously! You should be rooting for her tonight!


Vengo Por Ti by Def Rebel begins as Aaliyah Landerson steps out to the ramp but right after the music switches to Rise From The Ashes by Def Rebel as Latoya Hixx steps out right beside Landerson, both women high fiving before they make their way down together.

Leana: These two are good friends and you gotta wonder whats gonna happen when they have to go at each other here.

Nyssa: Delicious discord of course!


How do you Sleep by John Lennon starts up as the crowd cheers almost in a fervor as the match finally draws near
Edda Wilcox steps out looking out at the sea of fans as she gives high fives and makes her way down.

Leana: One of my favorites! A real hard worker trained by a true Veteran Grimjack


This Means War by Avenge Sevenfold hits and leds lining the ramp flash with every beat of the snare. The pause in the intro hits and the lights and screens go out leaving the arena in pitch black. As it drops again green pyro pops from the corners as the lights come back up revealing Robin standing in the middle of the ring. She raises her arms in the air and stomps the mat with her prosthesis.

Nyssa: I still don't know how she gets to the ring.....magic?

Leana: More like well-timed camera shots Nyssa but let's get this one started!

The Bell rings as the women all tense up a 6-way stare down commencing nobody doing a thing yet.

Nyssa: Really getting bored already....

Almost on queue Hixx and Landerson jump on GERI assaulting her with a barrage of tandem blows. Robin takes this time to sit back in the corner as Edda steps right up to Edwards who responds with a swift palm strike to her abdomen which sends Edda lurching forward setting her up for a brutal snap DDT.

Leana: These ladies are ripping into each other save for Robin Vengeance

Nyssa: Shes playing it smart why tire yourself out if people will just beat themselves up for you!?

GERI is looking worse for wear as she hangs on the ropes to catch a breath as Hixx and Landerson take time to high-five before running with linked arms for a clothesline to GERI sending her flying over the ropes and the first elimination of the match.

Leana: And the number game is catching up already! 5 women left but 2 of them are a team!

Alessia: A bit cowardly to be working together that long

Robin stalks behind the celebrating women as they wave to the crowd obviously planning to sneak a quick elimination. This is stopped as Edwards is slammed into her as Edda gets the Dragon Suplex off on the Key West Nightmare. Edwards rolls out under the bottom rope to the ground.

Nyssa: Smart move there, good way to catch a breather you don't want to be tired in a match like this, not in the ring anyway

Back in the ring Hixx and Landerson circle around Edda and Vengeance who have found themselves back-to-back a temporary team being formed as a sly nod is shared between the women.

Leana: These two where just teamed up last week at the wheel, makes sense they can slip back into synch.

Edwards slips back into the ring behind the duo locking in a deep rear naked choke on Hixx dragging her back as Landerson is hopped on by Vengeance and Edda given a taste of her own medicine as she is stomped into a corner before Edda points at the opposite corner of the ring.

Nyssa: Someone blow the cool move whistle!

Vengeance and Edda make their way to the opposite corner then Edda flings Vengeance into Landerson as she brings her knee up for a vicious strike to the chin that sends her crumpled onto the floor.

On the other side of the ring Edwards is still cradling a possibly knocked out Hixx her chokehold still locked in tight as she begins to lean her over the ropes transitioning to grabbing her waist.

Nyssa: Having to work her like a sack of potatoes haha straight dead weight!

Unceremoniously Hixx is tossed out headfirst on her head Edwards smirking down at her

Leana: The War Goddess slayed by the Slayer herself!

At the same time Edda has begun working on Vengeance locking her in armbar in the corner laying on the ropes as she leans back for leverage.

Nyssa: Has to be softening her up for the magic! But there aren't any tap outs in this match!

Edwards rushes over to the corner stepping over the still out Landerson as she ducks down shoving both Vengeance and Edda over. Edda already being in a precarious position falls to the ground but Vengeance's prosthetic leg hooks the middle rope before she tumbles out.

Edwards has already moved on to Landerson her dominate display on full blast as she drags her to the middle of the ring and locking her arms in slams her to the mat for the DDT

Nyssa: Celestial Downfall! She's done! Someone toss her out already so she can get woken u- Where are you going Alessia!?

Capello makes her way over to the side of the ring to the still hanging Vengeance lightly slapping her face to ger her focus and seems to be screaming at her and pointing to the ring.

Robin would nod and slowly get herself back in the ring just as Landerson is tossed out by Edwards who instantly whips around showing herself to be a student of the game watching Capello who raises her hands showing she wont be getting involved though she stalks the ring.

Robin finally gets herself settled and ready as she stares at Edwards for a moment before holding out a hand for a shake. Wearily Ewards goes to accept the shake, but robin childishly pulls her hand back and goes for a standing pele kick but Edwards steps back wagging a finger at the woman with a smirk. She then turns to stare at Capello now on guard for tricks from the woman at ring side.

Leana: Smart move on her part, the already tired Robin is less of threat than Capello but I'm wondering what she's actually doing out here?

Robin slowly stalks behind Edwards and goes for a punch to the back of her head but Edwards almost six sense like preforms a perfect standing backflip over her opponent and then sends a vicious roundhouse kick to the head all the while hers eyes on Capello. Vengeance crumples to the ground but before she falls fully she is grabbed by the hair and tossed out the ring next to Capello.


Messenger In Flames starts back up as the crowd erupts in cheers as the match comes to a close.

Leana: And just like that the Goddess Slayer makes herself known sending a message to the locker room!

Nyssa: You gotta wonder just how far she will g- Oh crap

Leana: Yeah we knew this might happen

In the ring Capello has slipped in behind Edwards and locked her waist in for the German Suplex as Robin slides in as well a look of anger on her eyes.

Nyssa: Seems the Goddess Slayer is about to face Judgment! what's this all about?!

Alessia could be seen screaming at Robin as she has to keep readjusting her hold to keep Edwards in place.

Robin nods as she steps to the ropes and then delivers a vicious super kick to Edwards the momentum being used by Capello to send her back for the Suplex.

Leana: A brutal combination! Edwards just got rocked by these two women

Capello stands up and uses a foot to roll Edwards out of the ring with a glare before she looks to Robin and raises her left hand high making a fist. Robin would follow her actions as well, standing in the ring as The Left Hand symbol fills the main screen.

Leana: W-Well we have lots more for the show tonight folks...Next up we have Ada Pierce Vs. Mercedes for the next shot at the Evolution Championship!

Nyssa: Yeah you don't want to miss that one or anything else from First Class tonight!



Ada Pierce makes her way to the ring, dressed in her traditional karate gi and black flip flops. As she walks down the ramp, she waves at the fans, high fiving as many of them as she can before climbing up the steps in the corner. On the apron, she removes her flip flops and enters the ring, standing in the middle before throwing out the “peace” sign at the fans and ending it with a traditional bow.

Leanna: "And what a match we have for you folks up right now!"

Nyssa: "After whats been happening the last few weeks, I don't even know if we can consider this a wrestling match. I think it'll be an all out brawl."

Leanna: "Ada is in the ring and I'm sure that she's looking for some form of retribution after what she was costs by this woman, right here!"


“Daisy Bell” begins to play over the speaker system in the arena as Mercedes makes her way out from behind the curtain all smiles and bouncing up and down. She skips towards the ring but then suddenly stops mid aisle and freezes, her head flopping down to the ground as the music slightly stutters...


In an instantaneous burst, without any hesitation at all, Ada and Mercedes both lunge forward at one another. No lock up at all. Rather the two begin absolutely pummeling each other with closed fist. The ref pops out of the way, off to the side, as the explosive force of Mercedes and Ada throws the two into the ropes, both women tumbling over the top rope, spilling to the outside. Crashed and burned, Ada favors the left side of her face. Mercedes is on her hands and knees, shielding herself by the barricade. The crowd erupting in excitement at the quick exchange.

Nyssa: "Oh my god! They took each other out as soon as the bell rang"

Leanna: "A massive trading of fists and now both competitors are grounded on the outside."

Nyssa: "The people here are loving this!"

The ref promptly begins to make a ten count.





Ada makes the save being the first one back in the ring, though slightly staggered.





Leanna: "Whats Mercedes doing? She needs to get back in the ring."

Nyssa: "Theres no way shes out already"




Suddenly, Mercedes is to her feet and sliding back into the ring. The ref makes sure not to allow Ada a chance to jump Mercedes. Given the previous weeks, that could have been a possibility. Ada puts both of her hands into the air, signifying her compliance with the ref. As Mercedes makes her way back to her feet, she stumbles, knocking into the ref. Ada goes to grab her, but as she does Mercedes unleashes a handful of the decorative snow from around the arena, blowing it into the eyes of Ada. Stunned at the sudden and unexpected action, Ada shields her eyes as she lets out a yell. The crowd waste little time in booing the devious behavior.

Leanna: "So thats what Mercedes was doing that entire time she was on the floor. She wasn't out. She was stocking up!"

Nyssa: "And she shoved the ref so they wouldnt see the cheating. What a lack of respect."

With Ada now temporarily blinded, Mercedes seizes the opportunity to completely blindside Ada herself. She grabs Ada by the hair and slams her face first to the canvas, swiftly following it up with a punt to the side of the head. Wasting little time, Mercedes sprints to the rope using the momentum to propel her with more force as she lands a running shooting star press to the back and head of Ada. The crowd, while not on her side, can't help to exclaim, in unison, "OHHH!".

Leanna: You can hate her. You can hate her cheating. But Merceds is one hell of a wrestler."

Executing some of her technical prowess, Mercedes waste little time in rolling into a front face lock. The ref waits a few moments and then asks if Ada wishes to tap. An audible "no!" can be heard from her, as the crowd rejoice and cheer for her resilience. Mercedes, not wanting to lose her momentum begins fires knees to the side of the head, where she seems to be working Ada. Shockingly, Ada seems to eat the knee strikes, and wriggles hard, allowing her to roll both herself and Mercedes over. Mercedes doesn't have any intention of loosening her front face lock. Ada uses this as a chance to perform a bridging formation between the two as they work to there feet.

Nyssa: "What a brilliant counter"

Ada finally forces Mercedes to break the now backwards face lock. Almost within that exact same moment, Ada nails a pele kick to the head of Mercedes, catching the crowd off guard as they roar again. On her back once more, Ada quickly extends her legs back upwards, locking around the neck and head of Mercedes. She pulls her forward and down in a head scissors/huricana style move, causing Mercedes to flip forward, though shes able to recover, catching her flip, landing on both feet. Springing up in a classic Shawn Micahels kick up, Ada goes to strike Mercedes, but Mercedes goes to do the same. Catching what was about to happen, both woman pause as the crowd responds with an applause. Mercedes, in a cocky fit, drops her fists and begins to mouth off to Ada, attempting to bait her. Being a bit too persuasive for this tactic, Ada immediately unloads with her signature Five Hit String.

Nyssa: "The five hit stri- NO! The TEN hit string"

Ada doesn't slow her five hit signature, a burst of energy coming alive within her, and she extends move into her most famous signature.

Leanna: "Some come-uppance for the last few weeks, finally!"

Mercedes staggers, entirely out of it at this point. Ada recognizes her clear advantage in the current situation, and escalates it by running the ropes, returning back with a fearsome drop kick sending Mercedes deep into the rope corner.

Nyssa: "Successful Winged Karateka, will we see the follow up?"

Ada begins to run to the opposite corner as Mercedes staggers. Ada begins running back as she see's Mercedes begin to drop. But just as Ada leaves her feet for the follow up drop kick in her Winged Karateka, Mercedes grabs the rope and launches herself out of the way as Ada crashes into the turnbuckles. Ada goes down hard, her momentum being her own downfall as Mercedes rolls out of the ring in an attempt to recover herself. Ada takes a few moments, finding her way back to her knees, though she now is favoring her leg.

Leanna: "That missed drop kick in the corner seems to have really hurt the leg of Ada"

Nyssa: "Much to the joy of Mercedes im sure. Her leg is her key body part in her finishing move"

Just as Ada is attempting to stumble back up, her left knee slightly buckled, Mercedes tosses a chair into the ring from the outside. She hadn't rolled out to recover so much as to grab a weapon. The ref see's this instantly and yells at Mercedes, as he picks up the aforementioned chair and walks to the side of the ring to pass it off to a nearby official. Mercedes is back in the ring, a chain wrapped around her fist and... the refs back is turned! Ada is now to her feet but Mercedes is looking to strike her with the illegal chain.

Nyssa: "Not like this!"

Out of virtually NO WHERE, Ada, buckled knee and all, lashes back with a spinning heel kick, clocking the chain back into Mercedes face as both woman fall to the mat. Mercedes is out cold and Ada is grasping her knee.

Leanna: "Can she make the cover?"

Ada, with one arm drapes it over Mercedes. The ref is back with full attention, jumping to the mat and slamming his hand down for the count.






Your WINNER and Number One Contender for the Evolution Championship... ADA PIERCE!!!


LEGIONS ARE MARCHING - SPQR hits the PA system Alessia "Domina" Capello walks through the curtain than stands at the top of the ramp looking sole at the ring than she marches down to the ring with no pyro or light show.

Leana - Alessia is all business here tonight.

Nyssa - She is always all business.

Leana - Yes that's true but tonight it's even more. You know she can't wait to her her hands on DiMarco here tonight.

Nyssa - Yeah she has been waiting for this moment.


def rebel - Boss It hits the PA system. Denise DiMarco makes her way to the ring.

The lights in the arena go out completely and then just as quickly blue and white strobing fills the arena…


“Fire up that loud
Another round of shots!
Turn down for what?!”

An explosion sounds as the base hits and Lil Jon’s “Turn down for what” fills the arena as the crowd get completely hyped up. Steph steps out onto the top of the ramp jumping up and down and firing her arms in the air like she was shooting pistols before jumping and skipping down to the ring as the song continues.

She jumps up onto the apron, grabs the top rope and front flips into the ring, dancing around as the song begins to slowly fade out and the house lights come up, taking herself to a corner and awaiting the bell…

Nyssa - Someone will get hurt here tonight.

Leana - I'm so glad I'm sitting out here next to you and not in that ring.

The bell rings and all 3 women look up at the Evo title hanging above the ring. Steph steps through the ropes and motions for Capello and DiMarco to fight it out. Capello runs at DiMarco immediately locking up with her. Capello immediately side steps hip tossing DiMarco. Capello hits the ropes but it tripped by Steph who is still outside the ring. Capello turns around and spits at Steph but that all gives DiMarco enough time to get up and run at Capello. As soon as Capello turns around she gets clotheslined to the outside of the ring by DiMarco. Steph immediately begins laying boots into Capello. Steph grabs a handful of snow then rubs it in the face of Capello. Denise hits the ropes running across the ring diving through the second rope at Steph but steph another handful of snow into the face of Denice causing her to crash and burn. Steph grabs a ladder from next to the Ring and slides it inside.

Leana - Steph is showing us why she is the Evo champion.

Nyssa - She absolutely is. She is wasting no time at all here tonight. She is trying to end this match early.

Steph follows the ladder closely behind then sets the ladder up and begins to climb. Capello Gets to her feet sliding into the ring grabbing ahold of the ladder. She looks up at steph smiles and pushes the ladder over causing stuff to crash to the mat. Capello grabs the ladder then picks it up placing it in the corner on the ring. Capello walks over and picks up Steph then whips her face first into the ladder. Steph hits the mat hard than rolls out of the ring under the bottom rope.

Nyssa - Steph is no longer in control.

Leana - Let's be honest it's a strap ladder match no one is in control.

Nyssa - What ever a strap ladder match is.

DiMarco grabs a chair from under the ring then slowly makes her way into the ring. Capello lifts the ladder, dumping it over the top rope. DiMarco lifts the chair up then smashes it onto the back of Capello. DiMarco runs over to the corner where the strap is hanging. She picks up the strap than walks over to where Capello is layed out. Denise leans down then attaches the strap to Capello's wrist. Denise then Rolls under the bottom rope to the outside of the ring. She takes the other end of the strap and attaches it to the rest of Steph.

Leana - Brilliant move by DiMarco here. She just tied Capello and Steph together.

Nyssa - I've seen it all.

She grabs the ladder that Capello dumped to the outside and slides it back into the ring. Denise goes to slide into the ring under the rope but Steph grabs her leg stopping her. Denise turns around attempting to kick Steph in the face but Steph dodges it. Steph wraps her fist in the strap then connects with a huge right hand. Steph slides into the ring and steps up the ladder. She begins to climb up but only gets half way due to being connected to Capello. Steph jumps down then pulls the strap hard causing Capello to stir and be dragged closer to the ladder. Steph once again begins to climb the ladder. She is almost to the top but Capello has gotten to her knees and yanks in the strap hard causing Steph to be pulled off the ladder landing hard at the foot of it.

Nyssa - She just got yanked right off that ladder.

Leana - Cappello looked up and said not today Steph.

DiMarco slides back into the ring from the outside but is caught with a kick by Capello. Capello grabs the strap then wraps it around the throat of DiMarco and pulls it tight. Capello is pulling the strap as hard as she can. DiMarco is slowly losing her will to fight. Steph crashes into Capello knee first causing her to let go of the strap. DiMarco grabs her throat and is breathing deeply. Steph gets to her feet then picks up Capello and plants her with a single arm DDT. Steph rolls Capello out of the ring then follows since they are still strapped together. Steph grabs the strap and begins to drag Capello up the ramp. It was made easier by all the snow on the ground.

Leana - Steph looks like she is taking out the trash.

Nyssa - In her mind she probably is.

Leana - The snow is definitely helping out here.

Steph gets to the top of the ramp then pulls Capello the rest of the way. Steph attempts to pick up Capello but Capello throws a handful of snow at Steph causing her to pause for a second giving Capello enough time to sweep Stephs legs out. Capello walks through the curtain then comes right back dragging a closed table under her arm. She drops it then leans down to open it but gets hit in the face with a snowball. She looks up, getting hit with a drop kick from DiMarco. DiMarco slides the table away then takes a top mount on Capello and begins to rain down punches. Steph has managed to get back to her feet then comes from behind DiMarco connecting with a scorpion death drop. Steph stands up Capello who shoves her back hard. Capello launches forward and begins exchanging blows with Steph. Both women are throwing fists and elbows. DiMarco looks up at the woman and notices they are standing on top of the table. DiMarco spins around and kicks the table a few times, inching it closer to the ramp. All of a sudden the table begins to slide down the ramp on top of the snow. Steph and Capello don't seem to care and are still locked in a fury of fists. The table slides all the way down the ramp and hits the ring knocking both women over.

Leana - Oh my God I have never seen anything like that before in my entire life.

Nyssa - They rode that table all the way down the ramp while fighting eachother.

Leana - It's almost like they didn't even notice.

DiMarco is standing at the top of the ramp laughing. She begins to make her way down the ramp then sprints as Steph and Capello get to their feet. DiMarco dives at them hitting a double spear. DiMarco gets up and pulls herself into the ring. She makes her way to the ladder and picks it up, opening it and tries to align it with the title belt hanging high above the ring. Capello manages to get to her feet and sees DiMarco starting to climb the ladder. Capello Gets into the ring and runs to try and knock the ladder over, forgetting she is still strapped together with Steph. Capello looks like she ran into a pole as her feet keep going but her upper body is jersey backwards.

Leana - SHE CAN'T REACH. She is a good 3 feet away.

Nyssa - DiMarco has this match won. We are about to have a new Evolution Champion.

Steph gets to her feet as Capello is yelling at her to get into the ring. Steph sees what's going and slides into the ring. DiMarco is on the top of the ladder with her hands on the belt.

Leana - She is right there.

Nyssa - we have a new champion.

Steph and Capello both spread out and run past the ladder pulling the strap right. The strap hits the ladder causing it to fall over sending DiMarco crashing over the top rope all the way to the snow covered floor.

Nyssa - And just like that you go from basically being the champion to being dead.

Leana - we need medics out here ASAP. DiMarco just fell a good 30 feet onto solid ground.

Nyssa - Solid snow covered ground.

Leana - That doesn't make it any better.

Nyssa - I can't believe they worked as a team to stop DiMarco.

Leana - It's a short lived friendship at best.

Steph and Cappello look at eachother than lock up. Steph spins out of the lock up whipping Capello into the ropes. Steph goes for a clothesline but Capello ducks it running across the ring. Steph grabs the strap then pulls hard causing Capello to fall backwards. Steph drops a quick elbow then picks Capello up pushing her into the corner. Steph climbs to the second rope, holds her fist high then starts punching the head of Capello. After about 7 punches Capello manages to get her arms around the thighs of Steph. Capello stands up with steph on her shoulders then slams her down hard with a powerbomb. Both women fall to the mat.

Nyssa - All 3 women are down right now.

Leana - Someone is going to have to get up and climb that ladder.

Nyssa - At this point do we think anyone can actually climb it.

Leana - I really don't know.

Capello slowly gets to get feet than immediately picks up the ladder and positions it under the title belt. She slowly begins to climb up. She gets about halfway up when Steph begins to get up. Steph jumps elbowing the back of Capello causing her to fall down 2 rungs of the ladder. Steph goes to the other side of the ladder and begins climbing as does Capello. Both women reach the top of the ladder. Steph reaches up to grab the title but Capello smacks her hard in the face. Capello follows it up with 3 elbows to Steph. Capello attempts to ram Stephs head into the top of the ladder but Steph stops it by putting her hands down. Steph begins laying shots into Capello.

Nyssa - Damnnnnnnn Steph is going off.

Leana - That's her title and she is letting the world know that.

Steph grabs Capello's head then jumps off the ladder holding Capello's head. She hits an amazing Stephacide from the top of the ladder.


Nyssa - Holy shit I can't believe what we just saw.

Leana - Capello is broken in half. Steph took a huge fall off that ladder as well. Let's see if she can climb back up.

Steph slowly gets to her knees and begins pulling herself up the ladder she is almost to the top when she abruptly stops. She begins yanking her arm but can't climb any higher.

Leana - Steph can't get to the top because she is still strapped to Capello.

Nyssa - That's not good what is she going to do?

Steph yells then climbs down the ladder. She picks up Capello then walks to the ladder and shoves her through the middle rungs. Steph then climbs onto the back of Capello and stands up. She holds her arm up pointing to the title and laughs.

Leana - Steph just used Capello as a ladder.

Nyssa - I love that so much.

Steph turns and climbs the rest of the way up the ladder. She reaches the top then grabs the title pulling it off the hook. She immediately holds the title up in the air then sits on the top of the ladder.

Leana - SHE DID IT.

Nyssa - She overcame the odds and retained her title.

Leana - What a match.


With purple lights flashing, "The Quiet Storm" Solace Tatum makes her way out to a large pop from the audience, flanked by Lien Xinya and Katia Fyre. She looks her partners, nodding, prompting them to walk to the back as Tatum descend down the ramp with an unrelenting focus in her eyes. Her hair is wet with the water she doused from her water bottle prior to making her entrance, and the lightning bolts seem to blink along with the lights as the bright strobes behind her reach around her moving body to light up her white/purple tights. She is a walking hurricane, determined to end Jolie Vexx’s reign as the GM of First Class as she picks up the pace and slides into the ring. She grabs the ropes to stretch against their pull, her dark purple boots firmly planted on the First Class ring mat to counter the rope's resistance. Her eyes are all business, full of confidence as she waits for Jolie Vexx to show herself.

Leana: Solace’s eyes… just wow.

Nyssa: She needs to get over herself.

Leana: Keep it down, kiss-ass.


“Beautiful Dangerous” by Slash hits the PA system as strobes flash like camera flashbulbs before Jolie Vexx walks through the curtains to a chorus of boos. Before long, Jolie stops on the stage and a spot light focuses on her as the arena lights lower, prompting the boss lady to bask in her own greatness. Twinkling lights appear up and down the ramp as Vexx makes her way to the ring, ignoring the jeering fans as her eyes stay locked on Solace Tatum. Approaching to the ring, she turns to make her way to the steel steps in the corner all while continuing to shoot daggers at the Queen of the Ring. As she walks across the apron, she smirks at Solace before finally breaking away from her, taking the opportunity to show off as she flips her hair, sliding between the ropes as slowly as she possibly can.

Leana: Interestingly, Porcelain is not here to provide the much needed back-up for Vexx.

Nyssa: “Much needed back-up”? Get outta here. Our boss doesn’t need any help to end Solace’s career!

Leana: Are you sure you called the same match we saw on the Wheel of Stipulations?

As Jolie’s theme music fades, the referee steps in between the two competitors, asking if they are ready to begin this contest. It couldn’t get any more intense as the fans stay on their feet, looking on with bated breath. A career is ending. Will it be Solace’s in-ring career? Or Jolie’s title as General Manager of First Class?

Jolie Vexx: I am YOUR BOSS, you ungrateful little shit!

The referee refrains from signaling for the bell as Jolie runs her mouth at a million miles per hour, screaming at Solace with everything she’s got, signaling heavy boos from the crowd, causing Vexx to turn her attention to them.

Jolie Vexx: HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO REMIND YOU IDIOTS?! I am the BOSS and YOU spend your life savings to RENT… THOSE.. SEA-“

Suddenly, Solace Tatum rushes in before slapping the taste, as well as the sass, out of Vexx’s mouth, forcing the referee’s hand as the bell rings to thunderous applause! As Tatum puts the boots to Vexx’s gut for an extended period of time and what feels like forever for the boss, the referee has no choice but to step in to separate the two women, forcing Solace away from the GM of First Class as the fans rain the boos down. While Solace protests the ref’s decision, Jolie takes this opportunity to roll out of the ring, landing on the snow-covered ringside mats. Spotting her, Tatum wastes little time following suit, rolling out of the ring, stalking Jolie as she’s on all fours, crawling away. The Quiet Storm proves to be nothing but quiet as she grabs Jolie’s head, attempting to force her back up while yelling several obscenities at her, only for Vexx to catch the Queen of the Ring off-guard, smushing a snowball into her face!

Leana: Oh come on!

Despite the little damage she may have caused, Jolie immediately follows up with a roundhouse kick that sends Solace crashing down on the snow, nursing her head as the boss lady leans back against the barricade, a giant, Cheshire Cat-like grin forming on her face as Tatum slowly makes back up to her feet. The second she does, Jolie immediately rushes forward, tackling her opponent, slamming her back-first against the hardest part of the ring, eliciting a painful yell out of Tatum as the fans’ audible disapproval grows louder.

Nyssa: What an absolute warrior! That’s our GM!

Leana: You CANNOT be serious!

Solace’s legs begin to give, but Jolie refuses to allow her a moment’s rest, tossing her back inside the ring as she follows suit. As Tatum nurses her back, Vexx smells blood in the water, quickly bringing her the sole of her boot crashing down on Tatum’s spine with a sickening Axe Kick, forcing another pained yell out of Solace as Jolie’s smile widens. Still struggling to get back up, Solace crawls towards the ropes, hoping to use them to help her return to a vertical base, but she’s stopped dead in her tracks when Jolie leaps up into the air before planting both of her feet down on Solace’s back with a brutal Double Foot Stomp as the crowd’s booing drown Tatum’s pained grunts out.

Nyssa: She’s just picking Solace apart!

Leana: Ugh. Can’t disagree.

“What’s the matter, Solace? Huh?!” screams Vexx as she grabs a fistful of Tatum’s hair, harshly pulling her head off the mat before sending a brutal kick to the side of her head, causing the fans in attendance to wince as the boss lady maintains her grip over her opponent’s hair. “You wanted to end my career?! This is MY SHOW!” screams Vexx before kicking Tatum again as the fans boo the GM at the top of their lungs, causing her to release her grip over Solace’s hair to address the “ungrateful masses”.

Nyssa: Yeah! You tell ‘em, boss!

Leana: Nyssa! For god’s sake, shut up!!!

Satisfied, Vexx decides she’s done with this. She harshly pulls Tatum up to her feet as she looks to be setting up for ‘The Fluffer’, lifting Solace up, but The Quiet Storm rages on, instinctively shooting her elbow back, cracking Jolie in the jaw, forcing her to release the hold as applause quickly replaces the loud jeering from the First Class fans. Adrenaline courses through Solace’s veins as she sprints towards the ropes, leaping up, planting her feet on the second ropes before bouncing back with a beautiful-yet-brutal Springboard European Uppercut that turns Jolie Vexx inside-out! With both women down on the mat, they begin to stir as the fans cheer Solace on, willing her back up as she grabs the ropes and returns to her feet.

Leana: The momentum is beginning to shift!

Solace stands on wobbly legs, nearly losing her balance but thankfully, she guides herself against the corner, leaning against the turnbuckles before wiping the blood off her lips, blood that’s started to leak out courtesy of Jolie’s repeated kicks. “Get your bitch-ass up!” screams Solace as she prepares to kick the GM’s head off with her patented superkick, the ‘Sol-Searcher’, knowing that she needs to take a big risk here and potentially catch her fresher opponent off-guard. As the fans forget how to breathe, watching Jolie slowly return to her feet, the boss lady finally turns around, prompting Solace to rush in, only for Vexx to grab her ankle! Solace’s eyes widen as Jolie winks at her before spinning her around, wrapping her arms around the Queen of the Ring’s waist, lifting her up and slamming her down with ‘The Fluffer’!!! An audible, collective gasp is heard from the fans as Jolie quickly hooks both of Solace’s legs, seconds away from ending her opponent’s career!

Leana: No!!!

Nyssa: Let’s go, boss!!!




Leana: YES!!!

Jolie, in a panic, crawls away from Solace before leaning against the bottom ropes, her eyes almost popping out of her skull as she’s in total disbelief! We pan away from the center of the ring as the hard-camera literally shakes as a result of the packed Madison Square Garden exploding with cheers from the fans! Quickly cutting to the backstage area, Lien, Katia and Ada, watching the match on a monitor, react in the same manner, cheering Solace on as we quickly cut back to the match.

Nyssa: How did she kick out?! NO ONE kicks out of The Fluffer!!!

Leana: It’ll take a lot more than that to keep The Quiet Storm down!!!

Solace Tatum begins to stir, once again crawling to the ropes as she refuses to stay down. Jolie, in a fit of rage, decides she wants to end this in the most disrespectful way she can think of. Stalking Solace, Jolie yells more obscenities at her opponent, daring her to get up. Finally, Solace makes it back up to her feet, her legs still wobbling as she turns around. This prompts Jolie to attempt a ‘Sol-Searcher’ superkick of her own, but she fails spectacularly as Solace instinctively ducks down, quickly turning around before landing a picture-perfect Enzuigiri that forces the GM down to her knees, the crowd’s cheers growing louder in response to the clutch counter. Rolling away and returning to her feet with adrenaline driving her, Solace attempts to Superkick Jolie’s head off, but the GM shrieks in fear before quickly rolling out of the ring as the fans boo her cowardice. “Screw every part of that!” yells the GM, but Solace refuses to let her opponent breathe, quickly turning and sprinting at the ropes with a full head of steam before being bounced back, momentum charging her sprint before she dives out of the ring between the top and middle ropes, taking Jolie Vexx down to the ground with a Tope Suicida, the fans exploding with cheers once again!

Leana: Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant athleticism from Solace Tatum!

Solace retreats back up to her feet, resting against the announce table as Jolie, in an attempt to know where she is at the moment, desperately crawls away from the scene of the crime she’s become a victim of. Solace cracks a huge smile as she begins to stalk her opponent, and as Jolie senses Tatum behind her, she quickly turns around, seated on the snow-covered floor, to try and barter for her life as Solace reaches down to gather some snow. “We can talk about this!” screams Jolie as Solace is quick to respond with “We ain’t talkin’ about shit!” before tossing a snowball at the GM’s face, momentarily stunning the boss lady as she covers her face. The fans, once again, cheer at the top of their lungs at Solace getting some revenge as Jolie finds herself in a seated position, but not for long as her opponent rushes in, finally landing the ‘Sol-Searcher’ Superkick, instantly knocking the GM out cold!

Nyssa: Boss! No!

Rage still courses through The Quiet Storm’s veins as she eyes the steel steps in the corner while the referee urges her to bring the fight back inside the ring. With brutal intentions, Solace forces Jolie, who’s been reduced to dead weight at this point, back up to her feet. Setting her up for the ‘Tatum Bomb’, the Queen of the Ring sprints towards the steel steps, leaps up into the air before landing a devastating RKO on the unforgiving steel as Jolie Vexx’s skull bounces off! Solace rises back up, pumping her fist into the air as the fans shower her with the loudest cheers they can muster as Jolie is laid out on the floor, her mouth beginning to bleed as a result of the ‘Tatum Bomb’ she just ate. Deciding it’s time to end it, Solace pulls her opponent up and slides her back inside the ring, giving chase. With no strength left to stop what’s coming, Solace Tatum decides to finish this with the ultimate revenge as she grabs the boss lady’s wrist, pulling her up before using her other hand to fish hook Jolie’s bloodied mouth, locking in Vexx’s own ‘Deep Throat’ finishing submission against her as the fans go wild! Jolie’s eyes are on the verge of popping out as she screams in pain, desperately surveying the area, but she quickly realizes that she is in the very center of the ring with nowhere left to go and no way to escape the woman she tortured with this very move. Despite her ego, her desire to end Solace Tatum’s career, Jolie Vexx has no choice but to tap out as the referee quickly signals for the bell!

Leana: She did it!!! Jolie Vexx submits!!!

Winner via Submission: Solace Tatum!!!

Solace refuses to release the hold immediately, opting to dish out some extra punishment before finally letting the former General Manager of First Class out of the brutal hold. As Tatum’s theme music blasts out the PA system, it is barely audible over the deafening cheers from the fans. Beyond ecstatic to finally be able to put this thing behind her, Solace collapses to her knees, biting her tongue as she does her best to keep her emotions at bay. But upon turning to the stage, she spots Katia Fyre, Lien Xinya and Ada Pierce making their way down the ramp, huge smiles on their faces as they applaud Solace Tatum for surviving this hellacious war.

Nyssa: This was the WORST match I’ve ever had the displeasure of calling!

Leana: Shut up!

Tatum rolls out of the ring, joining her friends as they begin to make their way up the ramp. We prepare to move on to the main event of the evening where First Class Women’s Champion Casie Debonair will be defending her title against Nova Skye… until Jolie Vexx begins to yell into a microphone, signaling the production crew to cut Solace’s music..

Jolie: Well done! You did it. Bravo. Golf clap... and all that BULL SHIT. You won!!! Isn't that just grrreeat? I'm out of a job and... well, you're out of a contendership! But you knew that already going into this, didn't you, perfect little Solace... but did you know that the moment you became First Class general manager, in addition to FORFEITING your SHOT at ANY IIW Championship title... you also through away... your best buddies!!

Leana: What is she talking about??

Jolie: Awww... looks like your 'research' skills aren't so great AFTER ALL! A flaw, finally! I guess you could read small print when it was about taking the Women's title away from Mercedes, but you didn't read the small print in your OWN match! If you did, simple bitch, you would have known that your words were more true than you realized on that corny little promo you put out there... 'If you win... you lose." and guess what, the SECOND you became General Manager, you LOST Lien Xinya... and Katia Fyre as TALENT. So, GREAT JOB!!!!

Leana: What is she talking about???

Nyssa: It's in the rules!

Leana: Oh, like YOU know anything!

Nyssa: I do!

Jolie: That's right! Clause 63, paragraph 5: It is considered, and I quote, "A conflict of interest for ANY general manager to align themselves, fraternize, or otherwise, support... any members of the First Class Talent Roster, if such members are a certified and OFFICIALLY REGISTERED STABLE!!! That means... once you BECAME THE BOSS... your friends became... UNEMPLOYED!!!

Leana: Oh, come on!!

Nyssa: Ha! Last Laugh!!

Lien and Katia realize it's true, Solace tells them she will give up the position, no questions asked and Jolie expects this...

Jolie: Oh, and if you plan on giving up your newly won position, effective immedietely, the PREVIOUS GENERAL MANAGER RETAKES THE SEAT!

Leana: That manipulative bitch!

Nyssa: Smart, lady... be a great boss, I reckon...

Leana: Oh, shut UP!

Solace is at a cross roads, but Lien and Katia make the decision for her, hugging Solace and reassuring her that her being GM is the best scenario, and that they will leave to make sure Solace can turn First Class around in a positive way. Solace begs them to reconsider, but in the end, they insist.

Leana: Is this the end of the Triumvirate??!

Nyssa: I hope so!!

Jolie: Ha... ha ha... ha ha!!

With that, Lien and Katia take chase after Jolie, who jumps over the barricade to escape. Lien and Katia stop short as she does, reuniting with Solace in the middle of the ring for an emotional embrace, and a temporary goodbye, before holding up each of Solace' hand on either side, allowing the fans to cheer for the Triumvirate a final time.

The lights in the arena fade down to nothing as teal, green, and pink spotlights race around the crowd. The screen lights up with the words 'NOVA SKYE' as “Inferno” by Bella Poarch (Rock version by Rain Paris) hits the speakers. The stage area fills with smoke as the multicolored spotlights hit the top of the ramp, revealing a figure strolling through the mist.

Leana: And here comes the Number One Contender!

Nyssa: There’s no denying that she’s had quite the meteoric rise to the top!

Nova struts out to the top of the ramp and strikes a pose, one hip jutted out, fist high in the air. Pink and teal pyros shoot off. She flashes a grin at the crowd before making her way down the ramp, hips swaying. She hops up onto the ring apron, leaning back on the ropes and somersaulting backwards over them. She scampers over to the turnbuckle, posing once more before hopping down, bouncing lightly as she waits for the bell.

Leana: Almost a “home field” advantage for Nova tonight, what with Nor'easter taking place in her home state of New York.

Nyssa: Well thanks for that tidbit Leana; now I like Nova a little less…


The lights go out and purple and white strobing fills the arena as Billie Eilish, “You Should See Me in A Crown” blasts over the speaker system. Frankie steps out from behind the curtain followed by Casie and both just stand there, Casie tapping her foot with her head down.

Leana: And now here comes the Women’s Champion!

Nyssa: Oh, is that what we’re calling her?

Leana: Don’t start this again, Nyssa.

As soon as the chorus hits, pyros explode and the lights slightly come up. Casie swings her head up and jumps in the air and begins skipping down to the ring as Frankie walks either beside or behind her, applauding as she does.

Casie jumps up onto the apron and front flips over the top rope climbing the turnbuckle as the song continues. She turns and sits on the turnbuckle, waiting for the song to end as Frankie takes up a chair near the announce table.

The referee goes over the rules of the match with the two competitors before lifting the Women’s title up into the air. Casie Debonair looks at her title belt with pride as Nova Skye keeps her focus primarily on her opponent.

Leana: Though there’s no denying Nova’s talent, Casie had quite a few things to say about her challenger.

Nyssa: Look, I get it; Casie thinks she’s too cocky - a bit “too big for her britches” - but it isn’t arrogance that landed her this #1 contendership, it’s talent.

Leana: Coming into tonight’s match, both women are 4-0 in competition within the First Class division. So, obviously, something’s got to give.

Nyssa: Oh, so we’re just overlooking that whole “losing the title to Mercedes thing” then?

Leana: You know that decision was reversed, Nyssa. Jolie had no right interfering the way that she did.

The bell rings as both women meet in the center of the ring, Casie extending her hand in a show of sportsmanship. Nova looks warily at it before she takes it within her grip, instead pulling the Women’s Champion closer into her body as they exchange verbal barbs.

Leana: Though this is their first-ever meeting, you can feel the animosity that has been brewing between these two.

Nyssa: That’s what competition does, Leana; brings out that fire in the best of us.

Skye pulls her hand free of Debonair’s, striking her across the face with a slap that reverberates throughout the arena. The crowd “oohs” and “aahs” at that as Nova smirks, backing up a bit and bouncing up and down.

Leana: And there’s that cocky-side of Nova; just completely disrespecting the Women’s Champion with that shot!

Nyssa: I kinda dig it.

Casie springs into action, tangling up with her opponent as she backs Skye into the ropes. Debonair tries to send her across the ring but Nova spins on her heel, reverses the momentum, and sends Casie across the ring. The Women’s Champion bounces back into her opponent as Skye twists her up in the air, looking for a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker but Debonair rotates completely through, landing on her feet. With lightning speed, Casie grabs Nova and pulls her into her body, spiking her into the mat with the “Agent Provocateur” (Snap DDT)!

Leana: “Agent Provocateur”! Casie just hit her finisher right out of the gate!

Nyssa: Well that was quick, so much for the “era of Nova”.

Debonair pounces on her opponent, hooking the leg as the referee makes the count.




Leana: Nova kicked out! She just kicked out of Casie’s finisher!

Nyssa: I thought that was going to be it, Leana.

Though disappointed that the match continued, Casie quickly shook the shock off as she pulled Skye up. Hooking her leg around hers and wrapping her arm around her neck, Debonair fell forward, driving Nova into the mat with a Forward Russian Leg Sweep! Casie then rolled out onto the apron as she jumped up, grabbing a hold of the top rope. Using it to catapult her back into the ring, Debonair flipped through the air and landed down on the back of Skye’s neck with a Slingshot Somersault Legdrop! Casie rolls Nova onto her back and makes the cover once more…




Leana: Casie in complete control of this one from the early going!

Nyssa: She definitely came to play tonight. No doubt, she has a huge chip on her shoulder after everything that has happened over the past month.

Frankie cheers the Women’s Champion on at ringside as Debonair pulls Skye up once more, this time sending her into the ropes. As Nova comes back, Casie picks her up and cradles her against her body, looking for a Spinning Sideslam Backbreaker! Skye manages to twist her body out of the hold, instead wrapping her legs around Debonair’s neck and flipping her down to the mat with a Headscissors Takedown!

Leana: The challenger trying to battle back here!

Nova bounces up to her feet as she runs off the ropes. She flies back towards Casie as the Champ was staggering up to her feet, turning right into her opponent as Skye jumps up, latches onto Debonair’s neck, and spins her down onto the canvas with a Tornado DDT! Nova quickly crawls into the cover as the official makes the count…




Leana: If I’m Casie, that was probably too close for comfort!

Skye rolls off of her opponent as she quickly slides out onto the apron and runs up to the top turnbuckle. Nova patiently waits for Casie to make it to her feet as she leaps off, looking for the “Lunar Flare” (Diving Famouser) but Debonair has it scouted, easily sidestepping the blow. Skye lands hard on her tailbone as she lets out a yelp of pain while Casie bounces off the ropes, driving her knees right into the challenger’s face with a Ground Meteora! Debonair remains perched on top of her opponent, keeping Nova’s shoulders pinned to the mat…




Leana: A lot of back-and-forth in the early going here, Nyssa!

Nyssa: I think Casie is a bit surprised that Nova is putting up such a fight.

Against her better judgment, Casie decides to go for a high-risk move as she goes over to the corner and pulls herself up onto the top rope. Skye makes her way up as she tries to locate her opponent, only to see Debonair come rolling at her with a Top Rope/Diving Somersault Senton! Nova takes the entire brunt of Casie’s weight into her as the two crash to the mat, the Champion remaining on top for the pin…




Leana: Casie throwing everything at her opponent tonight!

Nyssa: She needs to stop trying to emulate the high flying style of her opponent and stick with what she knows.

Debonair stalks after Skye as Nova stumbles up, only to have the Women’s Champion wrap her hands around her throat. Casie lifts her up into the air, looking for a Chokebomb but Skye manages to twist her body, grab Debonair’s arm, and wrap her legs around her waist, rolling forward and flipping her down with a Wheelbarrow Split Arm Drag! Casie is dazed as she pushes herself up to her feet, only to see Nova leaping off the second rope, spinning back towards her, catching her right under the jaw with a Springboard European Uppercut! Debonair crumples to the mat as Skye quickly makes the cover…




Leana: I thought Nova had knocked out the Champ there!

Nova seems to be showing signs of frustrations as she stomps Casie out of the ring. Running off the opposite ropes, Skye charges back towards her opponent and launches herself through the ropes just as Debonair is getting up, colliding into her with the “Meteorite” (Suicide Dive)! The impact sends both women careening back into the ringside barricade as Casie’s neck snaps back from the impact while Nova seems to have driven herself face-first into it. Both women writhe around on the outside in pain as Skye kicks her feet frantically while clutching her face in pain.

Leana: My God, what a move from Nova!

Nyssa: Nova appears hell-bent on proving that Casie isn’t fit to be our Women’s Champion but that move was maybe a bit too reckless!

Leana: That “Meteorite” definitely did as much damage to her as it did her opponent!

Replays of the collision are shown as the fans chant “Holy Shit” at the brutality of it. Frankie gets up from her chair at ringside and goes to check on Casie as the referee begins their ten count…




Somehow, Nova begins to stir as she tries to sit up…



Nova crawls towards the apron, pulling herself up onto it…



Frankie helps Debonair up and begins to guide her towards the ring as Skye uses the ropes to pull herself up…



Debonair manages to pull herself up onto the apron as Nova rewards her competitor by stomping away on her…

Nyssa: What is Frankie doing!? She should’ve just let Casie get counted out! The title can’t change hands via countout!

Leana: You know that Casie doesn’t want to retain the title that way, Nyssa!

Skye gets Casie up against the turnbuckle post as she backs up a few feet to get a running start. As she charges forward, Debonair suddenly surges up, leaping over Nova, flipping her around, and dropping her spine-first onto the ring apron with a Sunset Flip Apron Powerbomb! The impact is enough that both women roll off the ring edge and fall to the floor!

Leana: What a move by Casie!

Nyssa Both of these chicks are crazy; she may have just broken Nova’s back with that move!

Once again, “Holy Shit” chants rang out through the arena as both competitors recovered on the floor. After checking on both participants, ensuring that they want to continue, the official began the obligatory ten count once more…

Leana: Casie definitely trying to make a statement here tonight with moves like that!

Nyssa: We’ve all heard the rumors, Leana - all the talk about how Casie is only a champion today because of a minor technicality…

Leana: Casie didn’t WANT Mercedes to help her beat Moira Arches, nor did she ASK for Solace to go to bat for her.

Nyssa: It doesn’t matter Leana; when a pattern develops of others having to fight your battles for you, the narrative becomes that you can’t win on your own.

Leana: You can’t tell me that, since winning the title, Casie hasn’t turned over a new leaf. She’s trying to be a better person; trying to right her previous wrongs; trying to bring back honor and prestige to the Women’s division…

Nyssa: You’re choosing to ignore the obvious Leana, and that is… without Mercedes interfering on her behalf at Malevolence… she would’ve never won that belt in the first place. And then, when it finally came to defend her title, in her very first title defense, she lost the title!

Leana: Only because Jolie abused her power and cost her the match!

Nyssa: Be that as it may, Casie didn’t do anything to stop it. Nor did she do anything to rectify it. If not for our 2021 Queen of the Ring getting involved and reversing that decision on a “technicality”, our main event tonight would be - and, in my opinion, should be - Nova vs. MJ!

As the two announcers bickered back and forth, both competitors had managed to get back into the ring, beating the ten count. The two women exchanged shots with each other until Casie’s strikes got the upper-hand, sending Skye reeling. Debonair sends Nova into the corner but, with cat-like agility, she ascends to the top, twisting off and falling back onto the Champion with a Corkscrew Moonsault! Fired up, Skye pushes herself up as she positions herself off to the side of Casie. Nova bounces up and down before leaping into an inverted-flip, looking for a Standing Shooting Star Press but Debonair manages to get her knees up, driving the air from Skye’s lungs. Nova clutches at her midsection as she staggers up, right into Casie’s grip, as Debonair twists her down to the mat with a Swinging Neckbreaker! Casie rolls over to the corner, ascending to the top as she measures up her opponent. Debonair then leaps off, looking for a Top Rope/Leg Drop but, like she had done earlier in the match to Skye, her opponent was able to roll out of the way and avoid contact. Casie landed hard as Nova bounced off the ropes, catching her in the side of the temple with a Shining Wizard! Skye crawled into the cover, hooking the leg…




Leana: Nova was a split-second away from becoming the new Women’s Champion!

The exhaustion begins to set in as Nova lays on the mat next to the Champion, her hands over her face as she tries to regain her focus. Slowly, Skye gets to her feet, dragging Debonair up with her. In that moment, Casie broke free of Nova’s grasp and pulled her head into her body, setting her up for another “Agent Provocateur” (Snap DDT)!

Leana: Casie’s got Nova! She’s setting her up for the “Agent Provacateur”!

Nyssa: Nova was able to kick out of it earlier but I’m not sure she could do it again!

Before Debonair could complete the finisher, Skye arched her body forward and lifted her leg, stunning Casie with a Scorpion Kick from out of nowhere!

Nyssa: What a counter by Nova!

Debonair stumbles away as Nova goes for a knock-out shot of her own, grabbing Casie from behind and locking her arms above her head, prepping her for the “Supernova” (Bridging Dragon Suplex)!

Leana: And now Nova wants the “Supernova”!

Debonair struggles against the hold, freeing herself and spinning into her opponent, wrapping her arm around Skye’s neck and falling backwards, slamming her to the mat. As Casie hits the canvas, she rolls backwards with the impact, applying a seated front facelock and squeezing the life out of her opponent, masterfully connecting on the Floatover Suplex/Inverted Dragon Sleeper (combo)!

Leana: Casie with the Inverted Dragon Sleeper and Nova is in trouble!

Nyssa: She’s dead-center in the middle of the ring, I don’t think she can make it to the ropes!

The referee continued to ask if Nova would submit but she refused as she tried to reach out for the ropes. Realizing that they were too far away, Skye began slamming her fists into the ribs of Debonair but with each shot she delivered, it only seemed to tighten the vice-grip on her neck.

Leana: Nova is fading here!

Despite the New York crowd trying to rally Nova, it appears to be too-little, too-late as her body goes limp under the submission hold. Casie appears to have completely cut off the oxygen to Skye as the referee grabs her arm and raises it up into the air. Releasing her wrist, Nova’s arm falls down to the side as the official holds up one finger. The referee does this again and, again, Skye is unable to stop her arm from falling, the official now holding up two fingers..

Nyssa: Well… I, for one, didn’t think that THIS would be how this one would end.

Leana: Nova put on one hell-of-a fight tonight, she should be proud of herself for her performance against the best-of-the-best in the First Class division.

The official grabs her wrist one last time and drops it but, this time, Nova powers up - a sudden surge of adrenaline flowing through her as she manages to keep her arm from falling.

Nyssa: Wait! Nova is still in it!

Debonair shakes her head in disbelief as Skye rides the energy high, forces herself up off the mat, and twists Casie’s legs in on each other. Debonair maintains the front facelock, still trying to choke Nova out but it isn’t enough as Skye sits-out, dropping Casie with a Package Knee Breaker! Nova rolls away from her opponent as Debonair grabs at her left knee. Skye pulls herself up to the top rope and measures up the Champ, twisting through the air and crashing down onto her with the “Celestial Shock” (Top Rope/Red Arrow), laying on top for the cover…

Leana: “Celestial Shock” from Nova!

Nyssa: We’ve got a new Women’s Champion!



Three-no! Kick-out!

Leana: Casie kicked out!

Nyssa: No way! That was a slow count!

Nova is in complete disbelief, looking from her opponent to the official, then out to the crowd. She pushes herself up and begins to pace back and forth, racking her brain for just what move will finally put the Champion away. Frankie slams her hand on the ring apron, trying to encourage Casie to continue on fighting as Debonair slowly gets back up. Skye lunges at her opponent, looking for a Superkick, but Casie manages to get her arms up and blocks the blow. Shaking her head, as if to say “not this time”, Debonair spins Nova around, catching her on the way back with a Discus Clothesline! Skye is spun inside out as she flips down to the mat as Casie positions herself just off to the side of the challenger. Leaping backwards, Debonair looks for a Standing Moonsault but, at the last second, Nova gets her knees up, driving the air from her lungs. Casie stumbles up as Skye kips up to her feet and leaps up onto Debonair’s shoulders, looking for a Hurricanrana, but the Champion catches her. Casie runs towards the corner, crudely deposition Nova against the turnbuckle with a vicious Buckle Bomb! Reacting off pure adrenaline, Skye stumbles out of the corner and rolls towards Debonair, grabbing her head and slamming her down to the mat with a Rolling Facebuster!

Leana: Counter after counter, re-action upon re-action, these two women laying it all out here tonight!

Nyssa: I guarantee you that Casie did NOT expect this type of a fight tonight from Nova!

Both women lay on the mat, staring up at the lights, as they try to reclaim whatever strength they have left.




Leana: Could we see a double countout here, Nyssa?

Nyssa: This match could’ve ended multiple times before, I’m not even really sure how either of these women are still competing.




Nova, realizing she can’t win the title by count out, musters up just enough strength to roll over and drape an arm over the Champion…




Leana: And, still, Casie won’t quit!

Skye rolls her eyes in annoyance as she begins to crawl her way towards the corner, intent on another high-flying move. As Nova pulls herself up to the top, she is surprised to see the Champion up and meeting her on the turnbuckle. The two exchange ferocious right hands with each other until Casie reaches up and pulls Skye’s face down, slamming it right off the turnbuckle. Stunned, Debonair reaches up and traps Nova’s arms behind her back as she lifts her vertically up into the air. Rather than fall backwards into the ring, however, Casie drops off the ropes, using her momentum to impale Skye onto the turnbuckle post with a wicked variation of a Butterfly Lungblower!

Leana: Oh my God, what a move by Casie!

Nyssa: I’ve never seen anything like that; Nova is in a BAD way here!

Nova’s chest may be completely caved in as she dangles precariously from the top rope as Debonair goes for the kill shot, locking Skye into her and dragging her from off the corner with a Rope-Hung DDT! Casie rolls Nova over and hooks the inside leg as the referee makes the count…

Leana: That’s got to be it, Nyssa!

Nyssa: Unfortunately, I’m going to have to agree with you, Leana!




The official goes to ring the bell before he looks to see that, somehow, Skye has managed to get her outer leg up on the bottom rope. Debonair rolls off her opponent, raising her arms up in victory but the official waves it off, indicating that the challenger had managed to avoid the pin fall via rope break.

Nyssa: What ring-awareness from Nova!

Leana: I have no idea how she even knows where she is!

The frustration has completely bubbled over for Casie as she is slamming her hands repeatedly on the mat, unsure of what it will take to finally put Nova away. Frankie tries to rally the Champion back, shouting commands to her from the outside as Debonair slowly starts to come back to reality, nodding her head in understanding.

Leana: Casie needs to keep her focus here, Nyssa!

Nyssa: One wrong move here, in the final stretch, and it could very well cost her the championship!

Casie starts to psyche herself up as she taps her wrist repeatedly, indicating that Nova’s time is “up” as she stalks after her opponent, waiting for her to get up. Debonair meets her with a stiff kick to the gut and pulls Skye’s head between her legs, preparing to set her up for the “Sultry-in-Motion” (Widow’s Peak)! As Casie wraps her arms around Nova’s waist, Skye suddenly arches her back, lifting Debonair and suspending her upside down. Before the Champion knows what is happening, Nova is falling down to the mat, slamming her down with the “Retrograde” (Air Raid Bomb)!

Leana: Casie went for the “Sultry-in-Motion”...

Nyssa: But Nova countered into the “Retrograde”! What a reversal!

Skye scurried into the cover, hooking the leg as the official made the count…

Leana: Nova going for the win!

Nyssa: We’ve got a NEW Champion!




Leana: Not quite yet, Nyssa! Casie kicked out! The Champ is still in this one!

Nyssa: How did she do that!? I swore that was it!

Frankie exhaled on the outside as “Fight Forever” chants rang out throughout the sold-out crowd. Nova shook her head in disbelief as Casie rolled onto her belly, crawling her way towards the ropes. Skye stalked after the Champion, striking her from behind and locking her arms between Debonair’s with a full-nelson-type hold. Nova had her opponent right where she wanted her, primed for the “Supernova” (Bridging Dragon Suplex) but Casie, wisely, reached out and grabbed a hold of the ropes, taking away any leverage Skye had.

Nyssa: Nova wants that “Supernova”!

Leana: But Casie has it blocked!

Nova tries to lift Debonair up but the Champion remains steadfast, refusing to let go of the ropes. Skye tries to pull her from the ropes but Casie holds on for dear life. Infuriated, Nova begins violently slamming her head right into the back of Debonair’s! One… two… three headbutts… and Casie is dazed as her grip begins to weaken. Her fingers slip from the ropes as Skye wastes no time, lifting Debonair up and slamming her down right onto the back of her neck with the “Supernova” (Bridging Dragon Suplex)!

Nyssa: Nova hits it! “Supernova”!

Leana: Will this be enough!?

Nova remains in the bridging form as the official makes the count…




Winner and NEW Women’s Champion: Nova Skye!!!

Nyssa: Yes! Nova did it! Nova’s the Women’s Champion!

Leana: What an amazing match, Nyssa! This has to be considered an upset, no?

Casie Debonair had managed to kick out but not in time, the official’s hand striking the match for the “three” count just seconds earlier. Frankie hung her head in disbelief as the crowd came to life, cheering and hollering for their new Women’s Champion, Nova Skye! The referee raised Nova’s hand in victory as she did her best to contain her emotions, the title belt being presented to her. Skye went to the corner and hopped up onto the second rope, raising it high into the air for the world to see.

Leana: One hell-of-a-match between these two women tonight, Nyssa! Regardless of who won, they certainly did not disappoint.

Nyssa: What do you mean, “regardless of who won”? This one was never in doubt… Nova Skye was bred to be Champion!

Nova falls off the corner and begins to walk over to the opposite one, only for the former Champion to stand in her way. Skye seems a bit apprehensive as Casie’s eyes go from her opponent’s face, to her former championship belt. Debonair nods her head out of respect as she steps to the side, allowing Nova to pass.

Leana: A class-act by Casie, I’m sure emotions are running high but she’s doing the right thing; she’s giving Nova her time to shine.

Nyssa: Or she realizes that she doesn't want another ass-kicking.

Skye smiles and nods back to Casie, passing by her on the way to the turnbuckle. Only she never reaches the corner, as she spins on her heel and blasts Debonair in the back of the skull with the title belt!

Leana: Wait! What the hell!?

The fans boo Nova’s actions as she stares down at the former champion, her face dark and serious. Seeing this happen, Frankie slides into the ring and charges at Skye but, for her troubles, eats a face-full of metal as well!

Leana: What on earth is happening!?

Nyssa: It’s “the era of Nova” baby, Nova is just establishing her dominance!

The fans are booing the actions of their new Women’s Champion as Nova turns her full attention back to Casie. Debonair struggles to her feet as she turns and is, once more, blasted with the title belt! The championship that once belonged to her now is smeared with her blood as Casie has a deep gash running across her forehead. Skye laughs at the sight of her bloodied-opponent as she begins viciously stomping away at her, kicking her in any exposed area of her body. The official tries to pull Nova off but only gets knocked down for his efforts.

Leana: Nova has completely snapped here! What the hell is she doing!?

Skye drops to her knees, now slamming her fists into Debonair’s body as Casie does her best to cover up. More officials emerge from the back as they slide into the ring and, essentially, tackle Nova off of the former Women’s Champion. Skye refuses to be held down, however, as she lashes out, striking at anything that moves, knocking them all down and out.

Nyssa: Nova is cleaning house!

Leana: I don’t understand; why would she do this!?

The fans' jeers instantly turn to cheers as Stephanie LaCroix suddenly emerges from the back, running down the ramp. Nova sees this and quickly collects her newly won Women’s Championship belt, sliding out of the ring before any type of violent encounter between her and Steph can take place. The Evolution Champion stares down Skye as Nova slinks towards the barricade, a twisted smirk on her face. LaCroix goes to check on Debonair as Solace Tatum and Ash Quinn emerge from the back, both hastily making their way down the ramp. Seeing that the odds have turned against her, Skye simply decides on hopping over the barricade and making her way through the crowd, walking backwards so as to truly “take in” her actions from this night. Steph is on “high alert” as Solace and Ash get into the ring but, realizing that it’s only them, calms herself down as the two tend to Frankie, Casie, and the various officials strewn out across the ring.

Leana: This match could’ve very well been a classic, Nyssa! The two women gave everything they had, putting it all on the line for the Women’s Championship. And then for Nova to do what she did at the end of this one…

Nyssa: I think you’re reading a little too much into this one, Leana. It’s simply about making a statement!

Leana: Be that as it may, Nova manages to pick up the very impressive victory here tonight and she IS the new Women’s Champion, but you have to question her actions after this match. She may’ve just completely alienated herself from the locker room and painted an already bigger target on her back.

Nyssa: Nova knows what she’s doing, Leana. When you’re at the top of the mountain, EVERYONE wants to kick you off anyway. This way, she’s sending everyone in that locker room a message. You want to be the one that takes the title from her? Then you all better expect the unexpected!

Tatum glances up from her position in the ring as Nova is now positioned near one of the arena exits, standing amidst the First Class crowd, the Women’s Championship raised high above her head. Solace shakes her head in disappointment as Skye simply smirks, winks back at her, and disappears out of sight as Nor’easter comes to a close.